Tendril Tuesday: Transitioning Hair Update


Tendril Tuesday: Transitioning Hair Update


I’m 10 months into my transition now. (Last touchup was May 9, 2014) I don’t know how long I’ll end up transitioning, but I’m going at least a year for sure. I’m used to dealing with two textures, especially since I did a 22 month transition before. I do dislike having the straight ends and top layer, with my springy curls hidden underneath, but it is what it is. It’s growing and eventually will be back to all-natural curls.

Length Check:

March 1st. This is my starting point.  My hair is currently just above collarbone length. I’m going to straighten and take starting photos so I can track my growth again. Feels like forever since I have done a length check, doesn’t it?! I’m over the post-partum hair loss (and stress hair loss), and that’s starting to get filled back in too.

collarbone length natural hair


I’ve been slacking.

I admit. A deep conditioner hasn’t been slapped on my head in a while.

My plan is to start doing them again on Sundays.

Right now my regimen is:

Shampoo once a week. Co-wash 2-3 times a week. Rinse with water otherwise.

I wet my hair daily, but I don’t necessarily wash it daily. (I do use my fingertips to rub my scalp and detangle daily though.)

Moisturize daily and use coconut oil (or another oil) daily, then style and go.


I either wear it pulled back in a bun, or a bun with a front twist/front braid, or out loose with a headband.

It’s too short and evenly cut to wear out without a headband. If I do I get that triangle shape that I personally don’t like.

I admit I have not been experimenting at all with styles. I have zero desire to spend time on my hair with everything else pulling at my time.


I finally unpacked all my hair products and tools. I have SO much still. So I’m on operation use-up. It’s going to take a while. I’ve put myself on a hair product shopping ban. (even though I just got a great deal on some Pantene and Herbal Essences) I doubt I’ll have to buy anything (other than deep conditioner) this year!

As for tools:

This Fabulous Comb is all I’m really using.

And of course my scarf and satin pillowcase


I officially decided to start growing my hair out again to donate.

I’m steadfast in my decision not to cut until mid-July, when I’m back in NYC for BlogHer and can go to my fave stylist. Last trim was 9/10/14 so I’m long overdue. I’m not sure if I’ll end up cutting away all the relaxed hair and BC (I’m not donating any permed hair)….. or if I’ll just trim, shape it with layers, and color it. But either way, no scissors are coming near my head until then. I’m firm in that decision and not wavering.

What’s up with your hair lately?

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#TendrilTuesday: I Want To Cut It All Off


I want to cut my hair

I’m the worst.
I know it.
My hair is really annoying me these days.
I keep telling myself to leave it alone at least until the summer…but…
Not sure if I can make it.
Need to give myself some incentive to not BC.
Any ideas?

Cuz honestly…I want to cut it…right. NOW.


Maybe I will straighten it out and see how it looks. That may buy me a few weeks of satisfaction and not have me lookin to cut.

Honestly, the only think keeping me from cutting is not having a stylist down here.

I’ll be back to NYC in July for BlogHer so maybe I’ll just wait until then…. If I can.

How do you convince yourself not to cut your hair?

What are you up to with your hair these days?

Tendril Tuesday: Lightening Up


Happy Tendril Tuesday Girls!

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I wanted to go red for the fall. I bought some blonde dye so I could lighten my hair first to make sure the red would “take.” I learned from Felicia Leatherwood that I would have to go lighter in stages. So I figured I’d have to go two or 3 rounds…

blonde dye for natural hair okdani blog

Yesterday was blonding day #1

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I think I’m gunna Perm (Tendril Tuesday Linkup)


OK Now, perming natural hair is not my go to post topic… but…. Girls, I dunno if it’s just a passing fancy, or if I’m actually going to take the plunge, but all I wanna do is perm my hair bone straight. I’ve never had it permed bone straight before and I am daydreaming about a pixie cut…or things like these:

74bb6df5341b933315c3634e426e1819 Celebrity-short-hairstyles-black-women ciaraswooppixie2-e1352905147931 dabba5e981c80e35f1e762eba1c8642d

And I feel like it would be a lot shorter styling time and less work if it was permed. (I need the easiest/shortest regimen these days and in the days ahead)


I figure that, knowing my hair ADD tendencies, IF I even go through with it I’ll likely either hit the razors again and BC after I’m bored with it or grow it out and trim it away and be back to natural again shortly… But I’m just not sure.

What are you up to with your hair lately?


Tendril Tuesday Linkup: Hair Confession



It’s time for me to confess.

As much as I preach about healthy hair practices to grow, and maintain your hair….

I’ve been neglecting my own lately.

The ease of this faded short ‘do has plummeted me into the depths of hairlaziness.

I don’t remember when I last deep conditioned. Or slept with a scarf. Or did a nightly moisturizing/sealing.

::bites fist::

It’s starting to feel even dryer than usual.


In my head I’m like, “well, no need to take care of my ends, they’ll be cut off in a few weeks anyway when I trim…”

But now that I’ve got this poll going, I may end up just growing my hair out to a longer ‘do.

Depending on what you guys pick:

What Should My Next Hair Style (or cut) Be?

  • Grow it out to a slightly longer natural tapered 'do (61%, 72 Votes)
  • Permed Halley 'Do (18%, 21 Votes)
  • Cut all off and let it grow back over the next year (17%, 20 Votes)
  • Dramatic Faded side / Longish Top (10%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 118

Loading ... Loading ...

So now I’ve gotta straighten up and start treating my hair better again. Ugh!

Do you have any hair sins to confess?