Dove Silky Hair Dare (Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Review)

dove pure care dry oil

Wow I feel like I have not done a product review in 100 years. I was given the opportunity to try the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range and I like it so far. To be 100% honest I only used the three pieces together ( the shampoo conditioner and oil) on my hair twice but I used the products separately many times. Mainly, I used the conditioner for co washing a whole lot…. it’s almost done.

The first thing that I noticed about this was that it had macadamia nut oil and I got scared. I am super allergic to most tree nuts including macadamias and I was like uh uh, I’m not going to have to whip out my EpiPen to do a product review no way no how! I went to Dr. Google M.D.’s website and read about it and saw that if you can touch nuts without an allergic reaction then touching the nut oils would not be a problem.

So I braved myself up and tried it and I like it! It’s not the best shampoo or the worst shampoo I’ve ever tried, but it smells great and works well. My hair didn’t feel over-cleaned, but it did suds up a lot (which I know some people love, but I don’t) and my hair/scalp felt nice and clean. It wouldn’t be my go-to shampoo, but I will use it up versus tossing it or giving it away.

The conditioner is thick, goes in easily, smooths on quickly and gives a lot of slip (which I love) and the smell is almost intoxicating man. I love it and it’s hard to describe but its like sweet without being cloying and somehow… natural. It smells like it should be a baby’s body wash from a high end all-natural brand. lol Oh, and my fave part is the smell lasts a long time.

I used the conditioner regularly (post-shampooing), as a co-wash (in lieu of shampooing) and as a deep conditioner (left on clean dry hair for hours w/ and w/o heat) and with all 3 types of uses I got quick slip, and easy rinsing. My hair was left feeling soft, moisturized and smelling really good.

The oil which is the third step in the range is my favorite part.  I think I have used it every day or almost every day since I received the product. It goes on easily and smoothly and then once it’s in, your hair feels soft not weighed down and greasy. It’s not tacky like castor oil can be. It’s hard to describe but the way they say dry oil…. when I was looking at that name I was like what the hell are they talking about… but now I kind of understand. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue it’s kind of an almost light/dry feeling (if that makes sense).

I would recommend the shampoo for people with oily hair and oily scalps, or people that love sudsy shampoos. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who’s used to all-natural, non sudsing shampoos. The conditioner I would recommend to anyone of all hair types. I would also recommend the oil to anyone with dry hair, or who currently uses coconut oil.

I’ve mentioned my deep love for coconut oil here many, many times. But since trying this oil, I’ve been using it exclusively (over my moisturizer after a wash, and on dry hair ends at night) and no complaints whatsoever. It has coconut oil in it too, so maybe that’s why I’m loving it so much.

The oil is also great for slicking hair back without needing to use a gel. I finally have a ponytail (ponynub) again, and was able to smooth my hair down easily with the oil and very little effort!

short natural hair ponytail

Have you tried a new line that you’re loving (or not loving) lately?

Will you take the Dove Silky Hair Dare?

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Bevel is Changing the Shaving Game

  bevel shaving kit

Bevel is changing the shaving game for coarse-haired men and I am so excited! … for my dad…

I remember from a very young age my dad having exactly 4 million razors in an oversized mug. I think he’d use them once or twice then they would somehow fail him and go into the mug never to be used again. I later learned that he was searching for “the one.” He wanted a razor that was going to give him perfect results and not have him end up with bumps later.

African American hair is super curly, and when growing back after shaving it curls and sometimes causes ingrown hair bumps and other irritations and annoyances. I know we girls can get these razor bumps too, when shaving the bikini area, but men have to deal with this drama in a much more noticeable area.

My ex would try every single lotion and potion he could get his hands on to avoid the bumpy face and neck. I went into his linen closet one day and saw all kinds of products for women’s skin and we had a lovely fight until he told me what it was for. I knew he would buy every new razor and every new men’s facial cream as soon as it would come out. Do you notice how razors now have like 700 blades on them? Crazy. (I bet my ex owns one like that, LOL.)

I remember daddy slathering on Barbasol (yes… he’s old) and trying out a new razor, fancier looking than the last. It would end up in the mug too. He would even go get professional shaves from ancient looking men who, to my young eyes, moved in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n. Those professional shaves were the only shaving experiences he wouldn’t complain about. Too bad that back in the day they weren’t in the budget to do on a regular basis.

Bevel has a new range of products to help men like my dad and ex get clearer, smoother skin in 4 weeks. They’ve developed a shaving system specifically for people with coarse, curly hair. The kit includes a razor, blades, brush, priming oil, shaving cream and restoring balm and Bevel’s products were clinically tested to reduce and prevent razor bumps and irritation.

Once I found out about this I knew I just had to have Daddy try it out.

dad with bevel kit

Daddy’s “Unboxing” Video:

Dad Tries Bevel:



Smooth… like a gravy sandwich:



In short: He loved it. He only tried the cream and the razor/blades but he’s a fan. He thought the cream was great (maybe he’s found his Barbasol replacement!) and liked the quality of the razor itself saying that it felt well-made. (It was heavy too.) Since that day he’s tried the restoring balm and said it felt “fancy.” So I guess that’s a good thing! The Bevel razor is not goin’ into the mug!

smooth cat dad

Do you have any products where you’re searching for “the one”?

Use Promo Code OKDANI20 for a great 20% discount off the first month at Bevel!!

More Bang For My Diaper-Buying Buck

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well beginnings diaper review well-beginnings-logo-610x305

We were not flush with cash growing up, but we always had what we needed. My family was always great with money. Spending more on the things they valued, and saving everywhere they could. My mom always taught me to get the most bang for my buck, save, “pay” myself first, but not be such a penny-pincher that you didn’t enjoy what money could buy.

Now that they’ve moved up in financial standing, my mom is all “oh Dan, we must buy it…we’re LOSING money not buying it….” LOL…. but I digress…

I’m grateful for the financial lessons I was taught growing up, both by observation, and implicit lessons. I’m now able to balance John’s different way of viewing money and spending, and I know my children will learn to be good and balanced with money too. Being smart with our money leads us to be more open to trying different brands of products and happily we tend to find new fave brands that are often cheaper than our old faves!

You guys already know, I’ve got one lil poop monster and another mini poop monster on the way. I’m working at home, heavily pregnant, pinching our pennies, and my time is limited. Everything I can do to get more bang for my buck is essential. I’m open to all.


well beginnings diaper image


The Well Beginnings diapers are one of the “bang for buck” products I use. Easy to pick up at the Walgreens around the corner, and easy on my wallet and budget too.

More importantly, they work well, stay dry on Roey’s butt after pee, and holds up well overnight. I used to use them when Roey was younger and my only gripe was that they weren’t as soft and snuggly as other brands. But now that Roey’s bigger I’m not concerned with the softness as much. They’re soft enough, surprisingly thin yet hold a good amount without being soaky.  My fave part is they fit him well and he’s a mover and a shaker and they hold up!

I’m glad I’ve got another brand of diaper in my arsenal of “go-to” brands. Good thing I was open to finding one that was more bang for my buck!

Have you discovered any new brands you like recently?

well beginnings diaper review

Embracing Life’s Little Messes with Swiffer Sweep and Trap #swifferattarget


Messes are a part of every mom’s life. With my 20 month old tornado, I definitely am cleaning up behind him all the time. He’s feeding himself (and the floor) quite often these days. Plus we just moved so the house was just one huge mess for a while. With baby girl on the way, I’m about to be in a whole new world of messes. But, I’m used to it, and expect it with children. (And a husband that’s a big kid too)

I have two Swiffers (one I use wet cloths for and one for dry cloths), and now I’ve tried the Swiffer Sweep and Trap that’s new at Target.

Me likey!
Here’s a vid of the Swiffer in action:

Sidebar: It comes in this teeny little box that’s not heavy at all, and you kinda wonder if there’s really a full sweeper in there!

You put it together in 30 seconds flat. And it sweeps up, but you have to move it the way you’d move a vacuum (or a regular swiffer). It’s not motorized, but it makes a little bit of noise because it’s got this rotating blade sweeper thingy that pulls the junk up off the floor and traps it in a little holding area until you’re done. It’s really easy to dump out the holder too. I literally did it with Rohan on my back exploring my ear with his finger, lol. (no joke) I’m glad this uses the same cloths that the regular Swiffer does, so it’s no additional expense.



Get $2 off of a Swiffer Sweep & Trap starter kit at by going to and entering coupon code TGTBBAGU (Offer is only valid through 2/28/14 at (

I’m starting to embrace my cleaning tools a lot more these days….#stayathomemomissues….

What are your fave cleaning tools/products?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Family Wellness Goals and Kashi Review

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John and I are putting a lot of effort on our family wellness goals for the better part of this year. With both of us out of commission on the exercise front, we’re both kind of antsy to get back on track.

Our family wellness goals:

  • Take walks with Roey twice a week
  • Make use of the park nearby for runs
  • Eat a balanced, low carb, high veggie diet
  • Cut out our “bad” snacking habits
  • End the year fitter, healthier and more energetic than we started it

We also have personal wellness goals. John wants to get back to his former weight, and increase his strength, while I am going to want to lose this baby belly and increase my flexibility. Roey’s wellness goal is to eat more greens. (he just doesn’t know it yet)

John’s foot is healing up slowly but surely, and he’s excited for the day he can run and work out full force again. I’m excited for the day I get cleared to work out after BabyH2.0 gets here!

We’re eating fairly well, but can always do better. John eats a mostly low carb diet with Sunday as a cheat day. I eat…well…right now…any and everything.


John and I tried two of Kashi’s new Crunchy Granola & Seed Bars  in two yummy flavors: Honey Oat Flax and Chocolate Chip Chia to replace some of our current unhealthy snacks. I’m super picky with these types of snack foods and have to be careful due to my nut allergy.

Happy to report that I really liked them. They’re made with ingredients I don’t see in snack bars: Chia seeds, Quinoa, Flax… and both flavors are chock full of Omega 3s, Fiber and Whole grains. The Kashi bars have a light sweetness to satisfy that craving, too. John liked them as well, and ate the better part of both boxes. He stashed a couple in the car for his drive into Manhattan for work. I like them with a cup of tea in the morning before things really get going, but can see myself just grabbing one to eat in that lull between lunch and dinner.

OK let me be real, I’m uber preggo, there is no lull anymore…the eating is non stop. But you know what I meant…under normal circumstances, lol.

Are you a Kashi fan?

What are your family’s wellness goals for 2014?