Fit Fridays: What I’m Doing (Move Every Day)



Hitting two of my goals for the year, 1) getting in better than pre baby shape and 2) getting my sexy back, both come with a major need to exercise and eat right. (duh)

I’m working hard on both. Knowing how I am (or at least, how I have been this past year), I had to set up my plans to be:

  1. Excuses proof

  2. Boredom proof

  3. Laziness proof

Therefore I haven’t created a rigid workout routine yet. I’ve only created the rule that I must “move every day.” So far it’s going well.

I’ve got all my bases covered: Cardio, weights, stretching, yoga, at home, at the gym….whatever.

At home I’ve got:

Then I got a gym membership ($20/month!) for classes, the dreadmill tread mill, and heavier weight training.

With my Move Every day goal, everything I do is a win. So on a lazy day, I just did a few sets of pushups and some abs on the ball. Whatever. I still moved. Win. Yesterday aunt flo decided to ruin my life and I felt like crap so I did just 10 mins on the bike, half a dvd and some stretches.

For my nutrition I’ve been influenced a lot by two books I read recently:

Eat to Live – by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

The 4 Hour Body – by Tim Ferriss

Have you read these?

Eat to live has me eating a more veggie based diet again. The food pyramid is:

And the diet is called “Nutritarian”

Cute. But I don’t care what he calls it, other than healthy. I’ve been eating this way for a few weeks (with a few slip ups at Christmas) and find it both easy and filling. I lost a few lbs but still look the same. Feels good to eat this way though.

The 4 hour body was a really interesting book, But I’m a Tim Ferriss stan so I may be biased. The workouts he includes in he book are short on time and (allegedly) big on results so I’m going to work them into my “move every day” lifestyle somehow.


Here are the 4 Hour Body Workouts (FREE!) –

Here is the 4 Hour Body – Slow Carb Diet Cookbook – FREE! (I’m not using this but you may want to)

What are your health and fitness plans? Have you been working out and eating right?