The Coolest Job in the World #nablopomo

coolest job in the world

Today’s Prompt:  What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger? Do you still feel that way now?

Oh for sure when I was younger the coolest job in the world was a singer. But not any random singer, like Prince or Michael Jackson status. I never wanted to actually be a singer, mind you, I’ve always been well aware of my tone-deaf-ness. I just thought the life was cool. Travel all around, sing a couple songs, be rich and famous. What’s not to like.

That didn’t last long.

Then there was a brief period of time that I thought the coolest job in the world was archaeology and paleontology. I had no idea what it involved other than digging and exploring. Once I learned all the science involved I was like nah.

Once I discovered acting, that was the coolest job ever. That one stuck. I wanted to be an actress, and enjoyed it while I did it. I had a lilbit of success. A few commercials, indie films, web shows, nothing big at all. The hustle of it was not for me, but I love seeing people I know on TV now. I can totally see myself doing some kinda local theater to fulfill my acting “bug” when it strikes next.

Do I still feel that way now? No. I don’t think it’s the coolest job, I now think it’s just the most fun job….because it was the most fun job I’d ever had. (But with some of the weirdest people, ever. #actorsareweirdos)

Now, I think teaching is probably the coolest yet most shitty job.

The coolest job that I’d actually want: Hands down something with travel and/or food. So maybe being paid to travel around eating at… everywhere. Or traveling to review luxury resorts (which is something I intend to manifest)…  yeah…. That’d be good. OR being a judge on Top Chef and all those other food shows. Yum!!

Or maybe I’m just saying this because I’m really hungry right now and want a vacation…

What is the coolest job to you?


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    Love that last part! Traveling the world to review hotels would be my dream especially if I could take my family on a few of those “work” trips 🙂

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