Ok I’m Ready to Go RVing!!! #GoRVing

My dear husband John has been trying to talk me into going RVing for years. In case you've forgotten or are new to my blog, we met when I was 19, and I'm turning 35 shortly. That is 16 years of "it'll be fun, trust me" and "you'll love it." Sixteen years of stories about his youth, camping and ...

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#BlogHer16 Expo Booth Experience

I already told you about the BlogHer16 conference experience. It was a really great time. I showed you the expo hall and all the exhibitors but I wanted to do a deeper dive into a few of those brands that were in attendance. (If you missed my FB Live of the expo hall tour click HERE) Go RVing was ...

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Evenflo Sibby Travel System Review


“This post was sponsored by Evenflo as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received the Evenflo Sibby Travel System to facilitate my review.” Rohan, Kaya and I take strolls almost every day. Most of the time we head out with two babies in the stroller and head back home ...

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Epic #Blogher16 Recap


Hey friends!! It took me a minute but I got this up. I was going to break it down by day, but said F it. It was an epic weekend so I figure an Epic #blogher16 Recap was in order. If you are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen my FB Live videos sharing my experience this year at the ...

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Cozy Minimalist – Minimalism Redefined


I have said before here on the blog that I don't want to be a minimalist. Then I go and throw away all my children's toys. And give away a whole mess of my clothes. And refuse to furnish an entire room. So clearly....something is there. Here's the problem I have Actually... ...

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5 Quick Ways to Find Your Zen on Busy Days

find your zen pin 2

Life is more hectic than ever. We are pulled in so many directions at once and we need to be able to find our zen and get re-centered quickly. It would be nice to be able to do a full meditation or yoga class whenever things get crazy stressful but that's just not always practical. Here are 5 quick ...

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Drink Yourself Healthy with Alkaline Water

alkaline water glass

Any wellness client who has ever worked with me will tell you that one of the aspects I push, hard, is drinking more water. Even if you don't change your diet or exercise, if you add more water into your daily intake you notice a difference in about a few days to a week. As a coach I really stress ...

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Enough Video Games – Read a Book, Please!

battlefield stunt

I'm really glad that Pokemon Go is getting everyone out the house and roaming around their neighborhood. There's actually a pokemon gym behind a dumpster at our favorite local playground. (weird spot but whatevs) It's gotten more people to go to the playground! My cousin got my son into it, and now ...

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