February Goals and Check-in

hello february

February already? It's a fresh month and a fresh start :) January was great overall. I spoke at Type A Vegas, attended CES and Affiliate Summit and enjoyed my momcation. Started a personal book challenge and completed a book that has changed my life on the low Cleaned up my diet a bit ...

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5 Easy Ways to Keep At-Home Date Nights Special

at home date nights

We’ve all heard the advice that to keep relationships flowing smoothly we need to incorporate date nights into our lives. Date nights are standing dates that you have with your partner no matter what else goes on in your schedules. For many couples date nights are an in-home affair, whether due to ...

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Join the 52 Book Challenge! #52booksin2016


So I'm on my way to the mall when I just kinda felt "over it" and didn't want to drive there, deal with parking, or people, or noise. I looked at my co-pilot Kai in the back seat and asked her if we should go home. She said "read book mommy?" which I translated to "Hey mom, screw the mall, you can ...

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How to Encourage Gratitude in Children

encourage gratitude in children

By definition, gratitude is an emotional state cultivated by the act of consciously saying “thank you” for the good in your life. Being grateful for what you currently have puts you in a better feeling state. This makes it more likely that more positive experiences will come your way to be grateful ...

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6 Reasons to take a Momcation Asap


Listen up. You need to take a momcation asap. Yesterday I returned from almost a week in Vegas. (If you follow me on instagram you can see pics.) I had no kids with me. No husband. I did meet my business partner there, but she is also a mom, who was husbandless and childless for the week. We were in ...

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Kitchen Sink Fried Rice

fried rice and eggs

(this was an outtake pic...but Kai's face in the background cracks me up!) Growing up Jamaican we ate a lot of rice & peas at dinner so I'm excited to partner with Success® Rice for this post. Rice was a side dish almost every single night. My friend Rich in high school is Hatian and said his ...

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My Toddlers’ New Year Resolutions for 2016


You know I'm all about personal development, so I do work with Rohan and Kaya to cultivate a mindful, positive, goal-oriented mindset. At dinner we go around sharing what we're grateful for (Last night Ro was grateful for "bug juice" and Kai was grateful for "Pam" our aunt.) We also tried working ...

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New Years Wishes For You!

happy new year okdani

It's new years eve!! It's the day before you magically transform your life! hehe just kidding. I love this day. I hope you're spending it exactly as you want to. Today I wish you all the best of the best in the year ahead. The top of the top for you in 2016. Wishing you a year of ...

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2016 New Years Resolutions and Goals

2016 goals and resolutions small

Every year I make a new year resolution or two, and then I make my real goals for the year separately. My goals for 2015 (really a to do list), I crushed em. ::dusts shoulder off:: They were: Buy a home and fix it up bit by bit Improve my financial standing Deepen my spiritual ...

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