Cute Workout Clothes


Trust me when I say this: Cute Workout Clothes Motivate You to work out! I swear.

Before I was pregnant this time around, I’d work out in ratty sweats and tees some days, and cute leggings and tanks on other days.

Guess which days I felt best. Guess which days I ran longer/harder.┬áThere’s something to the whole look good/feel good equation.

I was on my beloved Pinterest just killing time and found these adorable looks:

wkout1 wkout



My favorite workout outfit are a pair of long compression pants or short shorts, and a loose tank with a super sturdy sports bra.

What do you wear to work out?


Bright New Adventure!

The very first post…this is nervewracking!

How on earth do I convey everything I’m feeling and wanting to share?!

Guess I’ll just have to go one post at a time, won’t I?

Today I started a brand new adventure in my life. After lots of self doubt and procrastination I decided to start a new business and be a beachbody coach!

FYI….I’m currently 9 months pregnant, and ready to pop! Not the best time to sign up for a T25 Challenge Pack and decide to transform their business….I know….but something inside told me the time was just right!

I’m just a mom and wife who wants to be able to be home with her family. I currently work as a blogger, and a lifestyle coach but have always had an interest in fitness. My degree is in health, and I did Insanity in the past, and even tried a bit of P90X, though I didn’t stick with that program.

I did some research and joined a great team, so I am going to be able to pay it forward as I build my own team with this business. More importantly, I’m going to be able to help SO many more people through Beachbody than I ever could have before.

My husband is super supportive, and I am super excited. I’m going to transform my body and my life, while helping others do exactly the same. Win!Win!

Thanks for reading and I hope you stay and follow my journey as I change my lifestyle, and build a lucrative coaching business with beachbody.

If you want to join me, go HERE and sign up for a free beachbody account, then email me so we can chat!