Natural Hair Regimen and Length Check – March 2016


Fresh wash and go had me feeling myself yesterday….. (ps: don’t forget to do the survey!!!)

OK. So in trying to find photos for this post, I realized that I need to start taking more selfies. I have like zero good pics of myself. Which is surprising cuz I think I’m so cute lol. #operationmoreselfies started yesterday…. (as you can see from exhibit A above.)

Anyhow… here’s my “hair year” in short –

March 2015: 

Last perm touch up was May 2014. Last cut before this pic was September 2014.


September 2015:

Right before heading to Blogalicious. I wanted to go straight…but could barely make it through the process…


In September 2015 I cut my hair myself. I wanted to just get rid of the permed ends. I went from this:

20150927_095804_84th Ct N 20150927_110912_84th Ct N

To This:

20150927_170452    20151003_213909

October 2015:

20151005_121243_84th Ct N



1 year comparison: 

one year of hair growth comparison



What do you do to grow your hair so fast?

I don’t think it grows particularly fast (about 1/2 inch per month), I just retain what I grow which is due to low manipulation and good health IMO.

  1. I keep it moisturized (daily) and leave it alone for the most part.
  2. Little to no heat use.
  3. I try to stay healthy from the inside out: water, multivitamin, shakeology, healthy food.

OK Listen. I tell this to my close friends and IRL friends, because I know they KNOW me.  I hesitate telling people this online because I don’t want them to think I’m G’ing them to sell products. But here it is. I swear Shakeology enhances my hair growth somehow. I have no medical proof lol, but I did a test, stopping it for 8 weeks, and outside of the lower energy, duller skin, feeling more lethargic and increased sugar cravings, I noticed my hair seemed to grow in slower, and also it grew in with a different texture sort of and just duller. Anyway. I’m not one to say “this magic pill MAKES my hair grow” (cuz I tried hairfinity and it didn’t have any noticeable difference) BUT, when I’m drinking my Shakeo regularly, my hair seems to just thrive.

That said….if you DO wanna buy it, you best buy thru me and nobody else lmao. Holla at ya girl :))

In this video (shot yesterday) I show my current products and current regimen. My hair is wet:

Are you going to grow your hair out again? Are you going to donate again?

I won’t be growing to hip length, but I will be growing my hair out long to donate again. I will probably grow it to waist length or so. I should get there in 2 years.

What products do you use?

I am not loyal to one product line right now, but I kinda would like to be. Right now I’m still using up products that were sent to me, or I purchased on some crazy clearance. In the video above I show what I’m currently using, but that changes once the bottles empty. The one thing I’m pretty often using is Elasta QPs Soy Oyl deep conditioner. But I’ve run out (deets in vid) and am looking for a new one. Any suggestions?

What’s your natural hair regimen?

It’s in the video above, but I keep it really simple with weekly washes, daily moisture, and leaving it the hell alone so it’ll grow without issue.

Hope this was helpful! 

What are you up to with your hair lately?

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    I didn’t think my hair was really growing much until I got a blow out last month! I looked in the mirror and was like “Who dis woman Harpo???” I’ve been neglecting my hair lately (hella bored) so this has prompted me to *attempt* to do a hair regimen post too! LOL Keyboard being attempt here. But seriously since I color my hair I know I need to stop slacking on get on the ball! Loving this new color too! <3

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