4 Years Down….Happy Anniversary

valley of fire wedding

Happy Anniversary Jonathan!

Do you know who I am?

I’m the woman who napped from 10:30a.m to 2:00pm today.

Best anniversary present ever!! Sleep.

(John, if you’re reading this, don’t think you’re off the hook! I still want a real present ::look::)

Four years came so fast! I still feel weird saying it’s our 4 year anniversary when it’s more like our 13th.

We got engaged and married in 2010 though. Feels like yesterday.

Here’s our wedding recap if you never enjoyed that debacle….hot mess….special day…. :)

Last year on our anniversary I posted about what I’ve learned in 3 years of marriage.

2nd anniversary photo

2nd Anniversary Pic 2012

This year… welp… I don’t think I’ve learned anything new lol. I was pretty damn smart last year. It all still holds true.

Yesterday I saw Gone Girl (which is NOT the best representation of marriage lol did you see/read that shit? YIKES!) but the wife said something like “if two people who love each other so much can’t make a marriage work, then that’s a real tragedy.”

And I agree.

John has been my best friend for 13 years and counting. We’ve been through some serious highs and serious lows. We chose to do life together and through the ebbs and flows we’re growing and getting better for it. I love him to bits. Always have, and always will.

young couple


Since I know you’re reading today …. Quick list of why I Love John H:

  • Well, namely, that nap I got today was the business….
  • 2 blankets on the bed idea (genius!)
  • 13 years of belly laughs
  • your handyman capabilities
  • support of all my kooky ideas
  • mind reading capabilities
  • introducing me to new things
  • letting me just be crazy
  • T25-ing with me
  • you always do the gross things I dont wanna do
  • reaching all the high stuff and opening everything “johndoit”
  • your hackeriness and “F the man”ishness

How we’re celebrating:

We’re having a lazy day. Hell, I slept most of it!

Later we’re ordering in from my favorite lil restaurant nearby and I’m watching Scandal and HTGAWM #judgemeifyawanna

After that….well….John told me his idea and I was just like….

okay reaction gif


That’s pretty much the best anniversary date we can muster rightaboutnow. #timesishard #oknothey’renotwe’rejustlazybastards

Come back in a year…5th anniversary….sheeeeeeit….it’s gunna be a rager! We may even leave the house!!  ::does dougie::

Other than that…we’re listening to some of our fave love-ish tunes:


And no anniversary would be complete without triple T:

Talk to you girls tomorrow!!



Mexican Inspired Low Carb Dinner #vivalamorena #collectivebias #shop


low carb dinner mexican style

Mexican Quinoa and Camarones Diablos

Tonight I’m trying a Mexican Inspired  low carb recipe for dinner. John and I are international eaters. We like all cuisines and cook in a bunch of different styles at home. When we cook, I skew Caribbean, Latin and Indian. He skews Asian, Italian, and American. Mexican is high on our list and we probably have a Mexican inspired dish weekly. It’s just so easy to make Mexican food fit into our diets since John is on his permanent quasi-low-carb way of eating, and I am doing the 21 day fix and restarting a lower carb pescetarian lifestyle. (cuz Kaya’s eating more food and nursing a bit less, hooray!)

When we visit Mexico we tend to go off the resort and eat where the residents of whatever city we’re in eat. That helped to push our cooking in a Mexican-Inspired way, even if the dish isn’t actually Mexican. For example, we use chipotle sauce or peppers and cilantro in our chili, and I use it in my breakfast beans. Tonight we’re having a dish I’ve made a million times Camarones Diablos (which translates literally to: Spicy ass, burn your entire mouth off, you’re gunna have to drink so much cold water, Devil Shrimp) but I’m also trying something new…

Being Caribbean, we grew up eating rice every day. I seriously could sit down and eat a pot of rice by myself right now, I swear to you. But since we’re low carbish, I replaced rice with quinoa and only get my real rice fix when I’m really feigning it. (I think it’s hard wired into my brain as a comfort food now.) So tonight we’re trying Mexican Rice Quinoa.

I’m using some Mexican inspired flavors and ingredients like La Morena chipotles and jalepenos, cilantro, lime….

la morena shop cbias chipotle and jalapeno


You’ll need: shrimp, 1 onion, 2 cloves garlic, handful of cilantro, adobo, salt and pepper (to taste), La Morena chipotles in adobo sauce (1 can), jalapenos (a can of pickled works great), worchestershire sauce, oil, butter, red wine, 1/2 a lime.

1. Open, de-vein and shell your shrimp (or defrost if you buy the pre-shelled frozen ones like I do) season ‘em with adobo powder, pepper and some of the sauce from the chipotle can

shrimp with la morena adobo

2. Slice up your onions, mince your garlic, and dice your jalepenos. Pop em in the pan with a bit of oil and butter and throw some salt n pepper on top.

step two

3. Let that soften for a bit while you rough chop your chipotles, then add them to the pan along with worchestershire sauce and red wine. Let it simmer a bit.

step 3

4. Pop in your shrimp and stir em in to the sauce. They’ll cook in just a few minutes. Boom you’re done. Squirt some fresh lime on that bad boy and throw some chopped cilantro on top. YUM!

camarones diablos

This takes me about 20-25 minutes.

I tried to find a recipe similar to what I do so you could have specifics with measurement. This one came closest.

If you want to make this recipe a lil bit cleaner…don’t use oil/butter in the pan, soften the onion and garlic in some fat free broth  instead, before you put the wine and worchestershire in.


This is the recipe I used…and altered…of course.

For my version you’ll need: 1 cup quinoa, 1 cup veggie broth, 1/2 an onion (diced), 2 cloves garlic (minced), 1/2 can La Morena sliced jalapenos (chopped), 1 can of black beans (drained and rinsed), 1 can of diced tomatoes, salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, salt and black pepper (to taste), lime, cilantro.

1. Pop everything into a pan except lime and cilantro.

Step 1.5 Mexican Quinoa

2. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cover to let it simmer while quinoa cooks

Step 2 quinoa

3. 20-25 minutes later, boom, you’re done. Fluff with a fork and throw cilantro and lime on top.

One Pot Mexican Quinoa Side Dish

John loved the quinoa and so did Roey.  It’s definitely a winner and I will use this a bunch in the future. I’ll try adding diced avocado in, and use more jalepeno next time for a lil more kick.

What’s your fave Mexican dish?

Grown Up Stuff #timewellspent #clevergirls #sponsored

Ummm So…..who actually reads insurance stuff when they get hired? What if you work for yourself? Do you research your options? And who actually reads insurance info when open enrollment period rolls around?


I don’t know about you, but I was an autopilot insurance chick for a long time. Ever since I started working, I’d just pick whatever option was cheapest, or check whichever box was easiest for my insurance policy. I had no responsibilities, I never got sick, and I barely had to go to a doctor other than for annual checkups to get a new epi pen prescription. (Plus my doc was cool so I could just call and ask for whatever I needed.) Auto-enrollment? Yes please. Easy button.

I know, I know… you’re lookin’ at me like:


But I was lazy and didn’t know any better.  But…my oh my, how a husband and children changes things.

First comes pregnancy, with the never ending appointments, plus the bonus appointments since Roey was a drama pregnancy. Rohan, with all his babiness, needing constant well-baby visits. Thankfully he only got sick once where we had to take him to the emergency room, but that one time was enough for me to realize the value of being well-covered insurance-wise.

Then comes John with his motorcycle accident, getting hurt real bad, and being bedridden and out of work for months! Being properly insured was a blessing that I didn’t even expect. (Because of course, who expects accidents to happen…that’s why they’re accidents. We don’t plan them.)…I feel like the Aflac duck should pop up quacking after me saying that LOL

Next is lil surprise Kaya, popping up right when we’d decided to hold off on having another child. Right after John’s accident…. right. at. the. wrong. time.  ::sigh:: I had many more doctor appointments with Kaya than I did pregnant with Rohan. and now that she’s here, and we’re a family of four, we have serious insurance needs. My crazy mommy paranoia compels me to make sure we have the right package.

It used to be so mindless, just solo, check whichever box was easiest… But not anymore….

Now I have to be a grown up. Now I have to read things over each year with John and go through what our best option is. We don’t want to pick an option that makes us waste money needlessly, but we don’t want to pick an option that doesn’t fit our needs.

Now we always:

  • Remember when open enrollment time comes around (I’ve missed it many a year back in the day)
  • Check our policy each year, thinking about what changes have occurred that may impact our benefits
  • Decide on what we really need, and what would be nice, and what options are unnecessary
  • Shop around, looking for the best deal that suits all our needs

Outside of making me feel like a grownup, taking the time to do this is really just being a smart mommy and ..ahem… family CFO. And it really is painless. Bonus is when we get to save a little money.

Do you know when open enrollment is? Most people don’t. For more information visit http://afl.ac/BH6ZR If you don’t currently do it, I urge you to read over your policy information. Sidebar: You can request HR to go over it with you or even ask your employer to set up meetings with the insurance providers if you want it.

So back to my first question…

Do you research your insurance options?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Tendril Tuesday: Lightening Up


Happy Tendril Tuesday Girls!

Don’t forget to link up your hair care posts with me today!

I wanted to go red for the fall. I bought some blonde dye so I could lighten my hair first to make sure the red would “take.” I learned from Felicia Leatherwood that I would have to go lighter in stages. So I figured I’d have to go two or 3 rounds…

blonde dye for natural hair okdani blog

Yesterday was blonding day #1

Read More »

Mind Right Monday Linkup


Happy Monday!!

Is today a glorious, wonderful amazing day or am I just riding high from my Oprah weekend? Maybe both?! How was your weekend? Friday and Saturday I was in Oprah/Iyanla/Nepo/Gilbert/Bell bliss (i’ll tell you ALL about it this week) and Sunday I went to LI to get my chirrens back from my mama (aka the best babysitter ever) and hung out there for a bit.

cute kids okdani blog

My goals for last week were not fully met, but I’m not stressin it!

  1. clean house
  2. earn more from beachbody than I did last week
  3. write by deadline, and work on writing projects
  4. work out daily and eat well
  5. make youtube videos
  6. pre-blog for OKDani
  7. figure out florida trip, if possible
  8. do something to pamper or beautify myself
  9. get new kindle so I don’t lose my entire mind from lack of reading
  10. make rohan laugh, learn and smile every day
  11. work on developing coaching biz
  12. take more photos than last week

I didn’t get the house fully done, and I didn’t do my other writing projects besides what was on deadline. I worked out some, but not faithfully, and my eating was about 60% good 30% ok and 10% crapola. I didn’t even think about doing my YT vids, and I didn’t preblog or take pictures. But I did earn more from beachbody than the 2 previous weeks! I also figured out the FL trip, even tho that means not going, lol. I gave myself a nice deep conditioning treatment and actually wore makeup two days in a row (for oprah lol) and I got my kindle paperwhite (don’t like it yet, gotta get used to it) and I worked on my coaching biz plan. As for Rohan, I kicked ass on that goal!

How’d you do last week?

My goals for this week:

  • Clear out the house (remember?)
  • Write like crazy
  • Lots of biz work
  • Dye my hair…at home….::avoids eye contact::…yes…I’m aware of how this will likely end…
  • Earn more $ with beachbody and blogging than last week
  • Do a mega grocery shopping trip for healthy food and 21 Day Fix needs
  • Organize and prepare Roey’s “homeschool” stuff for October
  • Do something to beautify
  • Work out daily and drink water like it’s my effin job

I am extremely grateful for:

  • This blog, earning money with it, and all the benefits that come from maintaining it
  • Oprah, Pastor Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert, Auntie Iyanla, Mark Nepo
  • Discovering Soul Cycle…. more on that later too
  • Friends, old and new
  • A kickass brain :)
  • Healthy, able bodied, able minded family and friends
  • Love
  • My two little miracle children
  • Modern technology
  • A perfect bin to wrangle all of Rohan’s damn cars
  • Hot coffee
  • Having choices
  • Introspection
  • Being a work at home mommy
  • My husband
  • My phone
  • Amazon.com
  • Super Why and Daniel Tiger
  • This book and the lessons in it
  • Also this book that I just started and is quite good, even tho I can’t stand this buffooning dude at. all.
  • My cute new lil collarless blazer
  • A roof over my head, food in the fridge, lights on, heat, running water, a/c, clothes, and creature comforts
  • My incredible parents (I know you think your parents are the best parents in the world, but you’re wrong. #sorry #lol)
  • Facebook groups
  • Options
  • Freedom


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