It’s Growing! Long Healthy Hair Tips #hairfinitystyle #ad



Maaaan I was looking at some old pics of my beloved hair and I legit missed her. I sometimes go to grab the ends to twirl, even though it’s been over a year since I chopped it all off. I kept her short since then and I want to grow her long again. I’m going to have to figure out a name for my hair like my friend Alisha does because I think about her like she’s a person sometimes. What should I name her?

At some points she did behave like an entity all her own. Like this one time on a video shoot when my hair reached out and grabbed a bobby pin out of the hair of the chick next to me… no joke! We were both looking around on the floor like dummies wondering where could the pin be? Then we look up and see it in my hair!…


Whatever she will be called, I love her and I look forward to having her back in her luscious curly kinky coily glory. It will take about 3 years to have it down to my hips again (which, I don’t think I want) but in a year from now I’m sure I’ll have it down near my shoulder-blades again when straightened.

Speaking of…. Last week I straightened my hair for the first time in forever, and realized it’s grown a bit! (last time I cut was Sept.)


straight natural bob


To get the look above I:

  • Washed with a moisturizing shampoo
  • Deep conditioned with a soy protein deep conditioner
  • Slathered on coconut oil
  • Let air dry fully in four loose braids
  • Maxiglide it straight

It was about 25-30 minutes to go from super curly, to that pic above! (But air drying took hours beforehand)

I’m still a long way from where I used to be, lengthwise, but I’m on the grow! If there’s one thing I’m good at…well, it’s eating snacks… but if there’s two things I’m good at, it’s eating snacks, AND growing my hair out :) See?



A few quick tips for those wanting to grow healthy length:

  • Get your goal in mind, and don’t waver (too much)
  • Start inside out – drink water, take a multi and eat healthily
  • Trim off splits – you can’t save em. just get rid of them
  • Moisturize like crazy – deep condition and oil like it’s your job
  • Protect your ends – be gentle with them to avoid snagging, ripping and brusshing
  • Be Low-manipulation – the less you do, the better
  • Be Low-heat – Avoid direct heat as much as you can


This is what I did to grow out my hair the past few times, and what I’ll be following again this time. I’m going to chronicle my “grow out” on my youtube channel and here on the bloggy for you too so stay tuned and why not join me?!


 What are your tips for growing long healthy hair?

I’m a Niche Parent Network & Conference Influencer. Thanks to Hairfinity for sponsoring today’s post.

Estee Lauder Double Wear For the Win

Remember when I had that bra fitting and they told me to always try bras on in store before I buy…..and then in the next breath told me they don’t carry my bra size in the store….?
I told you many moons ago that I’m not that girl. I dont wear a full face of makeup…hardly ever really. I do however, love a tinted moisturizer sometimes. I ran out of my old standard that I’ve mentioned here before, and have been going barefaced to work, or sometimes just a lil powder. It was easy and I’m lazy so I didn’t look for an alternative…. but I didn’t feel as polished/professional at work without it on. I jumped at the opportunity to try out Estee Lauder’s Double Wear line at Macy’s.
Gotta be honest, I was nervous when I saw only a few darker shades. I was like “oh lawd I’m gunna look like I’m doin kabuki theater” but it wasn’t bad at all.
My makeup artist, Lana, used the full coverage foundation on me, and matched me up pretty well, which is my issue with foundations. I never feel like it really matches me 100% and I feel like I’m in a mask.
Luckily that didn’t happen with this. It was applied with a gentle hand (thanks Lana) and it matched pretty well. What I also liked is that it felt kinda….satiny to the touch. I didn’t want to buy right away, so I kept it on while I walked around the mall and ran errands.
About 6 hours later, I go back and my face is looking good, and no where near as greasy as it usually is. (Apparently this stuff stays put for up to 15 hours.)
I’m like “Lana I love this stuff. I’ll take a bottle.”
She’s like… “oh….about that…..”
“We actually don’t have that shade available for purchase.”
Are you kidding me?!
BUT, they had the light foundation, which was likened to a tinted moisturizer and was available in my color. #win
I didn’t want to take of my makeup to try it out so I waited until the next day to test it out.
Sooooo happy the full coverage foundation wasn’t available cuz the light foundation is absolutely perfect for me.
I’m comfortable applying it, and though it doesn’t feel as satiny as the full coverage, my skin looks and feels nice :) #wholepoint. Have you tried Double Wear from Estee Lauder yet? You can
Are you a full coverage or a tinted moisturizer kinda girl?

The Hardest Post I’ve Had To Write



Oh girls.

So you know how I wrote about my business upgrades?

Well, they’re coming along great, B-School is awesome and really helping to clarify things for me.

My coaching business is becoming much more focused and my business at large is getting much more targeted and streamlined.

Which brings me to OK, Dani.

I started this blog 6 years ago. Can you believe it?

It was a silly lil hobby. A journal about hair, acting pursuits, and silly stories from my life.

(Ok, so I still have the hair and stories part going….)

It’s now a business though. It’s a site that offers inspiration and entertainment and sometimes decent information.

For 6 years I shared my life here, and have made the most amazing connections because of it.

OK, Dani gave me a creative outlet, helped me grow and expand, and brought wonderful people into my life.

It signifies a large chapter in my life and is an extension of me.

Which is why this is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write.

Growing my business is extremely important to me and OK, Dani isn’t really aligning with my goals for the most part at the moment.

My path has gotten clearer, and can’t be on it anymore.

So, it’s with heavy heart….put optimistic mind that I say…

This is my last post, girls.

It’s bitter sweet, really.

Closing this chapter is hard considering all I’ve gained, grown and expanded from blogging…

But the new chapter will be wonderful as well.

With all of my heart I want to thank you.

Thank you for riding with me all these years, reading my foolishness, caring, commenting, emailing….

Thank you for laughing at my jokes :) and giving me feedback (whether I wanted it or not lol)

Thank you for being my e-co-Ds, and having my back.

Thank you for making this space a blog, and not just an empty online journal of some random chick.

I will miss talking to you, but my coaching website will be up soon if you really need your Dani fix :)

I hope to see you there.

I love you all and thank you again.



PS: I’mma still be actin’ the fool on facebook tho…. add me! :)

Mommy Conference Mix Up


Our conference had a lil bit of a hiccup.
And by hiccup I mean, major techincal difficulties….
But we’re getting our RSVP’d guests (and everyone else!) the great content from our wonderful speakers.
And we’re getting the fabulous giveaways out to our lucky winners.

Are you one of the lucky winners? Check us out below to find out.

And THANK YOU for bearing with us.