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This post was sponsored by Subway, but you already know everything below is #realtalk from Dani.

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When I was pregnant with Rohan I was obsessed with the place. At 8 and 9 months pregnant I’d walk…well waddle…to it from our Jersey City apartment and order my standard tuna sandwich on wheat, with all the spicy peppers, olives and yellow banana peppers that would fit! I would make them pile it on and rub my belly a lilbit to guilt them into piling on more. LOL  (Full disclosure: I still try to get them to pile on more even though my youngest is 1.)

Even before that when I was working in midtown Manhattan I would go grab my $5 foot-long turkey or chicken and pile on the veggies. There was a period of a few months that I remember saving for a trip, I would get a footlong each day, and eat half at lunch, then half at home for dinner. With breakfast free at the office, I was literally living on $5 a day.  Can’t do that now!

But I still go to Subway and get my quick sammich fix. I either get a Veggie D-Lite or Italian on wheat. (I did try a pastrami melt a little while ago that reminded me of NYC! I like that they are everywhere down here in Florida just like in New York. I was concerned about having my favorite food spots nearby when we moved. There’s one right outside the spot I do our weekly grocery shopping.


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Last week I was invited to Subways Taste and Tell Event. It was a cute party and tasting event at a Subway location near me to debut the new Homestyle Carver Melts offerings. This selection has carved turkey and rotisserie chicken pieces with no artificial colors or flavors! (I have an issue when restaurants say “home style” and give you something that looks nothing like real food. SO not the case here, thankfully!)

subway carver melts

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I tried two different varieties. The first was the delicious roasted chicken with melted provalone, peppers, and a creamy ceasar dressing. And they give a nice 6 ounce portion of meat too, so you’ll feel full after finishing this bad boy. (I only ate about half lol)

The second (my fave) was carved turkey (not deli slice turkey), with cranberry sauce, peppers, and lettuce. (I had a lot of options to add in, and new choices of bread like olive oil-infused ciabatta bread, but I tried to keep it simple)

subway menu

Lemme tell you what this reminded me of….

You know how after thanksgiving you eat those big ol’ sandwiches made with thick cut pieces of turkey, and left over cranberry sauce, dressing and whatnot? That’s what this was! It was giving me all kinds of nostalgic feels.

Plus, in our house (meaning my parents house when I was growing up) we had roasted chicken for dinner most Sunday nights, and throughout the week I would pick chicken off that bird and build a sandwich with whatever cheese we had in the fridge.

subway chicken

So Subway is really winning for me with this new Carver Melts option. It really tastes like good family memories of home for me. I’m glad I was able to attend and learn about this brand, as well as learn more about Subway in general. Whenever I go I am on autopilot. I order the same two things so I never look up at the menu. I had no idea there was a whole range of vegan options there! #subwayforthewin

subway vegan menu

I’m psyched to try more varieties of the chicken carver melt sandwiches, but I can totally see myself buying the “Thanksgiving” Turkey with cranberry every single time I go. They’re only available for a limited time so I’ve got to get em a few times before they’re gone.

What’s your fave Subway Sandwich?
Will you be trying out the new Carver Melts line?


  1. says

    I love Subway just as much but for some reason haven’t been in much lately. I do love these new options though. I will most certainly be trying these new sandwiches.

  2. says

    I’m a Tuna Melt girl, myself! I always get mine with lots of jalapenos and a dash of chipotle mayo… Delish! The Malibu sandwich sounds really good for a Meatless Monday lunch or dinner!

  3. Ray Diddy says

    all subway turkey is “processed”…
    The ‘deli turkey’ is simply disgusting.
    I’ll admit the ‘carved’ turkey is a little better, but i’m still not buying it.

    Especially when i can get a 20 inch sub for $14.50 made with real turkey, roasted
    daily and the meat is pulled right off the bird.
    Once you have it, you won’t be buying from subway……especially at this high prices.

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