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Hey yall,

Shameless beg time.

I’m nominated for the Best Parenting blog and Best Health/Wellness blog on the BLACKWEBLOGAWARDS site.

Por favor, vote for ya girl?!

I’m really psyched to even be nominated. When I started OKDani I didn’t know it would grow into what it is. It was a hobby that became profitable AND useful. I love that I help and inspire folks through something I love to do. It’s so gratifying. I love the connection that blogging brings and the community it’s introduced me to.  Awards like these are so necessary because as bloggers we do SO MUCH that often goes unrecognized. I’m grateful that the Black Weblog Awards exist, and super grateful that I was nominated.


Some of my blogging boos are nominated too (The quirky brown love blog and Type 4 Naturals), I’m actually up against two other caribbean bloggers that I know in both categories so, that sucks…. but I’ll be sure to console them when they LOSE lmao. I’m just playin…

I won’t console them.


My first competition in the Parenting category is Tiffani from MyMommyvents. She’s dreadful. I dislike her…as a person, you know? I’ve known her for years online… we talk almost daily (snoozefest)… I met her in person at BlogHer this year and… ugh… worse in person.


I’ll give credit where credit is due, she’s a great writer, very clever, funny and punny. She throws excellent events around NYC and is a wonderful hostess. But don’t vote for her. Remember… she’s dreadful.


okdani rattlesandheels lyhdexpo okdani blog

The pic above is of me and Adanna from Rattles & Heels. Another awful human being. No sense of style, and she strikes me as a bad mom. I think she’s faking it in all her beautiful pics of her and her happy children. I met her in person last year at a natural hair event. Wish I hadn’t.

Again, I’m always willing to share the good and the bad, so I will say, her blog is not that bad. She has had some wonderful opportunities come from it, and has a sophisticated way of weaving her family story into teachable bits for her reader.

But remember. She’s awful. So don’t vote for her….


But seriously, go visit the Black Weblog Awards site and discover some great new blogs… and don’t forget to vote for ya girl!!! (that means me.)

Another phenomenal caribbean blogger, Eva from is going to have us on a google hangout tomorrow night so come check us out!

Thank you so much for your support. 



    • Dani says

      Thank you. And I’ve been meaning to say thank you so much for your continue support of I really appreciate the thoughtful comments you leave on each post. You remind me that I’m not just talking to myself 🙂 Thank you!

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