Mid Year Goals (+ 2 Gifts For You!)

mid year goals

Did you keep your resolutions this year? Don't worry, according to Forbes, under 10% of the population actually does. How about those goals we set earlier in the year? Did you cross anything off that list? I hope you did! I read a stat recently that only 20% of the population sets ...

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I’m Stepping Up My Photo Game


Look!!!  A decent photo!!! Can you believe it?! Girls!!! I Finally Dusted Off My Camera!! Fi. Nuh. Lee! I have been slowly saving extra $$ for a new camera. Specifically, the Canon T5i. I wanted this specific camera because: I’m a Canon girl since day one The reviews are ALL ...

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Rohan’s 3rd Birthday Recap

2015-06-07 07.14.43

When I say "say cheese" I get this face :) We wanted to do something extra special with Rohan for his third birthday. He was in dire need of some one on one mommy & daddy time, with no Kaya interrupting. So, we shipped Kaya to my aunt (where, per my cousin, she brunched on truffle fries ...

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Increasing Self-Care as a Busy Mom


Some mommy bloggers in their “confession” pieces are talking about how they haven’t showered in days, are wearing the same yoga pants for a week, and haven’t brushed their teeth or hair since two Sundays ago. It’s like a badge of honor, to be all jacked up in the name of motherhood… because a good ...

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Husband Tag Video (with Questions)


John and I (finally) recorded a Husband Tag Video. My phone cut us off but here's what we got in "part one." If you're interested in doing a Husband Tag Video here are the questions: Questions: 1) Where did we meet? 2) Where was our first date?  3) What was your first impression of me?  4) ...

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Happy Loving Day


  Happy Loving Day!! It’s the anniversary of the Loving v Virginia decision. A few years ago I was introduced to the Lovings. They’re part of the reason John and I can be legally wed today. They were a Black woman and white man who fell in love and got married, and fought to make it ...

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Why Do You Blog?


I blog for a variety of reasons Because I love it. I just enjoy writing and entertaining, it’s fun for me To have a creative outlet that also brings in money Because owning a business was a huge goal To educate, inform, help and inspire subtly on topics I care about (wellness, motherhood, ...

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I Don’t Care What Beyonce Eats

beyonce body roll happy

 I don’t care what Beyonce eats. Do you? No, really, do you? Seriously, if she gets people to eat more veggies after her trolly little GMA stunt, then god bless her. #veggiesaregood! Honestly, I don’t care what any celeb is eating. And the older I get, the less I care what they’re doing ...

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