Fit Friday: Interracial Marriage Gym Drama Edition




Let me tell you, first off I’ve become such a blogger, because I had a little scene happen at the gym, and my first thought was not: “omg that was some ignorant sh*t” it was more like: “omg I wish this happened before I did that damn interracial marriage post!”

So John set up my account at this gym, right. So everything was under him. They told him that I would just need to come in with my ID and they’d link our accunts and I’d be all set.

I hand the guy (that I’ve never seen before at this gym) my ID, and he looks stuff up, makes puzzled faces at the screen, and then tells me he’s sorry he cant find my husband’s account. I, thinking this is a name issue, and not an idiot issue, tell him, “oh sorry, I’m hyphenated, are you looking up the second last name?”

He clicks away on the computer, again looks confused and then says “Do you know your husband’s name?” while handing me a paper and pen to write it down for him.  (OK, I stand corrected. Maybe this is an idiot issue after all!) I said…”I think I remember it” (with a smile) and wrote it for him.

More waiting.

Then more puzzled faces, and looking up at me all unsure like. He then finally says, I can’t find your husband ma’am. There’s only one person in our records with that name.  That’s when it hit me. And all at once I realized he didn’t think John was my husband! (And then I wished this happened before that old blog post) So I just said “Let me see the record” He turns his screen around, and I said, yes, that’s my husband. See…the address is exactly the same. And just looked at him with a blank stare so he could sit in his stupid.

Of course he avoided eye contact and mumbled something unintelligable like “uhsorrymumblemumblenamemumblemumbleIDmumblemumblehaveagoodworkout” as he finished setting up my account.

Dummy.  John and I had a good laugh at this one. Poor kid. We’re in Jersey City. There are mixed race couples all over this place!


Back to fitness:

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • The dreadmill aint so bad 🙂
  • Variety really is the spice of my life
  • I will soooo not be in bikini shape by vacation time
  • A 5k is really doable for my daily run, I like just hoppin on the dreaddy, pressing 5k and just goin!
  • My stomach is so weak it’s laughable. It’s embarrassing how de-conditioned it is. 1 crunch and I’m dead

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Running
  • Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 (20 minute workouts cannot be beat!)
  • Jari Love Slim & Lean (1 long workout w/ weights that hits ever body part hard)
  • FitnessBleder workouts! (different ones all the time. I love it!!)
  • Stretching well

Here’s what I want to add:

  • Yoga at least once a week

As for nutrition…….well……um…….have a good weekend!! G’bye!

Just kidding. I’ve been doing well. Having salads with my dinner again, and not snacking. Some days I stick to not eating after 5pm…..but most days I’m eating later than that. #fail. Not having much junk though. I notice myself craving sweet carbs often. Not giving in to them though. Mainly because there are no prepared cookies or anything in the house, any sweet carb I’d actually have to bake myself. And like Sweet Brown, aint nobody got time for that! [editor’s note: OK I got the time, just not the desire]

So that’s where things stand for the past 2 weeks.

How have your fitness/nutrition pursuits been going?

Fit Friday: 2 Week Update


I forgot to do my Fit Friday last week, and I guess it doesn’t matter that much because I worked out exactly ONE day last week.

Yeah…let’s not talk about that. #wackness

I have been eating less junk despite bringing these home:


John actually ate most of them. I had a total of 6. Which, if you know me, is a BIG BIG deal. I eat a sleeve at a time of oreos, usually. (#notashamed)

I have found myself craving sweets though….Like CRAVING craving…9 months pregnant style.

Not good.

This week:

I worked out hard exactly one time….but I did small workouts 4 days. I am having a love/hate relationship with pilates. My core actually speaks to me when I try to do pilates.

My core is like…. “umm…. u want me to…what?….engage?….well…”

Yes, my core is Sweet Brown.

In other news: I’m loving my stationary bike again.

I ride while watching TV and I find myself going really fast when I’m really into a show. I was watching survivor and during the challenges I was so invested in who’s gunna win that I was sprinting on that bike! I didn’t realize it until after the challenge ended and I was panting as if I was doing the challenge with them.

Weight is going up and down between 8 and 10 lbs over my pre-preggo weight. Body composition looks exactly the same. Boo.

How are your fitness pursuits going?!

Do you hate do pilates too?



Fit Fridays: What I’m Doing (Move Every Day)



Hitting two of my goals for the year, 1) getting in better than pre baby shape and 2) getting my sexy back, both come with a major need to exercise and eat right. (duh)

I’m working hard on both. Knowing how I am (or at least, how I have been this past year), I had to set up my plans to be:

  1. Excuses proof

  2. Boredom proof

  3. Laziness proof

Therefore I haven’t created a rigid workout routine yet. I’ve only created the rule that I must “move every day.” So far it’s going well.

I’ve got all my bases covered: Cardio, weights, stretching, yoga, at home, at the gym….whatever.

At home I’ve got:

Then I got a gym membership ($20/month!) for classes, the dreadmill tread mill, and heavier weight training.

With my Move Every day goal, everything I do is a win. So on a lazy day, I just did a few sets of pushups and some abs on the ball. Whatever. I still moved. Win. Yesterday aunt flo decided to ruin my life and I felt like crap so I did just 10 mins on the bike, half a dvd and some stretches.

For my nutrition I’ve been influenced a lot by two books I read recently:

Eat to Live – by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

The 4 Hour Body – by Tim Ferriss

Have you read these?

Eat to live has me eating a more veggie based diet again. The food pyramid is:

And the diet is called “Nutritarian”

Cute. But I don’t care what he calls it, other than healthy. I’ve been eating this way for a few weeks (with a few slip ups at Christmas) and find it both easy and filling. I lost a few lbs but still look the same. Feels good to eat this way though.

The 4 hour body was a really interesting book, But I’m a Tim Ferriss stan so I may be biased. The workouts he includes in he book are short on time and (allegedly) big on results so I’m going to work them into my “move every day” lifestyle somehow.


Here are the 4 Hour Body Workouts (FREE!) –

Here is the 4 Hour Body – Slow Carb Diet Cookbook – FREE! (I’m not using this but you may want to)

What are your health and fitness plans? Have you been working out and eating right?