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Today’s post is a guest blog from Valerie of Mommy R+R. I wish I could’ve attended this event because I’m interested in books geared toward mixed race kids. Recently your boy Taye got dragged for his comments about how he wants his children to be identified.
I don’t have a say in how my children choose to self-identify when the time comes, but personally I see my kids as Biracial by nature and Black by society. (I’m guessing they will too.) So in my efforts to have my kids not come out a hot self hating RavenSymone mess, I try to get books and products that show Black and brown characters in a positive and thoughtful light. (I’m ordering Mixed Me for the kids for Christmas)
Below is Valerie’s recap of Taye’s event and the book.

The MOMS and PS from Aeropostale hosted a MAMARAZZI® event with actor Taye Diggs and illustrator Shane W. Evans for their latest children’s book ‘Mixed Me‘. The story, which is based on Taye’s son, is about the life of a mixed raced little boy named Mike.

The kids at Mike’s school call him Mixed-Miked because his parents don’t match. But, Mike doesn’t see it like that. He sees himself as awesome and will tell anyone who questions his identity, “I’m a beautiful blend of dark and light, I was mixed up perfectly, and I’m JUST RIGHT!”


The story and the vibrant illustrations are just perfect! All families will enjoy it, as it teaches children to love everything about themselves. It will also allow for healthy dialogue between parent and child about diversity and acceptance.

While at the event we had the pleasure of having Taye and Shane read the book aloud and afterward having them answer a couple of questions about how to instill confidence and self-love in children. We even got a signed copy of the book and took a picture with Taye! Such an exciting afternoon!


Watch the video below for the full event via The MOMS

This is Taye Diggs and Shane W. Evans second time teaming up. Their first book together, ‘Chocolate Me!‘ was praised as “sure to strike a chord with many young readers/listeners, and on a variety of subjects, not just race”, by School Library Journal, and as “embracing a different topic with wide arms” by Essence magazine.
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  1. says

    We enjoyed his ‘Chocolate Me’ book and will have to pick up this one our library as well. It’s great to have tools like this to help explain diversity to our children or at least get the conversation started.

    • Dani says

      Agreed! Glad his Chocolate Me one was good. Our library needs a lot more brown faces in books. Every time I go, I ask for more. They’re coming in!

  2. shelly peterson says

    This sounds like a really great children’s book. I like how it teaches children to love everything about themselves. It’s good to see these kind of books out there.

  3. Julie Wood says

    What an awesome book! I think Taye Diggs is great and making this book for others to read and help inspire kids is so good! I would love to read this book to my son.

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