Thursday Thank You Notes

Do you ever watch Jimmy Fallon on Fridays? He does a “Thank You Notes” segment that is so cute. Anyway, here are my thank yous for the week.

Dear Kaya,

Thank you for starting to crawl like a proper baby. I loved your army crawl that you’d speed around the house with, and I loved that you are standing and cruising preparing to walk. I secretly wanted you to start walking before you crawled, but I’m proud of you for manning up and lifting your lil belly off the floor for a real crawl.

(i tortured her…..but it was for a good cause ::avoids eye contact::)

Dear Shaun T,

Thanks for Insanity Max: 30. I keep tracking my package like I’m a little kid. I cannot wait to get rid of this belly for good, and I know your program will help me yet again. Also…thanks for just being something pretty to look at while we jump around like maniacs. Makes the workout that much better.

Dear Daddy,

Thanks for saying “Oh Fuck!” super loud in the car on the way to the airport. Now, Rohan has a new favorite term. … That he tried out liberally (read: and loudly!) on the plane… Mortifying me, but entertaining those around us.

Dear Theiving-ass Shyster-ass Movers,

Thanks for being filthy con artists and restoring my distrust for everyone everywhere. As soon as my belongings are safely in my storage unit, I will blast you on social media and in all other ways I possibly can. A plague on all of your houses, motherf**kers.

beat you up

Dear Gram and Aunts,

Thank you for taking my children and feeding, playing, bathing, putting to bed, and otherwise caring for them allowing me time to rest or work. I love how much you love these children. I’m so grateful for all you do for us.

Dear Florida Sunshine,

Just….THANK YOU. ::looks at NY Winter with contempt::

Dear Laguardia Airport,

Thank you for having the absolute worst TSA people ever. Thanks for testing my daughter’s breast milk, patting me down and metal detector-ing me, while I had a baby strapped to my chest, and a toddler next to me fussing for the elmo that you wouldn’t let me get off the conveyor belt to hush him up…… And STILL letting me on the plane with a bigass weapon in my purse:


(I threw this in my bag with other junk drawer items last minute when we were packing up the house in a rush….totally forgot about it.)

Dear Pilot,

Thanks for letting us sit on the tarmac for 45 long minutes before you saw fit to let us know what was going on with the plane and our delay. And thanks for wording your announcement about circuit breaker problems in the scariest way possible….and then signing off….and then realizing how awful you just sounded….and then coming back into our speakers to clean up your mess. Bonus, thanks for underestimating the time you said we’d be just sitting on the tarmac…  Shout out to the 3 y/o and 5 y/o seated in front of us that kept asking their mom over and over “are we in florida now?”…..despite our plane not. moving. at. all.

Dear Amazon (Prime),

Thank you for being there for me whenever I need you. Thank you for always having what I want at a great price (plus cash back since I’m an associate) and coming in two days. Thank you for always being gracious about my disputes and sending me replacements when you mess up. I heart you boo. See you for more Xmas shopping soon!

Dear Car seat,

Thank you for serving as a comfy trap for my squirmy lil saboteur daughter. She was pissed, but she was safely contained while I banged out something before deadline. Shout out to the Shape Magazine that gave it’s (unread) life for the cause.

angry baby in car seat

Dear Cuppa Tea,

Thank you for making everything all better, all the time.


What are you thankful for, today?

10 Things I’m Thankful For

happiness gratitude okdani blog

I am overflowing with gratitude and so full of thanks…

Today I’m linking up with TheSitsGirls for a day of gratitude in their back to blogging linkup. Join us!?

Here’s what I’m thankful for:

1. Oprah’s tour.

You gunna come see me, Mama O, and Auntie I? We’re tourin the country… didn’t you know?!


Come see us, we’ll tell you how to get your life together! LMAO

I am so psyched yall. I’m gunna see Oprah! And Iyanla!

Got my press pass confirmation this afternoon and bout lost my mind.


You can’t tell me nuthin for a good.. month behind this lol


I’m gunna soak up everything I can, and I’ll definitely come give a good recap for you girls as well!

(Can someone just tweet me and remind me to take pix plz)

2. Rohan talking so much and so clearly

did i say that okdani

fixin’ to say something smart

This is one chatty kid! We have some legit conversations. And he knows all these words that I didn’t realize he did. And words he shouldn’t like “Mom, Kaya’s crying again. Freakin’ A!” ::sigh:: #mommyfail

3. Kaya being sleep trained

kaya teething okdani

Think she’s teething? LOL

It took one day. She was a good sleeper, and regressed a bit when her two lil teeth were popping in. We did one day of the same modified sleep training we did with Roey, and boom. She’s good to go again. #easybaby

4. Actually attending the events I’m invited to


(with GuyaneseSista)

I’ve been turning down events left and right, giving my spot away to bloggie friends, and realized that I only have a few more months of NYC events so I need to make use of em as much as possible! I have started showing my face at events again and it feels good.

5. Business Clarity & Success

I felt foggy, but am getting clearer, more focused, and have a good plan forming. Exciting things ahead for Dani. I’m also thankful for the successes I’m having lately with collaborations, sales/earnings, and growth, both in the blogging/writing side and on the beachbody/coaching side.

6. Florida Stuff

So, no cruise next month, sadly. That doesn’t sound like a good thing, but it really is when coming from a financial standpoint. John and I will have a much less fancyshmancy anniversary, but it’ll be better in the long run. This also means no Florida trip, which sucks, but I’m going in December and that’s really right around the corner. Also starting to look at places to live down there…really exciting stuff.

7. Decluttering

You know me. I’m on a permanent decluttering/paring down mission that never ever…ever…ends. I started another round yesterday and I’m feeling so good.  I read a quote that really sums up how I feel about it:

According to Oprah’s favourite organiser Pete Walsh, clutter can affect everything in your life:

You want a life built on a solid foundation, but you can’t even see the floor beneath you. You want to lose weight, but your kitchen is overwhelmed with appliances you never use. You want to build your career, but your office literally makes you feel ill. You want to change? This is where it starts: your home. Where you live, breathe, rest, love, and create. Forget the self-help books. Get rid of the clutter. Get organized. If you do, I promise that every aspect of your life will change in ways that you never imagined possible.

The way I see it, it’s all about self respect and self-love.

8. Scandal returning to TV tonight.


Don’t judge me. Yes, this makes me very thankful dammit!! Just get you some wine, and watch.

PS: it comes on at 9pm now! How to get away with murder comes on right after ::fingers crossed that it’s a good show::

9. Healthy habits requiring less effort

I wanted a sweet treat late last night. Specifically I wanted french toast drowning in syrup and butter. My craving was so strong and so specific that I wondered for a split second if I was pregnant. Instead, I had some water and waited. The craving still didn’t go away, so I had a chocolate shakeology. That hit the sugar spot, and killed the craving. If I were in a different place with my healthy habits, I would’ve made a big ol pan full of delicious french toast last night. I’m really thankful that getting healthier, and working out consistently, is getting easier and easier again. I love it!

10. This Guy


Don’t ask why he’s making this craycray face, I don’t remember.

What are you thankful for right this minute?!


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Again I’m borrowing K. Elizabeth’s Thankful Thursday theme….since there is just SO *bleepin* MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!!!


happy easter

Happy Easter! 

I’m thankful for this upcoming weekend that I’ll be at my parents’ house. It’ll be nice to have my mom’s help with the kids and nicer to have some delicious Jamaican food on Easter! Last Easter my mom was in Florida so I went over to hang with my dad and brother. I had to cook (boo.) but we had a great time and lots of laughs. This year I’m sure will be just as fun/laugh filled, but with an additional family member and a yummy meal that I don’t have to make 🙂


I’m thankful that I don’t really have to leave the house, when NYC area weather is doing craziness like this:

ny weather

Seriously it was 80, and super warm and sunny, we were out in the backyard, John lost his mind and tried to turn on the AC. Windows were open, birds were chirpin….and then all of a sudden it’s in the 20s and it’s snowing.  WHY?  I don’t know. But I’m thankful that I don’t have to go out and deal with mother nature’s moodiness if I don’t want to!


Despite the cray cray weather I’m thankful for the summer approaching. The year is flying by, but I hope the summertime goes niiiice and sloooowww. I’m thankful for all the summertime fun like grilling in the backyard, and my summer travel to conferences and Florida.  Thankful for the warmth that is coming our way. You will not find me complaining about the heat or humidity…that’s for sure!



Real Quick: I’m thankful for my awesome children, the beachbody business going really well and having more income, feeling more “normal” each day and healing up well after Kaya’s birth, the health of my family and friends, chase bank not letting people commit fraud on my account lol, water, children’s books and, the internet at large, e-nypl (new york public library online), and the game of thrones.


What are you thankful for today?