The One Thing I Wish I Had As A Kid (but Never Got) #NaBloPoMo

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So anyway….. I mentioned I was going to participate in NaBloPoMo. I’m going to try to do the entire month but considering my poor showing in the Periscope Challenge last month….::shrug::


Today’s Prompt: 

What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?

I heard a lot of “no” when I was a kid. A lot of no, and a lot of “we’ll see” which is just a longer way of saying no. I would ask for toys or games, or certain clothing items and get hit with the “nope” from both parents. Ya girl just learned to stop asking. #sadbuttrue

Now, there’s no pity party needed. I truly wanted for nothing as a child. I really didn’t need or want any more toys when I was little. I was a big reader and got whatever book I requested. I wasn’t a clothes horse til I hit my teen times and at that point my parents just gave me money to buy whatever… but… there was one thing that eluded me when I was little….and even as a teen.

The one thing that every. single. one. of my friends had, that I coveted.  One thing that all my family members had, that sadly, my parents refused to get… no matter how many times I tried to convince them…

The one thing I pined away for….



(as I’m writing this now, I am being transported back in time to my feelings of longing for additional channels ::sigh::)

Lord. Have. Mercy. All. I. Wanted. As. A. Kid. Was. NICKELODEON!!!

Why’d I have to be at a friend or cousin’s house to watch Salute Your Shorts or You Cant Do That On Television or Doug or Hey Dude?

(if you’re my age, did I hit you in the feels with those old TV shows?)

In the summers I would go down to Florida to stay with my extended family, and while I should’ve been out playing more, I would soak up as much cable TV as I could before getting chased outside by some adult.

Then pre-teen time, I had to go to friends houses to watch all the super important programming like… MTV Awards! As I got older it mattered a whole lot less, but I still made sure the TV was on…you know…for background noise… when I was at friends houses hahaha. Over the years every now and then my dad may or may not have gotten one of those lil *COUGH*illegal*COUGH* boxes and we’d have every single channel, all the premium channels etc… and I would be in my loafing, tv-watching, brain-frying, boob tube glory!!! ….But just for a while… Those lil boxes never lasted long.

My parents finally wised up and got cable when I was 18 or so. #toolate Actually…now that I’m thinking about it. I think they only got it at that point because my homeboy worked for a cable company and gave them a hookup! Ha!

So there you have it. That’s what I wish I had when I was little.  Now I barely watch any TV live and use On Demand for all it’s worth. Too bad we didn’t have the interwebs as hard core as we do now, and all the streaming options. You don’t even need cable these days.

What did you wish you had when you were little?

 Toy or otherwise.


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  1. says

    I see we had the same parents. We didn’t get cable until I was in junior high. And, I wasn’t allowed to watch In Living Color or Married With Children. But, I had everything I needed as a kid.

    • Dani says

      Funfact: My dad and I would watch married w/ children together. I didn’t get any of the jokes. He was cracking up so I”d laugh too. He knew I was fakin the funk. I didn’t care, just wanted to be around daddy. Do you monitor what the boys watch? (I’m like a hawk w/ Ro n Kai)

  2. says

    We have such first world problems! LOL! I can totally identify though as my sister did the same to her kids for years. They always loved visiting family on certain nights especially! LOL

    • Dani says

      Isn’t it a blessing to have first world problems? My mom had outdoor plumbing growing up, and my dad’s floors were made of dirt. I…didn’t have cable. HA! #movingonup

  3. says

    I was pretty damn spoiled as a kid so I had to think R E A L hard about what I wanted as a kid but didn’t get…LOL!!! I did always want one of those ginormous Barbie dream houses tho -_-

    • Dani says

      I asked for that….got the Nope. I also wanted one of those barbie busts, it was like just the head and shoulders taht u put on your table and did her hair… got the NOPE. I’m TOTALLY getting it for Kaya when time comes… and I’m gunna play with it dammit. Lemme go check ur post out

    • says

      That I did get. The Barbie dream house. And camper. And Ferrari. And soda shoppe where you could turn the stools they sat on into drinking glasses. Dang, I was spoiled.

  4. says

    I just got flashbacks of that little set of pliers we had next to the TV that would have to change the channel and you better not turn it too fast! We did get cable when I got to high school so I was able to watch MTV and nickelodeon. I should turn the cable off for a month to see what my kids would do!

  5. says

    We had cable off and on, but never consistently until I went to college. I remember coming home for Thanksgiving break and my siblings were too excited to tell me how much they’d been enjoying cable. Like really?! But I hardly ever watch cable now. We have it mostly so that the kids can watch cartoons and the Mr can watch all his football games.

    • Dani says

      i laughed out loud at “like really?” hehehe It would be $15 less to remove cable so we keep it for sprout, and I watch my fave shows on demand when I can.

  6. Dee Dee says

    My parents loved that I liked to read, so I also got whatever book I wanted. Sometimes two copies when the parents weren’t careful and bought me books that they thought I would like.

    I had cable growing up, a barbie Waterpark that I never asked for, the barbie bust which I also didn’t ask for but actually did play with ( my mother kept trying with barbies with me but I never really liked them)

    The one toy I wanted that I couldn’t have was a light bright- the one where you have the little colored pegs and you create a picture and it lights up. Instead I received (my mom always tried to get me something similar to what i wanted if she didn’t get what I wanted) something called lights alive. She told me she “couldn’t find it” which really meant I don’t want all of those pieces around my house. In hindsight I was pretty spoiled but that didn’t stop me from playing with the light bright my friend bought her daughter while visiting.

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