How to Get Your Legs Smooth and Sexy this Summer

I’m excited to partner with Schick Intuition to help you get your legs in formation this summer #schickambassador


Growing up my legs were always a source of conversation. Too skinny. Chicken legs. knobby knees, etc.  Despite this, I’ve always loved my legs. They helped me zoom to the finish line at track meets in high school and college. They helped me run away (literally) from scary bad dates and dance the night away in manhattan clubs during my teens and 20s. Being a fitness junkie now, I love leg day. I love pushing heavy weight and feeling strong all from leg power… even though the days afterward I’m like…

after leg day

(^actual footage of me)

Here’s how you can get your legs in formation this summer. After this we’ll have sexy shapely soft smooth legs!

  1. Work em out
  2. Smooth em out
  3. (optional) Tan em up
  4. Dress em up

Let’s go!

Leg Workouts:


I love doing my 30 minute Lower Body Fix workout from 21 day fix. Autumn works my legs out well. You can do a quick search for leg workouts and pull up a large assortment. Otherwise, you can do a quick workout that will burn those legs and booty. This is my go-to when I don’t have much time.

One minute each of:

  • squats with leg raise
  • forward lunges alternating leg
  • calf raises
  • sumo squats

Do as many as you can in perfect form for a minute and take a minute rest in between. (during that “rest” minute feel free to walk around or do some crunches if you’re feelin’ froggy)

Smooth Your Legs:

Keeping legs smooth starts with exfoliating. Using scrubbing brushes or a body scrub works well. Then we’ve got to remove the hair. Schick sent over their new Intuition with shave cream built right into it. I tried the razor for the first time, after using my John’s manly ones all the time. The intuition’s lavender handle is ergonomic and just looks way cuter. The head pivots to give you a nice close shave. (John’s razors don’t pivot.)  After you’re smoothed out and hair free we need to moisturize. Use a thick moisturizer to keep dryness at bay. This step is optional if you have used Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment since it has coconut milk and almond oil to help moisturize your situation.

new schick intuition

“It’s a simple and fast way to achieve smooth, beautiful legs at home or on vacation.”

– Dr. Annie Chiu, Schick Partner Dermatologist

Tan em up:

(This step is also optional for those with melanin) Please don’t let the sun fry your legs, girls. Use a self tanner to get your legs all glowy and sexified the safe way. Follow the directions to the T, and check the tutorials online for insider tips to make your results even better. If you’re not into tanned legs or you have natural color, try a lotion with some shimmer to ad a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ to legs.

Dress em up:


This is the fun part. Pop on your short shorts to show off your hard work! Legs not in goal shape yet…pop on your highest heel to help highlight how well you’ve done so far. Then struuuut. (optional: weeerrk)

How do you keep your legs in formation?

The Momshell Movement – Operation: Momshell 101


operation momshell

I started Operation: Momshell in the past. It was my personal quest to not look like the stereotypical “mom” that’s frumpy and takes no time for herself. I was thwarted by pregnancy…. and then laziness and forgetfulness…. but that’s neither here nor there! LOL

I am back on operation momshell for myself, and want to expand it and share with all of you!

The nutrition, the beauty, the moviestar smle, the clear skin, the healthy natural hair, the super fit post-baby body… the amazing business, the comfortable home, and joyful marriage….I’m gunna have it all. Then I’m gunna start an instagram page to just post half nekkid pics of me sitting on piles of money all day and stunt on alla yall!


OK, so maybe I’m just kidding about last part.   (or am I?)


I’m working my way to momshell status and I want you all to as well!

The Momshell Movement is born!

Seriously. A Momshell is a woman who kicks ass as a mom, and while she does put her kids first, it’s not at the expense of who she is as a woman.  A momshell also kicks ass in biz, and physically has her ish on point. She is fit and healthy, has great habits and a lifestyle she LOVES, and most importantly a Momshell is constantly improving inside and out.

(Or….at least that’s what she’s working toward…)

So I’m starting a Facebook Group for Momshells and MITS (momshells in training!) I hope you join me there.

There are only 2 criterion for entry:

One is that you must be a mom…or expecting soon and want to live a healthier, happier, hotter, wholer life. Join us and share your tips on getting healthy, fitness, beauty, personal development, relationships, lifestyle, finances, etc… and we’ll help each other get to Momshell status 🙂 

Two is that you can’t be a dick. If you’re a negative douchey judgey kinda mom then you can’t sit with us. (and I know YOU’RE not cuz nobody like that reads OKDani!)

I will post challenges, tips, tricks, inspiration, and I hope you post the same. It’s my aim to have momshells who are already winning in various categories, help other moms step their momshell status up a bit. That being said, ask any questions in the group and other momshells and MITs  will help get you answers. You can invite any momshells you know as well. Let’s grow this thing!

Operation: Fit Pregnancy

fit pregnancy

Girls, I’m determined to have a fit pregnancy this time.

Those two (glorious) weeks I spent in Florida in August were filled with workouts and long walks. I came back home and returned to lazy lump status only walking a little bit with Roey in the stroller. I couldn’t work out at all last pregnancy because of all the cramping and bleeding (yuck!) so this pregnancy since I’m still allowed to do light workouts for now, I’m hoping to get at least a few workouts in each week to maintain some semblance of fitness.

Not able to run or do anything bouncey though. I refuse to have another scary tuesday.

I’ve got two DVDs coming my way that I’m going to try out and review for you ladies that are specifically for pregnant mamas. And I’ve dusted off the old stationary bike for a little light cardio action.

My nutribullet is going to be getting a workout too, since I have to drink so much more now, I’m going to have at least one of my drinks be a green one, chock full of fruits and veggies.

Now, once I pop out BabyH2.0 I’m going back to Operation: Momshell and will be doing all I can to make my body look like I never had kids at all 🙂 Insanity, Focus T25, Running, Bikram…EVERYTHANG!

Did you work out during your pregnancies? Any suggestions for me for strength DVDs that are OK during pregnancy?

Operation Momshell: Groupon Edition

OK, So you guys know my plan to become a “Momshell” by the end of the year – and stay that way – ….OMG is it possible to be a pregnant momshell? Well, we’ll cross that bridge if/when we come to it….

Anywaaaay… I’m getting in gear and Groupon’s helping me. Well, not just Groupon, I’m using Yipit, which is a social buying site aggregator, so it’s got groupon, living social, google deals, gilt…. all of em.

So far I’ve found groupon deals for:


So ready to get these and get my teeth straight again. It’s kinda pricey, so I’m using my business earnings to pay it off. It’ll hurt seeing the bank account drop, but the pain will be eased as I watch my teeth shift back to awesome.. ($6k usually, $3k w/ groupon)

Teeth Whitening:

I want to do this before and after invisaligning. I love my dentist to death, she’s the bestest, but charges 500 for whitening. these deals are just $99!

Bally’s Gym:

I got a month for $9! I already told you about this and my dreadmilling. ($39 usual, $9 w/ groupon)

Laser Hair Removal:

I’ve wanted this for ever, but was nervous because I hear mixed things about it on black skin. My two cousins got this done using the gentle YAG laser and boht of them couldn’t be happier. So I’m psyched! ($600 for 6 sessions usually, $99 for 6 sessions w/ groupon)

Gel Mani/Pedis:

I’ve done this only once (actually it was the day I found out I was really pregnant, October 1, 2011, so I’ll never forget it) and now I hear all these bad things about the light they use so I’m not sure I’ll do it again. I gotta research because I loved how long it lasted. ($40 mani $30 pedi usually / $29 mani/pedi combo with groupon)

Hot Yoga:

On the hunt for a place that’s close by cuz real talk, I know I won’t be dragging my behind to manhattan just to bend and sweat. I did find some yoga and pilates programs on demand so I’ve been trying those. I love classes more, but it’s good for now…and FREE! ($300/mo usually, $99 or $129/mo with groupon)


I may get this done while in Florida actually. My cousin’s look amazing, natural and gorgeous…but it’s pricey. there’s a place by my house that does them for $20…but I just feel like it may not be….up to snuff. I refuse to look like those chicks who wear those thick doll lashes…do you know what I’m talking about? How creepy are those?! ::shudder:: ($90-300 usually, $60 with groupon)


I wanted to do one of these a month, but I think I’ll do once a quarter. My mom got me this cool thing, and I have this brush thingy so I’ll do this on my own and try to get my skin in order. (varies, but it seems to save about $30-70 depending on the spot)

I haven’t purchased them all yet, but I’m stalking yipit daily for good deals in locations that are near me.

Have you gotten any good groupon deals lately? Have you tried any of the services I listed above? How’d it work out for you?