It’s Over.

Well, I never thought I’d be posting anything like this on my blog, especially after posting THIS,  but I just have to get it out there now, in efforts to maintain honesty with my readers/bloggy friends and integrity with myself.


OK, here goes.  I’m getting a divorce. 

There. I said it.  I’m divorcing John….

Because of this person:

Help me Jesus.

His name is Alcide Joe, and we’re in love.  I hate to do this to John….but….I must follow my loins heart.

I love a big man.  He’s 6’5. Yummmm

*fans self*

We’ve had a standing date almost every Sunday night on HBO.  He’s got issues w/ fairy girls and trashy V addicts, but deep down, he’s mine and mine alone.


Lord have mercy…

Can I get an AMEN?!

Ex-Boyfriends & Ex-Husband


I know, I know, I’m re-married now, so I shouldn’t be blathering on about my exes…I mean…they’re exes for a reason right!?  Well, I know I don’t talk about it much, so I just wanted to share with you.

I figured I’d let you in to a bit more of my past.

First up:
My longterm man turned ex-boo:

Idris Elba.  

Because he’s sexy as hell, an incredible actor, has a cute accent and was on my fave show ever (the Wire)

Why’d we break up you ask?  Oh, cuz he likes getting strippers pregnant.  ::sigh::

Oh Idris. We couldda been so good together

Here’s My First Husband:

Val Kilmer (shutup)

We fell in love when he was Madmartigan (in Willow) and I was….like….5.

Because he looked like this on our wedding day:

And he was in one of my fave movies, Tombstone, being all cowboygangsta even as he died.

Why’d we break up you ask?  Well, he disappeared for 10 years and popped back into my life looking like a goddamn caveman.

Where was he all that time?  How dare he leave me for so long! Did he really think I would wait for him?

And why is he doing movies with 50Cent? You’re better than that.

I mean… really?

Yum                                   Yummer                                     CRIPES!

After our divorce I will admit…I was a bit of a floozy.  I cut loose.

Jumping from man,

he left me for a girl w/ a fake ass

to man,

it was a mutual breakup, he’s into athletic chics now

to man,

I was his beard. I didn’t mind.

to man,

he faked his boston accent, i felt betrayed and broke it off

to man,

GULP…..he’s still got my heart

to old man,

got him outta my system

to tiny man,

I don’t do criminals…anymore.

Until I said enough is enough!

And settled down with my man 🙂

Tell me about YOUR “exes”! (or currents lol) 🙂 Happy Friday!