What I’m Working On

WAHMMING aint easy… I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again.

Even though it’s not easy, it’s the best move for me. I’m so extremely grateful every day that I can be with Ro and Kai and still work on my business. (albeit very slowly)

After Blogalicious, I came home super inspired, and reconsidering a lot of what I was doing. That, coupled with reading a part of the book The Beauty of an Ugly Start by blogalicious speaker Ella Rucker got me all in my feels about getting some projects done and releasing others with love.

I had to life coach myself! I have a lot of works in progress, and I feartalked myself into thinking I can’t discuss them until they’re done. But F that.

One takeaway from Blogalicious, from the inspiring and interesting Lamar Tyler of Black & Married With Kids, is have something to sell, asap. And go sell it. LMAO

SO I came home and hemmed and hawed for a bit then moved forward with starting a T shirt line John and I had spoken about for a while. It’s still in the beginning stages, but we got some sales already!! The spreadshirt store is embedded below, and the website is coming along nicely…it’s not done but you can peek at it here if you want: www.Inteelligence.com

I am still working on getting my coaching business site together. Poor lil DaniFaust.com is taking forever to get finished. I vow to have the site live by December 1, pretty or not. I’m lucky that thanks to this here bloggy blog, I’ve been building up my coaching clientele on the low. That’s a happy bonus.
An idea I’ve had for many years is finally starting to come to fruition. I’m launching an online fitness magazine for black women next year. Of course with a project of this size, I get the bubble guts just thinking about it lol, but the pre-work is coming along and I have wonderful people on board already to make this bad boy grow. (Now if I only had a sugardaddy or magical angel investor…::looks around::)  If you want to get on the list to be informed of the launch (and be entered for pre-launch giveaways and goodies) go HERE and leave your email for us.
I’m excited to announce that I’m partnering with my girl Daphne for a Blab show called Moms & Biz.  (Guess what we’ll be talking about?)
Our first episode is live this coming Sunday at 7pm eastern and every other Sunday going forward. Hop on and join us!! (Use Chrome or Firefox btw) We’re really excited about it, and with both of us passionate parenting, our respective businesses, and about helping women, especially moms and entrepremoms, I think we’re going to have a useful and fun show. We’ll kee kee it up as well as drop a lilbitta knowledge. Our first episode is on scheduling your biz around your kids. We’ll be taking your questions live!
Seeing this image makes me want an accent over the E in my name so it looks fancy too.
 So I spoke at BlogHer this year. It was my first time speaking, and it was amazing and affirming and just….everything. And this week I presented a training for a Houston based blogging group… And now… I just wanna talk. I want to speak at more places and tell people more stuff lol. OK… but in a professional way 🙂 I just need to figure out how to go about doing that… Oh the lament of the multipassionate entrepreneur….
What are YOU working on?!


  1. says

    I needed this post! I am pregnant with first baby and financially (as crazy as it sounds) I/ we can’t afford for me to keep working after baby because infant care, fuel, medical, etc will just be too expensive. But I’ve been wrestling with figuring out a SAHM thing so I can become a WAHM. So far 0 jobs have been legit. So I figured I could try my hand at blogging but a lot happened around the time I decided to do that and I haven’t done much of anything. This has inspired me to get my rear in gear plus how can I tell little man to follow his dreams with a plan if I’m not doing it?! This is so going to be pinned to my mommy board 🙂 Thanks a bunch for posting!

    • Dani says

      Girl. You know if you need any help getting your blog monetized you an ask me anything. Join the group BLM Bloggers Like Me on facebook for lots of questions answered.
      For work at home jobs, check out Rat Race Rebellion, there are tons of legit sahm jobs – try sitel, …shit. i should do a post on this.

  2. Tracy Suzanne DeLoach says

    Wow Dani, you have a lot going on! I really think the more you start doing the more creative you become. It’s so hard to stop the dreaming and wishing and go on to the doing. I’m the worst about that. Just reading your post is inspiring.

  3. Kimberly M. says

    You really have your hands full and I think it’s great when a mom can stay home with her kids and work. I worked two jobs and I missed so much. I think blogging would be so much fun.

  4. says

    This post is so inspirational. I am glad I am not the only one who has too many ideas. This month I am working on being more diligent and less fearful. I am creating and marketing my jewelry more. I am adding more pieces to my store. Developing my blog. I have always blogged for fun so I am trying to be more intentional with it. I am working on reading comprehension guides for elementary and middle schoolers. I am so excited that I made a sell last week in my TPT store.

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