Hereditary Quirks and Snacking on the Go

  cereal in a cup kelloggs okdani



I try to clean out my car every week. It seems like each week I dig out more and more lil baggies of cereal and grapes, also known as “tweets” (treats). Every evening Rohan climbs into his car seat after school (without letting me help, cuz he’s a big boy) and asks for his “tweet.” I remember to have his lil baggies at the ready so we can avoid a meltdown. Keeping a few stashed in my bags for when we’re out running errands is clutch for avoiding meltdowns too.



Oh my gosh, so this one time my boss popped out of his office with an eye squeezed shut and asked me if I had saline. Like a good assistant I was like, “Yep, sure do boss.” I whip out my purse and start yanking out all kinds of random stuff: a couple toy cars, one of Kaya’s shoes, some bows, and like 6 baggies of Frosted Mini Wheats… half eaten. I got to the saline eventually and my boss was fine, lol.



Full disclosure, when I’m out and about without the kids and feeling snackish, I will dig around in the back seat until I find a baggie of something to munch on until I get home, too. Sidebar: So, I have this thing about eating and drinking out of…. non-traditional implements. My mom hates this about me and yells at me when I do it at her house, even though I’m 30+ years old!



Example: She makes jams and uses these tiny cute mason jars. If I am grabbing a drink at my mom’s, I’ll use the lil mason jar. She can’t stand it. I’m not sure when this started, but I always remember doing things like this. Maybe it just makes it special? I dunno! Ha! It seems I have passed this quirk down to Rohan, because now sometimes if I give him snacks in his bowl, he’ll whine, but if I give him the exact same thing… in a 1/2-cup measuring cup… we’re all good! Even watched him take his two gummy vitamins, and put them into a spoon from his play kitchen, and then eat them from that, instead of just popping them in his mouth like a normal person. #thatsmyboy!


Anyway: So, Roey’s “tweets” in the millions of baggies are feeding his quirk, but now Kellogg’s Cereal In A Cup is making my life a little easier by satisfying my and Roey’s quirk, and saving me time by not having to prep baggies of cereal for the boy all the time.



This summer we have a bunch of road trips planned and we’ll be doing a lot of outside activities. Roey and Kaya will be in swimming lessons, and I’ll be running around like crazy as usual with the kids in tow. Having Roey’s “tweets” (Frosted Mini Wheats) already in a “special” bowl for him will be a lifesaver. Cereal In A Cup is perfect for on-the-go snacking during busy summer activities.



We’ll probably be at the beach weekly, and let me tell you, chasing an empty clear plastic baggie down the sand on the beach when it’s windy is NOT fun. #trustmedon’ttryitjustholdontighttoyourbaggie So I look forward to bringing the tweets in a bowl, and if Rohan lets it loose and the wind catches it, at least I’ll be able to easily see what I’m chasing down the beach! (Better yet, I can let Rohan chase it down and throw it away, it can be a game!)



What “tweets” do your kids enjoy when on-the-go?



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Inspiring Entrepremom: Catherine Storing of Styling Faith

The fabulous book Styling Faith comes out today! (get it HERE) My buddy and fellow coach Catherine Storing wrote this guide and I’m excited to say that I’m in it!! I was interviewed for the fitness section! Now I get to briefly interview her!! In honor of the book dropping, I want to do a very special edition of Inspiring Entrepremom!


unnamed (6)

 Tell us about you

I am a life stylist and a Confidence Building Coach, which means I help women to look good from the inside out. I deal with the inside first and then the outside – which is the easiest part.
But first I had to figure that out for myself. See because of all the negative feedback I received growing up my confidence was non-existent.

I was born and raised in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic to be exact. I lived there until I was eighteen years old – life was difficult there, I did not fit in and people did not get me.
Luckily my family moved to the Boston area before my nineteen birthday. People here welcomed me with open arms and totally got me. My confidence was restored little by little and I discovered that there was not anything wrong with me and I discovered how to dress well from the inside out. I perfected my signature look and started to do the same for other women. It took me awhile to figure out that I had a gift to style other women and to see them as they see themselves.

Now I have been styling ladies for over 18 years, I love what I do and get shop with other people’s money, how lucky am I?

unnamed (2)

Tell me about the book Styling Faith and what influenced it
Oh the book has been on the making for a long time, writing this book was magical. I needed to birth this book for my younger self that would have loved to have this book.

I wanted to write a book that every woman could relate to, down to earth, practical and easy to follow.

I am glad I also reached out to experts in other areas women have issues with. Style is affected by many factors and not just clothes. So I featured seven amazing experts in areas like: fitness, nutrition, hair, make-up, authenticity and foundation garments. The result is a complete style guide  –  a well rounded solution to women’s issues.

The kindle version is available today (May 20th) actually, I have been looking forward to this birthday – did I tell you today is my 39th birthday? I wanted to make this big birthday count. Well I am sure I will not be forgetting this birthday. The initial feedback has been amazing – I have a giveaway: people that buy the book now have been getting the audiobook version and the digital interviews with all the featured experts in the book.

Any tips for us on developing your personal style?
Absolutely, listen to your gut, I find that most women already know what they like. They might not know how to put it together but they now what they like.

I suggest women turn to Pinterest and look at outfits they like and search for women with their body type. Doing those things will do two things:

1. Get their creative juices going and

2. See how the style looks on women with their body type so they can emulate and correct.

Any tips for moms who want to get their sexy back?

Yes! Get your dance on, dancing removes dark clouds and any blue feelings you may be feeling. Pharrell’s Happy and Taylor Swift’s Shake it off are great songs to start with.
How is it being an entrepremom?

It is a balancing act for sure, but one I enjoy. My daughter sees what I do, whether writing, recording a video or on a conference call and she likes it. She knows I love what I do. But I also make time for mama time: tickle fights, playing wii or watching a show. She knows work is important but so is she.

Any tips on how to balance being an entrepreneur and a mom?

They are not mutually exclusive, some women think they have to be one or the other. It really comes to understanding your priorities and setting boundaries. Not letting clients or fellow entrepreneurs dictate when you stop working or the type of work you do. You have to plan ahead and learn to say no when someone wants to infringe into your family time.

Share your tips for moms who are considering entrepreneurship

Tap into what you already love to do and find very easy to do. Most of the time the money maker is buried in the things we find easiest to do. I will also say don’t get until everything is just so to launch. Start telling people about your business as soon as possible.

Where can we find you on the web

my website:

So, what’s next for you?

I am working on my 4th book and my upcoming solution for women (but that is a surprise).

Here is the link to my giveaway:

unnamed (6)

Happy Birthday, Catherine!!

What’s the best style tip / style advice you’ve been given?

Beech Nut Organics – Big Girl Nourishment

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Beech-Nut. I received a free coupon to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Kaya on the screen door

Kaya is 14 months tomorrow. Can you believe that?  My big girl is walking, and trying to run!!! She’s climbing on everything and loves to rip stuff up and throw things around. She says hello and byebye now. I need her to start saying Mama though.

Her 1 year appointment had her at 98% for height, and 86% for weight. Her doctor said she’s the size of an average 20 month old. My lil amazonian girl!

big girl kaya

So Kaya’s eating table food and still getting bottles. (full disclosure: the nipples are like straws at this point, the hole is so huge) She won’t eat veggies from me other than sweet potatoes. I was pureeing green veggies to mix in her cereal and putting it in a bottle, a concoction we have nicknamed “nourishment” in our family.

nourishment fixins

Nourishment consists of: almond milk, oatmeal, a banana, and veggies, blended up and popped in a bottle for Kai. Now that I don’t have the same time as I did with ro, I slowed down on pureeing the veggies and freezing them in lil ice cube trays. Now I mostly buy jarred veggie purees to tide me over. I use Beech-Nut Organics and honestly, I first picked it up because of how it looked. (does that make me superficial? LMAO)

kayas shelf beech nut organics

It looked real! You know when you puree veggies, how it’s not exactly 100% smooth, it’s got a lil texture and you can tell there’s a large water content… Well, that’s how the Beech Nut Organics looks. It looks like I just pureed it. And the taste is on point.  I like that the jar says “Just peas, green beans and zucchini” (also I love the cute shape of the jars but that’s separate)

beech nut organics kaya

There are really interesting flavors, and hopefully some of them come to our grocery store, but honestly, I usually buy the Zucchini/Green Beans combo.  That’s the one Kaya likes best in her purees. She still refuses to eat veggies, but when popped in her “nourishment” bottle, she chugs it down.

She enjoys the fruit purees a  lot though. Apple Kiwi is her fave sweet puree. It’s a nice change of pace from her usual apple sauce snack. So of course I have to buy double the fruit flavors because if Kaya has something, Rohan has to have it too. #toddlersareannoying

Have you tried Beech Nut Organics before?

Find it at Kroger, Babies “R” Us, Wegmans, Price Chopper, Wakefern,,  Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, Stop & Shop, Giant Carlisle, A&P, Pathmark, Albertsons, Hannaford, Raley’s, Meijer, Nugget Market,, Harris Teeter, Shaw’s, ACME, Shoppers Food and Cub Foods.

(But I buy mine at Publix! – Find a store near you)

Want to try it for free? Enter My Giveaway!!

Visit Beech Nut’s website and comment below with what flavor you’d like to try out!

One Lucky Winner will receive a coupon for free product!!

Winner will be chosen at Random on Friday May 22 at 7am.

REMEMBER: Only subscribers are eligible to win any giveaway here, so SUBSCRIBE so you can win.

“Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstake, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central and must reside in the United States.”


Week 2 Accountability Vlog #FitnessFriday

Did you check out my Week 1 Video Update?

This ratchet ol’ video LMAO


Well, there it is, uncut and uncensored hehe.


My results this week were good!


I’m drinking shakeo when I wake-o, I have eggs and bacon for breakfast almost every day, lunch is something from the salad bar at work, or veggies and meat if it’s offered. I snack on hummus (ok and maybe a couple of pretzels dipped in it) and I have one sugar item on most days.  I also snack on plain almonds or peanut butter, or random stuff that I grab from the kitchen. Dinner is meat and veggies, or a crustless veggie quiche, or tacos in lettuce shells, or something else low carb and delicious.

My sugar item:

Around 2 or 3, I used to have a hot chocolate with whip. (I know, I know, shutup.)  So since going back to my low carb lifestyle I have changed to a mocha, I put ½ black coffee and ½ hot chocolate, No whip. And that’s my sweet treat for the day.

I’m not going to deprive myself stuff I really want, I’m just not.

And I don’t believe you should have to feel deprivation to lose weight or get fit, there’s always a substitute, there’s always a way to get your satisfaction in a healthier way, if you’re flexible and ready (read: willing) to make changes.

Eating has been on point. I’m not following the 21 Day Fix eating plan, but I’m getting results!


I am doing my Fix videos, and am actually looking forward to getting back from the cruise and starting P90X3. I am ready to switch to something more intense and crazy. The 21 Day Fix workouts are awesome, just straight forward, multi-body-part moves that get your heart rate up no matter if you’re doing upper or lower body. They’re great, but after almost 3 weeks of it, I’m ready for a change. (May buy 21 Day Fix Extreme, my coach is doing it and she loves it.)
I didn’t run as much as I wanted to, Aunt Flo was here, and running is just not pleasurable to me during that time. 


Well I already told you in the video, but here are the pics:


belly out okdani


belly unsucked okdani

Suckin’ in with all my might:

sucking in abs okdani

(can’t wait til my abs are like this without suckin’ in!)

 (Next time I won’t take pics in undies – or so far away from the camera – so I can have bigger pics to share)

I’m down ½ inch at the smallest part of my waist, no change at my bellybutton and about an inch at the biggest part of my waist.

When I suck in with all the force in the world, I see some definition!!

Oh, and I weighed myself the day before Flo came, the day she arrived, and then today. Just to see how much water weight I gained…. 9lbs!!  And down to normal again today.

This is why we need to IGNORE the scale and go by:

  1. fit of clothes
  2. inches lost
  3. photos

The scale will F your whole head up if you let it. Just leave it alone.

So that’s my update for Week 2! See you next week for the last 21 Day Fix Update right before the cruise!


How was your week of workouts/nutrition?

Week 1 Accountability Vlog – #FitnessFriday

I PROMISE I will update this with photos before Monday.

Just felt the need to get this out there in the spirit of accountability in this abs journey!

Weekly Accountability:

I’ve mentioned a million times that I thrive with accountability. Whether it’s my challenge groups, or an accountability partner, I just do best when I have people counting on or cheering for me. 

So, here’s my weekly update: 

Weight: Who knows, I’m not weighing myself

Inches Lost: Well….about that… let me first explain how I measured. 

I measured myself in two places last friday, when I posted my “before” photos. At the smallest part of my waist (A), and then again at the biggest part around my belly (B). At the time, the biggest part was where my belly button. Over the past week, somehow things have shifted lower. 

I measured today at A: smallest part of waist, B: bellybutton, and C: new biggest part around. 

So…back to it:

A: Waist: No change

B: Bellybutton: -2 inches!

C: Biggest: New measurement so nothing to report

I’m feeling OK, I missed a workout last week, and I wasn’t able to run as much as I’d hoped to, I had to re-order a 21 Day Fix DVD from Lionel Richie – (add me as a FB friend to see what I’m talking about LOL) and it came but doesn’t work!! Ugh!

But I didn’t let that stop me, I ordered a new one, I ran and did the dirty 30 workout, 10 minute abs and cardio workout from the second DVD in the pack. Also, I ate pretty great! Low sugar, high veggie + protein. I’ve been trying to take pics of what I’m eating, but I keep forgetting. I just have a few.

I pre-planned what I’d be eating at a restaurant for my mom’s birthday, and I avoided the sugar traps at the office. Even a chocolate cake that the dessert fairy left on my desk for me.

What I didn’t do was make a meal plan this week. Just went random for dinners and snacks, breakfasts are eggs and/or Shakeo daily, and lunches were salads at work. Fixing that for next week.

Above all else, I feel good. A certain time of the month is coming so I know my energy level is going to drop tremendously and I’m gunna get all sick, but I’m going to push through and keep going, if I miss a day I won’t beat myself up.

Happy with my progress this week. If I flex for all I’m worth, things don’t look as jiggly already!

I’ll check in again next week to let you know what’s up.