Kaya’s One! Happy Birthday Kai!!

9 months kai

My special little nugget of a baby girl turned one Friday. I cannot believe how fast this year flew by. She's growing so fast, and just getting cuter and smarter and more fun each day. As tiring and stressful as mommyhood's really a privilege to be able to raise these lil munchkins ya ...

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Wordless Wednesday: Family Photo Edition


All I want out of this life is one good family pic. Just one. I won't get it. I've realized this now. But I got a couple cute ones thanks to an impromptu snapshot session. I posted my fave on FB... but here are some of the "mess ups" from the batch. Guess which one is my favorite.... :) ...

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He says: Car — She says: Truck

truck guy car guy

We need a truck. (Well, an SUV) This is what I am trying to convince my dear husband of... but he's stuck on getting a new Maxima, since his old Maxima is finally dying the true death. (She lived a long, happy life, served us well, and will soon be going to a better place...may she rest in ...

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