Evidence I’m Super Uncool + Sesame Street Love, HBO Style

elmo spectacles
Am I the only mom that knows Sesame Street songs by heart? ::looks around::
Am I the only mom that sings the songs to herself when she’s driving? Shopping? Pumping Gas? ::hangs head in shame::
OK, but am I the only mom who has them in her phone in mp3 format? And sings along to them when they randomly pop up during cardio at the gym instead of skipping over? Even if it makes the sweaty dude on the next treadmill give me a dirty look? (Not my fault bro, you should’ve brought your headphones!) 
(Sidebar: It wasn’t a Sesame Street song, but, this one time back in New York, I was on a treadmill running hard at NYSC and had my headphones blasting some reggae song and I was singing along to it, and some guy tapped my shoulder. I turned to him with a semi-dirty look for interrupting my cardio, and he goes “ummm miss, did you know you’re singing that… out loud?”… I cackled…. but then I shut up.)
Yeah…so Sesame Street has led to some kinda embarrassing moments for me, but I can’t help it. It’s always on in my house. And their songs are so catchy!! A little bit after Rohan turned one we started letting him watch TV and that was only Sesame Street. Now we’ve expanded, but Sesame Street is still number one for us. Elmo is really his homeboy. He’s always close by. He gets a seat at the table for meals and in the car. (Mind you, it’s not the bright shiny new hug me Elmo we bought him, it’s the old tattered guts-ripped-out tickle me Elmo that belonged to my now 20 year old little brother…yeah…) 
Speaking of my brother, Sesame Street was his fave show when he was a little guy too! I’m 14 years older than him so I was the perma babysitter. My parents left before us in the morning, so I would bargain with him to eat his breakfast really fast so he could watch Sesame Street in my room before walking him to school.
He slept with the same raggedy Elmo doll that my two kids fight over today. Now Kaya loves Sesame too, but she’s not into Abby or Zoe like I thought she’d be. She loves Grover! But calls him “rover” which sounds like “wover” and Elmo is “aymo.” #adorbs.  (Just like her big brother used to say)

It’s gotten way high tech. I remember watching when I was a kid and even back with Garrison. They’ve really stepped up their game. It’s all brand new! It’s all the same characters with a few new friends and lots of fun features that keep it fresh and entertaining for kids. I love all the celeb cameos, and the “smart” jokes and pop culture references they sprinkle in to make it bearable for mom and dad. It gives me a chuckle and surprises me. Even John knows the Elmo’s world song, and the Feist version of her song 1234 that she sang with Elmo.  That says a lot.

It’s something that all four of us can lay up in bed and watch on a Saturday morning with our coffee and cocoa (and warm milk for Kai). Sesame Street is the reason dinner has gotten on the table many nights. My cooking hour seems to be the “go berserk hour” for Rohan and Kaya. Sometimes I have to put on an epi of Sesame Street on demand so I can get them from (literally) underfoot while I’m cooking.

HBO loves me and wants to make my life easier. We don’t have cable/on-demand on our living room TV, we just have an Apple TV box, so I have to put the kids into my bedroom while I cook and check on them every few minutes while cooking. On January 16th, Sesame Street is going to also be available on HBO!! Now, I can pop the kids on the couch and use HBO GO in the living room and watch the kids – and the show – while cooking. #winningatlife.

I feel good having my kids watch Sesame Street. Outside of the cute songs, and the nostalgia for me, it’s really educational. I love when Rohan answers the characters on the TV and counts along. Kaya tries to do the same, but her alphabet song goes like “A B C D mumblemumble P mumblemumble X Y and Z.” Outside of those basics, they learn about loving themselves, not being shy, making friends, being a good person, and other lessons. It’s just wholesome.

There’s something magical about Elmo too. I don’t know if it’s his voice that mesmerizes children, but kids are just drawn to him! I’m glad he questions and “learns” along with the viewer. He’s kinda spooky sometimes though…*wink*… remember this:

elmo scary

Rohan is 3 and Kaya is just 1.5 so I have a few more years for Sesame Street to still be “cool” in our house, thankfully. I’m sure I’ll still be as un-cool as ever, singing children’s songs in public… Sidebar: sesamestreet.org has a page with all the fun songs on it…in case you want to make a fool of yourself in public too. (But some of the best songs are the “theme” songs to the daily features on the show like Elmo’s World, The Letter of the Day… and Bert & Ernie’s Great Adventure… #justsayin)

Our family will be watching Sesame Street on HBO and HBO Go in January when these two brands we love have joined forces. Will you?

Did you watch Sesame Street as a kid?

Do your kids watch it (and obsess over Elmo) too?

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The Best Music to Run To (+Giveaway!)

MM for Pinterest

The last time my brother visited our house, he thought something was really wrong. He didn’t say anything the first day, but the second day he woke up and was like “Alright what’s going on. Is everything OK?” I was like… ummmm…watchutalkinboutwillis? He went on to say this was the first time he’s been around me with music not playing in the house all day. I didn’t even realize it.

We’re a music household. Even Rohan and Kaya! We have music going most of the time, and when Rohan’s on his abcmouse.com he likes to listen and sing along with the tunes about letters. Kaya stops and dances when she hears anything remotely like music.

John and I have some overlapping musical taste. But we both introduce each other to new stuff. I never really listened to Public Enemy or The Beatles before him and he couldn’t decipher reggae before me. (He still can’t but I give him a pass.)

I can’t do cardio without music. Actually, I can’t do cardio without MY music. I told you about how I used Focus T25 to lose baby weight after Kaya’s birth. Well, after the first week of that program, I stopped listening to Shaun T. I would play the DVD on mute, and blast my Tony Matterhorn pandora station instead while I jump around. I also loved Les Mills workouts, which are very music heavy. Whenever I talk to another Les Mills lover they’re always talking about the songs and I’m just like… nah I was listening to Eminem during that one….

It’s a problem.

It’s really hard for me to work out if I don’t have my own tunes. Now, usually it’s dancehall reggae, or something ratchet, filthy and strip clubby….But…sometimes I mix it up. This weekend I was child-free so John and I took the opportunity to hit the gym together.

interracial couple at

yes, we’re that couple. #cornballsinlove (john looks like he’s about to go postal)

We raced on the treadmill (he won) and I was listening to the most random mix: The Weeknd, Tove Lo, Omarion, Jackie Wilson (he’s Bae.), Cascada, NKOTB and 50Cent/Jeremih.  WTF? It was so random…but I loved it.

I really tried to think of what 3 songs never fail to get me moving… it was really hard. I can’t think of just 3, that would just make my mind explode.. but some of the songs I love to run to are:

  • How Low by Ludacris (and the My Chick Bad remix too)
  • Mostly anything by Tony Matterhorn or Vybz Kartel (Those are Jamaican Dancehall artists if ya don’t know)
  • The entire Hozier album (if i’m doing a nice slow outdoor run)
  • Britney, Christina, Cascada, – Old stuff only
  • Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Seven Mary Three
  • Anything Eminem, anything by Big L (RIP Boo), some Pac (I could do a full workout to ‘hit em up’ on repeat I think… he was Bae too.)

When I’m stretching, using weights or doing pilates type workouts I like listening to drum and bass/tribal/edm stuff OR my first love, Jackie Wilson. I have his station on Pandora and it gives me all the good oldies like Al Green, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gay etc.

You can judge me. I don’t even care in the slightest. I stand by my …. diverse… musical tastes.

I realized a while ago that I can’t run hard to anything that I have never heard before. (I’ve been caught singing out loud on the treadmill in the gym before and a dude checked me LOL) Working out, especially running, is like comfort food to me. So I need my music during it to be comfort food too.

What are the songs that get you moving?

Let me know in the comments below and enter to win an Amazon Gift Card!!!

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John’s Addiction: Vintage #Seltzer #drinkvintage

low carb weight loss vingage seltzer

Can you see the weight loss difference in these 2 pictures? (I hope you can)

Let me tell you about my dear husband, John. He’s never been a small guy. He was a defensive lineman, he had to be meaty. About 5 years or so ago, he started jogging. His weight wasn’t really dropping so he decided to change his diet. He went from a carb-heavy SAD (standard American diet) to a very low carb diet. John’s always been a heavy soda drinker but when he started his low carb diet he had to switch things up. He could finish multiple 2 liter bottles of soda in 1 day. ::shudder:: But, he switched up to seltzer when he got serious about losing a bit of weight.

(PS He lost over 50lbs and kept it off for years, had a little setback after the motorcycle accident, was told he’d never run again, but is back on his grind, and eating modified low carb now…)

lemon lime vintage seltzer

In NY he would buy Vintage seltzer by. the. case. Really we’d buy about 12 bottles at a time. He’d go through them so fast. I, being miserly and trying to be a good wife…well, girlfriend/fiance at the time…, bought one of those at-home seltzer makers that you keep on your counter-top. All he’d have to do is put water in, gas it up, and boom! Seltzer!

But no. He’d use it once in a blue… when I brought it up… and he would still buy Vintage seltzer or request that I bring some home when I went to Shoprite. Now, if I saw another brand on sale, I’d buy it. And he’d let it sit on the shelf and just buy Vintage the next time we hit up the store. There was just something about his Vintage. I’m glad the price is reasonable.

john loves vintage seltzer

It was an addiction lol. An obsession. At least it was healthy for seltzer and not something harmful. It’s calorie free, sugar free, and has no artificial flavors or dyes or anything like that. I’m not the biggest seltzer drinker in the world, but I would drink the flavored Vintage seltzers John brought home. (Mostly in cocktails to be honest cuz they have good flavors. Full disclosure I only tried the lime and the raspberry.)

Down here in Florida…poor John had a little culture shock. We checked a few stores and no Vintage anywhere! We didn’t realize it was a local brand up there. (I’ll ask my dad to bring a case down with him to surprise Johnny next time he drives down from NY) So, when I saw the opportunity to post about Vintage, I jumped on it. Well, first I gasped because I kinda felt like Vintage seltzer was John and my own little “thing” and was so shocked that other people knew about it. But then I saw that John would be receiving some seltzer and goodies so I had to surprise him with it!

We got this little gift box and John was happily surprised…..and immediately chugged one of the seltzers…warm.

vintage seltzer

Are you into fizz? Do you drink seltzer too?

Follow Vintage Seltzer on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! Users who tag @DrinkVintage on Instagram will receive a $1 off coupon! (You can sign up for their email list for more.)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Dani and Rohan’s Day Off #Nablopomo

miami beach

Today’s Nablopomo Prompt is:

Describe your ideal day off. What would you do with your time?

My real answer has something to do with….everyone shutting the hell up, wine, naps, peanut butter jelly and dorito sandwiches, long baths, a massage, binge-watching TV, an orgasm and some peace and quiet.


On Wednesday, I had a “day off” of sorts. (which is partly why Wednesday’s post was as late as it was…but I digress.)

It made me realize a few things.

1. I actually don’t mind driving if it’s on the turnpike at 80-90 mph during non rush hour times. Otherwise it’s just annoying.

2. We really have to spend some time exploring Florida more. There’s so much nearby, and within a 2-hour drive from us. Gunna work this into the 2016 family calendar for weekend trips.

3. Rohan is a great travel buddy (unless it’s nap time) and I have to take him out solo much more often. I smell a lot of mommy&me trips in our future.

4. I’m a great mom. (and humble) But really, I was so prepared for every mood shift, energy change, and situation we came across. I felt like supermom…ok not supermom…but I felt very…capable and ready for anything. I hope Rohan appreciated it.

OK so on to the Day Off:

Rohan and I had some bidnis to handle in Miami so we woke up and ate breakfast quickly. Got Kaya together and dropped her at my aunts house and hit the road.

backseat reader

(Fun Fact: I kept letting Ro know that he had to go to Miami on Wednesday, I prepared him for about a week for his trip, what to expect along the way, etc. So I asked him at random if he remembered what we were doing on Wednesday. He said “Yes, we’re going to your ammy and going to have so much fun.” I was like “No.. its called Miami, Ro.”  “Yes mommy.. Your Ami.” Ha!! I almost didn’t have the heart to correct him.)

On the drive down (1.5 hours) Rohan alternated between napping and chatting. We talked about everything from elmo being friendly, to Rohan’s feelings about getting time outs, and random ideas about what people were doing in their cars. We saw lots of funny looking clouds that looked like “poop” as well. (I’ll let you guess who made that comparison – when does the poop talk stop?)

Too cool

We went to our appointments and got out earlier than expected so we hopped over to Miami Beach figuring we’d grab a quick lunch before driving up to West Palm Beach. We parked and took a walk down Collins Ave. Then Rohan picked the restaurant for lunch:

Deco sandwiches and burger

He also picked the table, choosing to dine al fresco. However, we were forced to switch tables after Nick Nolte joined us.

Nick Nolte is down on his luck these days I guess, just hanging out shirtless in Miami Beach looking for pals. This mama bear was not interested in making pals with down-on-his-luck-Nick so we moved tables from where he chose to loiter and cuss…

rohan and shirtless nick nolte lookalike

(Like how I snuck this pic? Had I known he’d be right on top of us shortlythereafter I wouldn’t have taken the shot lol)

Anyway, Rohan also picked his meal: Fries and a milk shake. (of which he ate like 4…and I was forced to help him out…cuz like..starving children somewhere…right? ::avoids eye contact::)

rohan in miami beach

We had more good conversation during our lunch date, and were entertained by “pretty birdies” otherwise known as pidgeons who decided to hang out randomly nearby our table, Nick Nolte style. We fed some pretty birdies and walked around a bit more before heading back to the car for the ride home.

Rohan was “very very NOT TIRED!” and assured me he was not going to take a nap. But fell out almost immediately after being strapped into his car seat.

We had an uneventful ride home and just played in the play room for the evening.

It was a simple day off. But one that Ro and I really needed and both enjoyed.

How’d you spend your last day off?
What does your ideal day off look like?


Cheap Wordless Wednesday Post … #Nablopomo Tho!

cheap wordless wednesday nablopomo

Why is this post cheap, you ask?

Because I have just a few minutes to get it posted today to stay true to my #Nablopomo challenge and I don’t like the prompt: “What is the last thing you built or fixed?” Ummm… I don’t build or fix. ::shrug:: (Unless the “dragon style fire truck monster truck” with Rohan’s blocks counts as a build….because it was spectacular.) 

::avoids eye contact::

So… to distract you from my horrific lateness…and lack of a story for today… here’s some cuteness!

pjs Roh1 IMG_6586 kai1

Ro3 IMG_6434 Ro4

That’s all I’ve got today….. #Judgemeifyawanna

Have you taken any cute pics lately? (Or built/fixed anything?)

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