February Goals and Check-in

hello february

February already?

It’s a fresh month and a fresh start :)

January was great overall.

  • I spoke at Type A Vegas, attended CES and Affiliate Summit and enjoyed my momcation.
  • Started a personal book challenge and completed a book that has changed my life on the low
  • Cleaned up my diet a bit more, and introduced the kids to new foods
  • Daphne and I took Moms & Biz to a weekly show and are expanding it
  • I launched FitNoire.com and am starting to find my footing with it
  • I got a great blog consultation from a 6-figure blogger (which I 100% suggest you do too if you’re a blogger)
  • Started weekly gym dates with my swolemate Johnny
  • My aunts took the kids a bunch so I had time to handle house stuff and do work without interruption (all praise be to allah)
  • Started a new beachbody workout program that I love and am debating running a challenge in February for it :)
  • Found ways to improve my schedule and lower my stress levels

Stumbles in January were:

  • Not reaching the income goal I set for myself and not returning to Periscope as I intended
  • Losing my mojo for writing a lilbit

Here’s my month in pictures.

What I’m looking forward to February:

  • Dusting off my camera again
  • Fun biz projects
  • Date nights and gym dates w/ John
  • Seeing some progress from my ramped up nutrition and exercise
  • Starting to plan Kai’s 2nd birthday party
  • More adventures out as a family
  • The return of our cleaning service
  • Spanish with the kids
  • Doing our taxes (Ienjoy it.)

February Goals:

  • Fix up the kids rooms (I gave in and am doing a boy room and girl room….for now.)
  • Do a serious kitchen clean out (John’s back on a SERIOUS low carb kick…no more carb days…just 1 carb meal a week)
  • Return to jogging in the mornings (gulp!)
  • Create a crapload of content/finish dangling writing projects
  • Hit XXXX income goal

My focus personally is nutrition and work-wise is creating/writing and returning to video/periscope.

What’s your focus for February?

Are you on track with your goals/resolutions?


Join the 52 Book Challenge! #52booksin2016


So I’m on my way to the mall when I just kinda felt “over it” and didn’t want to drive there, deal with parking, or people, or noise. I looked at my co-pilot Kai in the back seat and asked her if we should go home. She said “read book mommy?” which I translated to “Hey mom, screw the mall, you can return that crap anytime. Let’s go to the library instead.”

She’s a wise young sage.

I ODed at the library and hauled home a big ol’ sack of books….not including the ones for the kids… and so… the 52 Book Challenge was born!

The challenge is simply to read 52 books in 2016. Ideally, a book a week, but if you want to do more or less, go for it. I love to read and it’ll be my procrastination and relaxation tool of choice for the year. If I go at the pace I’m going, I’ll read 75+, but my goal is just 52, so if I go weeks without reading, I’ll be OK.

I announced the challenge on Instagram a few weeks ago and got a great response. Lots of folks doing the 52 book or 26 book challenge. Some folks committed to 12 books for 2016 and some, like my girl over at Yummommy are doing over 100 in 2016! *COUGH*showoffs*COUGH* :)

So far I’ve read:

Millions Within (ok it was an audio book. leave me alone – I got this deal on audible and lost my mind) This one I’ll have to listen to again and again. It’s a great mindset book. I’m opening myself up to a wealth mindset and this book was really great for that. (Another one I love for getting your moneymind right is Get Rich Lucky Bitch -it’s free on Kindle)


I Will Teach You To Be Rich (also free on Kindle) by Ramit Sethi who I absolutely love. (book wasn’t anything we didn’t already know if we followed him, but it was nice to read a book in a conversational personality-filled tone.) In the whole book I learned one thing: Your credit card company has trip insurance for you if you get sick and cant make your flight. They’ll cover the airline change fees for you! I never knew that!!! I knew they covered car insurance for you when you’re renting, but trip insurance too!? #wholenewworld  Call your card to be sure.

I am now reading….ok…listening to… The Map by Boni Lonsburry because I LOVE law of attraction books to just continuously remind me and keep me going in a great direction. It is just pouring love and good feels all over me today! Her voice is perfect for the message.

I recently started but didn’t finish some others that I wont bother including until I finishe them up (the pics are on Instagram if you care)

And quickly burned through these two:

blah money books

(wouldn’t really recommend either one unless you know exactly zero about money in which case it’ll be a good quick read)

I have so many books I want to read on my list… Shonda’s book, The Tidying Up Book, and… I actually want to read a book about butts. It’s Brett Contreras’ Glutes Book. Which has info on building muscle all over and a workout program to get super fit/strong/flexible. I think I’ll try it after I finish Hammer & Chisel (which I start on Monday!) I digress…

Also have to read my e-friend and fellow coach, Brandy Butler’s book that I bought the day it came out…and forgot to load into my Kindle. I was on the plane headed to Vegas ready to whip it out and read….and realized I never put it on my daggone device. #disappointed.
Anywaaay…Here’s my list:

What books are on your list?

Will you take on the 52 Books in 2016 challenge??!

(affiliate links abound all up and down this post. That means if you buy I get some coins. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a thing.)

How to Encourage Gratitude in Children

encourage gratitude in children

By definition, gratitude is an emotional state cultivated by the act of consciously saying “thank you” for the good in your life. Being grateful for what you currently have puts you in a better feeling state. This makes it more likely that more positive experiences will come your way to be grateful for. And you’ll be in the headspace (or heart-space) to receive it and say thank you for it.

Most parents begin teaching their children manners early on, encouraging them to say thank you when appropriate. This is a great start. We can go even further to encourage gratitude as a part of our children’s daily lives and ultimately their mindset and way of viewing the world.

Here are four ways to get started today:

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HP Instant Ink: Saving Time Money and Marriages #Neverrunout

hp instant ink

I mentioned in my momcation post that I had the privilage of attending CES the week before last. It used to be called the consumer electronics show, and it’s the largest gathering of all things tech related for media, buyers, and tech lovers to enjoy. It’s huge! Spanning several convention centers. It was like a city unto itself.

While I was there, I attended a breakfast for HP. While sipping mimosas and eating delicious organic breakfast items we were treated to a presentation on ink.

Yes, ink.

Now… I will be honest… I didn’t expect a presentation on ink to be funny, cute, fun, educational and interesting all at once, but somehow, this guy made it happen:

hp dr thom

Dr. Thom is one of the ink scientists at HP that work on the formula making HP ink the best quality they can. (And pretty charismatic for a dude in a lab coat) I sorta felt like I was in a futuristic, fun chemistry class. There were beakers and stuff!  He showed us a few hands on demos about how ink is formulated and the ways they worked on HP ink to make it really high quality.

They do magical science things to the formula to make the ink not bleed or mix, to stop it from curling the paper when wet, and for staying bold and vivid in color for longer times. (Yes, magical science things….I was more of an English class kinda girl…)

Outside of learning about the ink I learned about something (in my opinion) much more useful to me as a printaholic.

First off… my confession. I love to print stuff out. I try. I try to keep a “paper free” office, and I try to read online… but… I just can’t. It took me a very long time to give in to buying a kindle. I just love paper. If I find an ebook that’s short, I will print it out. John can’t stand it. I print out coloring sheets, and homeschool activity worksheets for Rohan every.single.day. If there’s something too long, and I don’t want to waste my ink, I ask John to print it for me at work. SSsshhhhhh. Don’t tell.

I just tend to be a printaholic. ::shrug:: And then I have to be all careful watching our ink levels so we don’t run out…printing everything in greyscale lol…and then hating myself when we do because we’ll only run out just before John needs to print his random once-in-a-blue item…and I know….I just KNOW…John would give me a side eye and talk smack. LOL

But, at the HP event, we learned about the HP Instant Ink program that would prevent me getting any side eyes from John! It’s an automatic delivery of ink, ordered directly by your printer, BEFORE you run out…so you never do. You sign up for the service and choose how much you typically print, and base your subscription on that. It starts at around 50 pages per month at just $2.99. If you have a month where you just go crazy printing a ton, your printer knows and can adjust your ink delivery accordingly. This is perfect for students and homeschooling moms who print out tons of worksheets each month.

The HP Instant Ink service saves you time, and saves you money. In our house it’ll save me a headache and stress from my husband as well.


I feel like it’s such a smart and futuristic service, and it’s actually quite simple. I wonder what other easybutton items are on the horizon from HP…and everyone else. I mean… it’s 2016… I want the flying cars I was promised back in the 80s.

Do you have HP Instant Ink? Are you a printaholic too?

HP sponsored this post, but you already know the words, feelings, and print-drama in my house is all my own.

6 Reasons to take a Momcation Asap


Listen up. You need to take a momcation asap. Yesterday I returned from almost a week in Vegas. (If you follow me on instagram you can see pics.) I had no kids with me. No husband. I did meet my business partner there, but she is also a mom, who was husbandless and childless for the week. We were in town to cover CES (amazeballs), speak at Type-A Vegas conference (super extra amazeballs) and attend Affiliate Summit West (cray cray overwhelming amazeballs). Let’s just say it was a full week.

This was the first time I have been to Vegas since 2011 for our one year anniversary, and the first time I have been without John! (Sidebar: remember that time I got married in Vegas?)

So I was a free bird… I had about a week of no mommy duty, no wifely duties and though the trip was all business, it was certainly a momcation. Here are my 6 reasons that YOU should take a momcation too.

1. Sleep

Do you remember what that is? That’s that thing that’s supposed to happen for about 7 hours each night where you relax, recharge, dream, and wake up ready to take on the world. You may remember it from before you had children. I vaguely do. Well, on your momcation you’ll be reminded. You’ll be able to sleep the night through with no “mommy? Mommy!!! ARE YOU AWAKE?!!” whispered into your ear at 3am. You’ll wake up when you want to, either on your own (glorious) or when the alarm goes off (less glorious, but still better than a child’s cry.)

I’m grateful that I was able to sleep on this trip. More than expected, even.

2. Hot meals

So, for those of you who are parents of young children and aren’t sure what the term “hot meals” means… It’s that thing where you sit down with a plate of food still hot from the stove/oven and you get to eat it….like…right away. The food is warm in your mouth. Cheese is gooey, not congealed. You may even have to blow the soup before tasting it. I ate several hot meals this past week. I didn’t have to help anyone eat, or cut food into pieces. I didn’t have to share my food that is exactly the same as the food on a toddler’s tray but somehow more worthy of consuming simply because it’s on my plate…. Nope. None of that. (No cooking either.)

Bonus: I finished multiple hot cups of coffee too.

3. No Cleaning

Nuff said.

Thank you housekeeping.

4. Silence

You will enjoy only the sounds you desire to hear…whether it be TV, radio, an audio book, or absolute silence. SILENCE. There were times when my room mate and I were both doing absolutely nothing… in absolute silence. Between us we have 5 children ranging in age from 19 to 1. Silence in that hotel room may have been the best part of the entire trip. There was no crying, no whining (except a little from me when I had to actually get out of the bed – See item #1)

5. Uninterrupted showers

On momcations you will be able to maintain your hygiene with no distraction or interruption. No banging on the door, no tiny fingers poking under the door. I suffer from auditory hallucinations when I’m in the shower. Both of my children will be fast asleep, and once I get in the shower, I am certain I hear them crying. I didn’t suffer from that during my momcation. I took long, hot, full showers…and even conditioned my hair in there! I haven’t been this clean since my first child was born.

6. You’ll be missed

Outside of the practical benefits listed above. Your momcation will lend itself to one benefit that will serve you well upon your return. Your family will miss you like a mofo! My nonemotional husband was texting me how much he appreciates me… once I came to after passing out reading it…. I was very grateful. My daughter latched on to me and barely let me go for about 12 hours straight, and my very hands-off son let me rock him to sleep and snuggle with him for a long while. It’s nice to be missed and valued for all you bring to the table as a mom. Momcations are certainly worth it!


Now, it doesn’t have to be a week-long trip to Vegas. It can be a weekend away at your local hotel or hiding out at your sister’s house for a day or two. The only criteria is that you perform no mommy duties during your momcation and you savor every selfish moment of it!

Have you taken a momcation?