Week 1 Accountability Vlog – #FitnessFriday

I PROMISE I will update this with photos before Monday.

Just felt the need to get this out there in the spirit of accountability in this abs journey!

Weekly Accountability:

I’ve mentioned a million times that I thrive with accountability. Whether it’s my challenge groups, or an accountability partner, I just do best when I have people counting on or cheering for me. 

So, here’s my weekly update: 

Weight: Who knows, I’m not weighing myself

Inches Lost: Well….about that… let me first explain how I measured. 

I measured myself in two places last friday, when I posted my “before” photos. At the smallest part of my waist (A), and then again at the biggest part around my belly (B). At the time, the biggest part was where my belly button. Over the past week, somehow things have shifted lower. 

I measured today at A: smallest part of waist, B: bellybutton, and C: new biggest part around. 

So…back to it:

A: Waist: No change

B: Bellybutton: -2 inches!

C: Biggest: New measurement so nothing to report

I’m feeling OK, I missed a workout last week, and I wasn’t able to run as much as I’d hoped to, I had to re-order a 21 Day Fix DVD from Lionel Richie – (add me as a FB friend to see what I’m talking about LOL) and it came but doesn’t work!! Ugh!

But I didn’t let that stop me, I ordered a new one, I ran and did the dirty 30 workout, 10 minute abs and cardio workout from the second DVD in the pack. Also, I ate pretty great! Low sugar, high veggie + protein. I’ve been trying to take pics of what I’m eating, but I keep forgetting. I just have a few.

I pre-planned what I’d be eating at a restaurant for my mom’s birthday, and I avoided the sugar traps at the office. Even a chocolate cake that the dessert fairy left on my desk for me.

What I didn’t do was make a meal plan this week. Just went random for dinners and snacks, breakfasts are eggs and/or Shakeo daily, and lunches were salads at work. Fixing that for next week.

Above all else, I feel good. A certain time of the month is coming so I know my energy level is going to drop tremendously and I’m gunna get all sick, but I’m going to push through and keep going, if I miss a day I won’t beat myself up.

Happy with my progress this week. If I flex for all I’m worth, things don’t look as jiggly already!

I’ll check in again next week to let you know what’s up.



  1. AprilD says

    Good job!! I totally missed starting the 21 Day Fix when I planned to but I killed it in the diet department so I figure that evens out.

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