Mind Right Monday Linkup


Well hello hello hello ladies!!

It’s Mind Right Monday time again. You know what to do. Link up with us! Post your goals for the week and what you’re grateful for. Link up and visit the other participants who are gettin’ their minds right too! Let’s support and hold each other accountable.

We had a week “off” last week for Labor Day, I hope you all made good use of your long weekend!

Since it’s my birthday week {hold for applause…} I am taking it very easy on myself.

setting goals okdani blog

My goals for the week are: 

  • Stay alive
  • Keep my children alive
  • Laugh as much as possible

I dunno bout you….but… I think I’m gunna hit all my goals this week! #ijs :)

happiness gratitude okdani blog

I’m grateful for:

  • Family and friends
  • Being healthy and well as I turn the big 33
  • My chirrens, and their well being, also them hitting their developmental milestones
  • Blogging, Coaching, Beachbody, Writing, and the Interwebz
  • Yoga, T25, Running
  • Pandora
  • Options
  • Laundry done (but not yet folded lol)



If you’re not a blogger and can’t link up, just leave a comment below with your #1 goal for the week and a few things you’re grateful for!

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21 Day Fix Challenge Group

Hi Girls,

I’m actually a little bit nervous about doing this…


But I’m going to do it anyway and share it here and on youtube…

Are you interested in losing weight and getting in better shape along with me? I hope so cuz I plan to get a great group together for this!

The 21 Day Fix is a nutritional program, with a focus on portion control, and has an exercise program (30 minute workouts!) included.

I’m starting a challenge group Monday, September 22nd for people to join me in getting eating habits in gear, learning better portion control, getting into a fitness habit and losing some weight.

To join the challenge group you just have to do two things:

1. Have me as your coach and order the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

2. Commit to checking in with the group each day so we can all stay on track together with the program.

Let me know and I will put you into the closed facebook group. Throughout the 21 days we’ll cover recipes, motivation, handling set backs, emotional eating, etc. It’s going to be so good!


The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is on sale this month, so when you order you receive the full nutritional program, a full set of containers for portion control, the exercise program, a month’s supply of shakeology, and the accountability group, all for the price of shakeology alone.

But like I said at the start of this post…I’m kinda nervous! I’ve led clean eating challenge groups, and even did a mini group for low carb eating… but I have yet to do The 21 Day Fix, and to do it for the first time as a “leader” of a group….GULP!

….real talk, I’m still excited though…. hehe … I think the group is gunna kick butt!


The program gets great results. Peep some of my fellow coaches:

  10590622_719904668780_3175731257807758761_n 10603797_10202829576281107_1809243669433445116_n

My goals for the program are:

  1. Complete the program (LOL! I know this is silly, but I feel better talking to clients about programs I actually used)
  2. Lose 5lbs (This is lofty, but I’m going for it!)
  3. Inspire John to try doing a round of 21Day Fix when we return from Florida
  4. Help my challengers complete the program and get better results than they expected!

So, I’m ordering my program later today and cannot wait to  get started.

Any questions? Want to join me?

Email me at coachdanifaust@gmail.com or fill out the form below!

 (PS: If you’re interested in T25 or another beachbody program, I still have those accountability groups going strong, so make me your free coach and we can get you started on any other program you like.)

Fill out my online form.
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Random Thoughts on Thursday

thoughts on thursday

I realize I’ve been in a blogging limbo for over a year. I have a heap of ideas, and different directions I kind of want to explore…yet…I just can’t pull the trigger. Then I wonder if I even should, or just keep this a personal blog and let that be that while focusing on biz elsewhere…. ::sigh:: #bloggerproblems


I don’t know how this happened:


When I asked, he just giggled.


I got an email from a reader yesterday that really helped me feel a lot better, and I didn’t really know I needed to feel a lot better… has that ever happened to you? Sometimes an unexpected, outside perspective is a great thing. (even tho she lowkey cussed me out)


I’m so glad I’ve returned to my mat. I missed yoga something serious. I found a bunch of “classes” on demand so I can do a guided session at home in between classes at studios till I get my mojo back to do it on my own. (Jivamukti is in Jersey City now!! *squeal*)

Do you do yoga?


She’s cute:



I want to get back into youtube, but I think I may just not be cut out for it. I’ve been trying to do a hair update and a Kaya 5 month update vid for a week… The problem is, I have to get it all in decent enough in one take…cuz the way my video editing motivation is set up…


Roey can sleep in the weirdest ways… I peeked on the monitor during his nap the other day and:

rohan sleeps crazy okdani blog


Time is certainly flying. I’m a week away from 33 years old. I did like….zero things on my list(Actually I forgot about that list shortly after I made it. I should’ve printed it out or something LOL) I am a month away from our next trip and totally unprepared… Blogalicious is coming soon and I have to finagle a way to get there…Wanna sponsor me?… The holidays are coming up fast… and then the hugest move I’ve ever made.

Somebody give me some cheese to go with all my whine.


Oh, guess who got collagen injections!!!

lip allergic reaction okdani blog

Ok..it was really just an allergic reaction to something…I was freaked out when I woke up to them puffy…but now I miss em. LOL


Have a great Thursday night girls.

Am I the only one who can’t wait for Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder?


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We Need A New Car AND Family Reunion Fun


All of my internal organs are crushed and I’m not sure how I’m still alive.

No…I didn’t get into a car accident….

Kaya screamed for 6 hours straight during our drive to the family reunion. I started out like a normal human in the passenger seat as John drove…but shortly after we started off…I was stuffed between the two car seats in the back all twisted up like a cirque performer.

There’s not enough space between the car seats for me to actually sit, so I had to kinda do a diagonal perching and keep my core engaged (thanks Shaun T) so I could be high up enough to keep Kaya calm, or feed her or whatever.


Not fun.

Oh and guess what…we have a 22 hour road trip planned for October.
We NEED a new car.

I love road trips. I really do. The anticipation of the vacation is always great, and then the whole preparing and packing snacks, packing things to prevent boredom, and little surprises for the kids and knowing that there’s uninterrupted family chat/game time.. I just really enjoy it. It’s comforting.

HOWEVER: A 3 hour trip that somehow ended up being 6 hours, with a screaming baby and crushed body parts…. not comforting.

This lil maxima has been through a lot. It’s our plan to run it into the ground before buying a new car, but with the increased driving now, and once we move to Florida… and the two-kid factor… ::sigh:: I don’t know if it’ll make it! We’re looking at SUVs and Station Wagons.

We enjoyed our trip though!

The family reunion was smaller than usual, but I kinda liked it better this year than in the past. It felt “homey” since it was held on my aunt n uncle’s estate instead of at a hotel’s facilities. It was like a two-day cookout/party. (Saying “estate” makes it sound fancy, right?! Insteadda just… “land” or “houses”)

I re-met some cousins I hadn’t seen in a billion years and Rohan and Kaya got to meet tons of extended family. One of my cousins is just a couple years younger than me and has a son Roey’s age….come to find out…she lives about 2 towns away from us in Jersey. #playdatetime!

I thought Kaya looked just like John, but then my grandmother (Daddy’s Mom) held her….

great grandma and kaya okdani

I enjoyed talking to everyone, and John met and talked to everyone too. My favorite part was seeing Rohan having fun. He got to interact with the other kids and though he was wary about every adult at first, he warmed up to most…ok some…ok a few. Mainly anyone who’d play cars with him. Kaya had fun being held by everyone, and ripping out everyone’s hair…

20140823_181709 20140824_104334 20140823_171234 20140823_173724 (1)

This happened:

and later after dranks this happened…

That’s a good place to end it hahaha Have a happy humpday girls!!

Does your fam have reunions each year?

If you were getting a new car, what would you buy?

Mom of two, Wife, Life & Wellness Coach, Blogger, Writer, Laughter lover, Motivator, Quasi Health Nut, Vacation Addict, Hair Care Junkie, Beach Bum Wannabe. Writes about parenting, wellness, and marriage here and on other sites.

Hair, Malpractice and Marriage – Oh My!


Hi Girls!!

Hope you had an excellent long weekend! I did :) Mommy took the kids so I was FREE!!! #hallelujah

OK I wanted to finish up answering the questions I got from my Ask Me Anything post a few weeks ago. So here we go!!

Is the reason you didn’t post part 2 of Kaya’s birth story because you’re suing the hospital for malpractice?

I read this question and literally was like: 

16643_original lord have mercy

But then I was like…..”wait….Can I do that?” LOL Then I read up on malpractice suits and realized I totally couldn’t. I have an awesome healthy lil babygirl, even though the cesarean was horrid. I don’t even want to create that kind of energy around me or her/her birth.

But to answer your question, no, the reason I didn’t post part 2 of Kaya’s birth story yet is simply because I’m a lazybones and just haven’t gotten around to writing it yet. It’s still very fresh and sharp in my memory so I’ll get on that for you. The poor child is about to be 6 months old in under three weeks…I better have her birth story done before then!

The #1 Question I received was asking about the separation update and a couple people asked how it effected Rohan. So here goes:

John and I went through (and are still kinda going through) a rough patch and no we are not still separated (though I think about running away a lot)


As for the dirty details, so not going into that here. But we’re doing OK and putting in effort and counseling to make things get back to great. Marriage and parenthood is just hard sometimes. So many pieces that have to work all at once. Roey and Kaya are blissfully unaware of anything. As far as Roey was concerned we just took a lil vacay to visit family in Florida. And now he has more people to scream for to come save him when he gets in trouble. I keep telling him Nana can’t take him out of time out, but he doesn’t listen. ::shrug::

Are you going to have more munchkins?

Hell no!



I’m two and through with this body! Pregnancy is hard. It’s amazing and miraculous…and HARD. Not doing that again. But my family isn’t finished. My birth family is, but I’m missing a son. We’re going to adopt later on, a black, american male between 5 and 10 yrs old. After speaking with one of my cousins at the family reunion last weekend John and I are going to have a real talk about fostering later on as well. (I just don’t know if I could bear it if they come try to take my boys from me to give back to their jacked up families…)

How do you balance having a social life with motherhood?

What’s a social life?



The #2 Question I received most were all hair related.

Will you ever go back to natural hair?

Yes, I’m currently transitioning, but unsure what I’m going to do. May cut off the permed ends at the end of the year, or just let them grow out and cut away slowly…not sure yet. I’m daydreaming about getting a tapered lil fade real soon and dye it some weird color like pink/purple/blue…

What were the major steps you took to keep your hair healthy while your were growing it out to donate it?

The major steps were: 

  • Moisture like crazy – moisturizing shampoo/condish, deep conditioners, daily moisturizers
  • Being very gentle – gently detangling/combing, low manipulation styling, sleep with scarf or pillowcase with slip

In my opinion those are the major pieces of the grow-out puzzle, everything else is just patience and consistency.

How did you come up with your regimens?

Trial and error a bit, and also knowledge of self. I’m not dedicated enough to do a long ass drawn out two day regimen each week. I need easy and simple. I’m writing up a quick little regimen planner and will put it up on the blog shortly. Hopefully it can help someone out.

What are your favorite products?

Right now it’s:

Coconut oil – my eternal favorite

Cantu Leave In Conditioning Creme

Conditioners: Pantene Co Wash,  Rahua, and

This Comb


For more hair stuff:

How a baby will ruin your hair

On Donating Hair

My big chop

Why I wont grow to hip length again

On keeping it simple

and let’s not forget this one :)


What are YOUR favorite hair products??

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Mom of two, Wife, Life & Wellness Coach, Blogger, Writer, Laughter lover, Motivator, Quasi Health Nut, Vacation Addict, Hair Care Junkie, Beach Bum Wannabe. Writes about parenting, wellness, and marriage here and on other sites.