Mommy Pampering & Blonde Hair

before blonding


So, you girls know me and my box-dye issues: Exhibit A


Well, I have wanted to lighten up a little bit and have a dynamic light browney blondey look that didn’t come off too…clunky when I wear my hair curly. Sometimes even if my curls are defined, they’ll appear really dense and “one note” unless there is a color variation.

Enter Chiala & Cutler Salon.

(Now, you already know how I feel about my boo Mike, and how I have trust issues with new stylists…but…*big exhale*… this worked out really well.)

I visited the CUTLER downtown salon and immediately felt like I’d be OK. Bye bye nerves.

I met Chiala the stylist and got prepped for the service. We decided to just do a tiny bit of blonding in the front to keep the gradient / faux-ombre thing I’ve got working…

during blonding


OK So I got a lil nervous again when I saw just how BLONDE the lighter parts of my hair were getting… but after she toned it, the color was awesome. (Full disclosure: They do not know what to do about styling a black woman’s half permed, half natural transitioning head of hair… but I forgive them…cuz the color is perfect. I styled it to be more ME when I got back to the hotel)

after blonding wet

CUTLER salon felt like I was walking into a salon from TV. Everyone was so trendy and beautiful, looking like they give a damn. It was nice to see. People kept offering me drinks, and asking if I was OK or needed anything. At first I thought it was because they knew I was a blogger, but after speaking with one of the stylists. They didn’t know I was there for a sponsored service. They just thought I was some random client.

after blonding dry 2


I gotta tell you. It felt wonderful to be pampered for those couple of hours. (the scalp massage was everything!)  I’ve been doing better with self-care and this was a reminder to keep up my efforts. As moms we just do do do, go go go and give give give. When does it end? When is our time? Me time?

SO a huge thanks to Chiala, to CUTLER salon, and to Conde Nast which is the reason I had this opportunity in the first place.
Thanks for the me time in the midst of a hectic weekend!

after blonding dry 1


Check out Redken’s Blonde Idol line if you’ve got any golden hues in your hair.

PS I love that my roots aren’t done and love that it still looks dark from the front….

still dark

Up next with my hair. Straightening for a length check, and also cutting away some more permed ends for a better shape when I wear it out curly. *GULP!*

What’s up with your hair lately?


  1. says

    It looks really good! I’d be too chicken…. I can wear some ombre weave (not drastic though) but I’d be terrified of doing it to my own hair lol

    • Dani says

      I’m reckless with my hair. Hence this stupid perm I’m tryin to grow out lmao. You’d look good with some blonde ombre!

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