The Bow Bun

Take a look at this adorable bow bun! I’m totally trying this style the next time I straighten my hair…

Have you ever done this simple natural hair style? Howd you like it? 


Hefty Twistout

What happens when you’re tired, lazy and preoccupied with watching Dexter??

You end up with twists like this:


Oh, I shampooed and conditioned with Giovanni 50:50. (you know I love him)

Detangled in the shower, squeezed out water with my hands and then put on a towel turban for a while.

I used a lil squirt of Silk Dreams Leave In and a little pat of Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter on each twist.

However, I wasn’t really paying attention so I have some big twists, some small twists…a hot mess.

I put on a scarf and a bonnet on the back and went to bed.

Unravel in the morning and I have this:

So I wore it like this:

It was still damp and I knew it would shrink up as it finished drying, but…honestly…I just didn’t care.

It ended up being wearable.  And with the combo of hair butter and silk dreams it felt quite soft.

However, I didn’t moisturize that night…AND I just put the bonnet on that night, no scarf, and it came off while I slept….and I woke up to…:

Hide your kids, hide your wife.

So, had to go to the ultimate bad hair day fix:

A bun.

Quick n easy.

Next set of twists I do, I’ll pay more attention, make them smaller like usual, and be sure to let them dry fully.

What did I learn:  Don’t twist your hair while watching Dexter!

 What products do you use on your twists?