Family Maternity Shoot Ideas with a Toddler


My last Maternity Shoot Ideas post was back in 2012! I shot with my dear friend Hector, of Hydra Multimedia, and loved the results.

This time there’s a new dynamic to consider in the shoot:


i just woke up and I’m a bag of misery


I want my tornado toddler in the shoot.

Of course I’ll have solo shots, and loveydovey pics of just John and I, but I also want to have some family shots.

I’m considering this a family maternity shoot.

Our photographer is Judy of Bloomy Photography. I’ve “known” her for so long, that I didn’t realize that I have never actually met her in person. (She was also a model in her past life, and was also mentored by Hector in photography ages ago.) She’s super talented and I’m excited to see what she comes up with.

Here are the family maternity shoot ideas I’m sending to her that I found on my beloved Pinterest:

{click on the pic to view it bigger}

50 free prints

Did you have a Family Maternity Shoot?

Any inspiration shots to share with me?

Happy Halloween?

ugh. mommy I’m so not in the mood for this

lemme yoke this guy up right quick


Got ya sucka! nom nom nom


Have a good weekend ladies. We’ll catch up super soon.

Maternity Photos

Hi Girls! I’ve got a sneak peek at just a couple of the images from our maternity photo session.  I love them and can’t wait to see the rest.

and a just for fun edit:

Totally unrelated: I’ve got a post up on my hair blog if you’re interested, with another one slated for today.   A couple youtube vids are coming soon too!

When I get the rest of the maternity flix I promise I’ll share em with you.

Beauty, Headshots…and Coors Light??

I shot headshots for two actresses and a beauty look for a gorgeous romanian model a while back.  The MUA for the day was Denise of

It was a fun day.  Actresses always bring a lot of personality to the shoots.

So, where does the coors light fit in you ask?  Well, after the models left, my boyfriend discovered a couple coors light bottlecaps in the bathroom!  One of the models/actresses were slammin beers in the bathroom between looks! HA!!!