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operation momshell

I started Operation: Momshell in the past. It was my personal quest to not look like the stereotypical “mom” that’s frumpy and takes no time for herself. I was thwarted by pregnancy…. and then laziness and forgetfulness…. but that’s neither here nor there! LOL

I am back on operation momshell for myself, and want to expand it and share with all of you!

The nutrition, the beauty, the moviestar smle, the clear skin, the healthy natural hair, the super fit post-baby body… the amazing business, the comfortable home, and joyful marriage….I’m gunna have it all. Then I’m gunna start an instagram page to just post half nekkid pics of me sitting on piles of money all day and stunt on alla yall!


OK, so maybe I’m just kidding about last part.   (or am I?)


I’m working my way to momshell status and I want you all to as well!

The Momshell Movement is born!

Seriously. A Momshell is a woman who kicks ass as a mom, and while she does put her kids first, it’s not at the expense of who she is as a woman.  A momshell also kicks ass in biz, and physically has her ish on point. She is fit and healthy, has great habits and a lifestyle she LOVES, and most importantly a Momshell is constantly improving inside and out.

(Or….at least that’s what she’s working toward…)

So I’m starting a Facebook Group for Momshells and MITS (momshells in training!) I hope you join me there.

There are only 2 criterion for entry:

One is that you must be a mom…or expecting soon and want to live a healthier, happier, hotter, wholer life. Join us and share your tips on getting healthy, fitness, beauty, personal development, relationships, lifestyle, finances, etc… and we’ll help each other get to Momshell status 🙂 

Two is that you can’t be a dick. If you’re a negative douchey judgey kinda mom then you can’t sit with us. (and I know YOU’RE not cuz nobody like that reads OKDani!)

I will post challenges, tips, tricks, inspiration, and I hope you post the same. It’s my aim to have momshells who are already winning in various categories, help other moms step their momshell status up a bit. That being said, ask any questions in the group and other momshells and MITs  will help get you answers. You can invite any momshells you know as well. Let’s grow this thing!


  1. says

    I’ve been on the same mission. To get my body back and two kids and not to look like the ran down mom with the mom jeans and bulky looking grandma sneakers. LOL! I just started the 21 Day Fix program by BeachBody to kick off my efforts and I am not playing!


    ~ xo, Veronica

    • Dani says

      A. I’m mad at you for not buying the 21 Day Fix through me. B. Get it girl, it’s gunna work REALLY well. It’s an awesome program. C. LOL at the bulky gramma sneakers hahaha

  2. says

    I’m not on FB and I’m only 11 weeks but I hope you post updates on here about what you’re doing in your group! I plan on starting my pregnancy DVD tonight in order to make my Momshell transition easier. Hooray for Momshells & those of us who want to be one!

    • Dani says

      AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! 11 weeks?! OMG OMG OMG Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!!!! Hooraaaaaaay.. Dani is a wonderful name… #justsayin…. or Danny. Whatever. 🙂

    • Dani says

      I’ll be sending the 7 day challenge via email as well so if you’re on the list already don’t worry you’ll receive all the goodies, but just not be in the FB community.

  3. says

    Just subscribed! 3MOMSHELL Great idea! This is totally me…I thought I’d be the “Pinterest” version of myself and be awesome w/ flawless natural hair, effortlessly stylish clothes and a kid raised on organic homemade food because I’m just that “badass” LOL…but some days…sheeeeesh! I’m quite far from this version of “mom”. I told hubby once I get the orthopedic appt behind me to check WTH is up with my knee pain then its on! Goal is back to my college weight! LOL Back when I thought I was “OMG FAT”…………..only if I knew then what I know now. #BLMgirl

  4. says

    I wanna sit at the cool table! Lol! I love this! As a mom, I can say this sounds like exactly the woman I am working to become! As soon as I get one aspect down, it seems like errthing else flies off the rails. I definitely need the support to pull it all together at once!

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