Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Collection Review and Giveaway

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Back in my texlaxed days I was a Pantene Pro-V stan!! I used it exclusively all through jr high and high school, and part of college.  I think I was addicted to the scent! During my transition I started experimenting with more products but Pantene conditioners still held a special place in my heart for co-washes or regular conditioning.

A while back I had the good fortune to attend an event for the Pantene Expert Collection range of hair products and got to sample the Age Defy line (which is awesome by the way.) (I told you about that event here) As an ex-Pantene junkie I was excited to attend and learn more about the brand.

Since most of my readers here are natural or transitioning, I thought you’d be more interested in reading about the Truly Natural Collection that Pantene Pro-V offers.

I tried the Clarifying Shampoo and the Deep Conditioner and I will say I loved them both!


I tried this on straightened hair that was dirty (really dirty…like almost two weeks dirty) and oily. I did one long shampoo, and it really left my hair feeling clean. I do feel that if I used it weekly or every few days, that it would be a little bit too strong for me. I don’t like squeaky clean and I feel that if I didn’t use it on such dirty/greasy hair, I would’ve been left with that squeaky clean feeling. This may be good for some of you because I know a lot of people love that feeling.


I didn’t use heat with this deep conditioner. I slathered it on and squeezed it down the length of my hair and then kept it on for about 15 minutes. I then detangled with a wide tooth comb and my hair was like butter! The detangling effects of this conditioner were excellent. I got great slip and detangling was very easy. My only issue with this conditioner is: It’s called a “deep conditioner” so in my mind that means to leave it on for a while… but the instructions are very vague. It just says “apply after shampoo and rinse” (I’m exaggerating for effect, but it really doesn’t give much direction). My hair felt great after using it though.

Overall I am happy with both the shampoo and conditioner in the Truly Natural range from Pantene Pro-V and will be checking stores near me to try the rest of the line. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a squeaky clean clarifying shampoo, and a moisturizing conditioner full of slip!

Next time: I’ll try the deep conditioner either with heat, or leaving it on for a prolonged time to see if the softness/moisturizing benefits are even greater.

Thanks to the generous folks at Pantene for sponsoring this giveaway so one of you girls will be able to try the entire range!!

One lucky reader will receive:

  • Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo
  • Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Deep Conditioner
  • Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Defining Curls Custard
  •  Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Shine Serum With Argan Oil

Winner will be chosen on March 31 and announced on the LongNaturalHair Facebook Page!



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Nature Box Review, Bulu Box Review and…Giveaways!

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Girls I am excited to get to do a giveaway of the two subscription boxes I’m going to tell you about today. They’re my favorite subbie boxes so far! (A: i’m obsessed with subbie boxes and B: I can’t believe my faves are not hair care related ones…but anyway…) I tried them both out in November and December and you have the opportunity to win the January or February box from each company! (YAY!)

These are both very “new year friendly” because they’re both healthy boxes and everyone gets obsessed with health around this time. Check em out:

Bulu Box

Bulu Box is chock full of stuff to help you get through your workouts, build muscle, lose weight, get healthy and feel good. There are vitamins and supplements in each box and for some items, it’s more than just one sample which is great so you can try them out more than just one time and see how it works for you. In one box I received a full month supply of FRS Healthy Energy chews. 30 chews! Plus 5 other multi-use samples of products. My main gripe with other subscription boxes is that I only get a one-time-use amount, but Bulu Box fixes that for me.

Also included in the box is a detailed description of each product, including the full size purchase price and a full sized brochure insert about each product. For other subbie boxes I have to go online to get further details about the products, but not with Bulu Box. John liked this box too. It’s just health related, no gender specific items included. I like it a lot. Their website is pretty good too, there’s a blog with some interesting health related articles and tips. Check em out.

In my box:

  • Almased – Metabolism booster – (2 servings)
  • Reserveage – Energy booster – (1 serving)
  • FRS Healthy Energy Chews – (30 day supply)
  • Elebra – Productivity booster – (2 day supply)
  • Defend – Cough & Cold prevention – (1 serving)
  • Crystal Essence – Natural deoderant – (1 use supply)

Oh yeah, and the box only costs $10 a month! And shipping is totally FREE of course.

I’m definitely a fan. And John is too (but maybe he’s just happy I’m getting boxes of products he can share, and not just skin and hair care lol)

(enter to win your month subscription at the bottom of this post – Good Luck!)

Nature Box

So when this Nature Box showed up at my doorstep I got so immediately geeked. The box was BIG! And for good reason. There were 5 full sized packages of healthy snacks included in this box. We didn’t have to buy any snacks at the grocery store that month. If you’re not a complete glutton like we are, this box will definitely last you a full month or longer. It lasted almost a full month for us.

In my box were FULL SIZE packages of:

  • Country Ranch peas – Seasoned so well and crunchy, it was a good replacement for potato chips or pretzels.
  • Carrot chips – they had a lil salt on it to go w/ the sweetness of the carrots (and not greasy at all!)
  • Chipotle Maple almonds – John housed these.
  • Cinnamon Spiced granola – so good in cereal, or just gobbled by the handful.
  • Roasted Garlic pumpkin seeds – sooo delicious. I didn’t know I liked pumpkin seeds!

What’s great about NatureBox (outside of the yummy food that’s delivered) is how communicative they are about everything. They give you full details on each product in your box, nutrition information, and serving suggestions and everything.


Nature Box is $19.95 a month, which is reasonable for the amount of healthy snack products you receive.

Now’s your chance to win one of the boxes!

Enter below to Win the Nature Box!

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Enter below to Win the Bulu Box!

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Twiztt by Joan Lunden Cookware Review & Giveaway

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OK Girls, let’s be real here. I’ve never gotten excited about a piece of cookware before. Let’s be honest. But having the opportunity to try out the Twiztt frypan got me geeked. What’s better is that I took it by my mom’s house when my cousin Bill (the family chef) was over. It was perfect, I got to try the pan out for this review, and I didn’t have to cook!

First glance, I loved that the pan was white, it made it just seem cleaner and healthier. We could’ve fried a pound of bacon in that thing and it would “feel” like a healthy snack. It’s good for a sometimey cook like me because it’s easier to see if the edges of my diced garlic or whatever is starting to turn brown. (I’ve been known to start a dish over a few times after having burned overdone the garlic. That won’t happen to me with this bad boy!)

We He rocked out an omelet on the pan with a bit of oil in the pan, per instructions. But then we tested if this pan was truly nonstick by frying an egg in it with NOTHING in the pan at all. (Not recommended, we were just being all…scientisty) And this pan shocked the heck outta me because the egg didn’t stick AT. ALL. It got brown but the pan didn’t.

The “eco friendly” pan is made of non-stick ceramic using “Thermalon” technology and, like the rest of the line is all about EASE.

From the company:

·         Easy Entertaining – the melamine bowls take out an extra step and extra dishes. Take these bowls from stove top to the table. They look beautiful and save you the extra time during the holidays.

·         Easy Cooking – Each skillet comes with a bamboo chopping board that fits perfectly on top of the melamine bowl, making it easy to collect waste when chopping.

·         Easy Measuring – to measure cookware with capacity markings on all products.

·         Easy Storing – Light weight construction and stackable products make this the perfect cookware for small spaces.

·         Easy Gifting – Twiztt products make for the perfect gifts. Moms love the simplicity and dads love any new gadget to add to their collection.

From me:

I really want to find a negative for you so this review is balanced, but there isn’t one. The handle didn’t overheat, nothing stuck at all, the heating was even all around the pan, no hot spots, it was an all around quality product. John and I are going to bed bath and beyond after Christmas to look at the other items in the line. I was sent a small pan to review, but we’re going to go buy a bigger one, one with a top hopefully.

Have you tried the Twiztt line before? I hadn’t heard of it until recently.

So, happily I get to give away a Twiztt by Joan Lunden product to you girls!! Enter below to win this 4 piece Cut, Cook & Serve set:

I don’t know which color the winner will recieve, sorry.

Check out the Twiztt line of products at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Enter below to win. Good Luck!!

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Thanks for your patience with me girls, I’ve got loads of giveaways for you coming up, but I’ll be sprinkling in my usual mommy-random-life stuff in between. Happy Holidays!


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