Kaya’s One! Happy Birthday Kai!!


My special little nugget of a baby girl turned one Friday. I cannot believe how fast this year flew by. She’s growing so fast, and just getting cuter and smarter and more fun each day. As tiring and stressful as mommyhood is…it’s really a privilege to be able to raise these lil munchkins ya know?!

Well, here’s how Kaya’s doing:


Oh man, Kai sleeps like a champ (for me) I put her down in her crib for naps and for bedtime and she’s like “maaa, no! ZZZZZ” and knocks out almost immediately. She uses the glow worm Roey used to use to snuggle and self soothe. She takes one to two naps a day. (One when she’s with my aunts who let her run the show, and two when she’s home with me.) I put her down for the night around 8 and wake her around 7:15 to get her ready to go.


She’s an adventurous eater, that’s for sure. She tries anything I give her, but she still hasn’t found a sippy cup that she seems to be 100% comfortable with for drinking. I’m working on her pincer grasp still, she eats her lil finger foods like diced tofu, soft noodles, banana and other fruit pieces… but she really likes to share…with the floor. Mostly she gets mashes and thicker purees. Trying to get her away from bottle meals.


Kaya is scared to walk on her own. She completely can. She will walk totally fine with a finger in her hand. We dont give her any kind of support, she is fully walking by herself…just with our finger in one hand…. But…if we take that finger away or even start to take it away… she immediately squats to the ground and starts to whine. (It’s a slow descent squat too, so it shows even more stability and capability.) When she’s ready to stop punkin out, she’ll be running with the quickness. I think eventually she’s realize it’s more efficient to walk/run after her brother than to crawl. But I gotta tell ya. that girl is a speedy crawler. We call her Onna… for On A Mission.

(Update: She’s taken a few steps solo!! I’m so glad I got to witness, Gar just picked her up, walked with her and let her go. She took about 8 steps toward John and I. It was great to see!)


I’m trying to teach her sign language. I’m admittedly no where near as consistent as I should be, and I’m starting crazy late…but might as well try. She’s saying car… (Ro’s first word too) and sometimes mama / dadda. I think she’s also saying “dat” for “what’s that?” and when we tell her what it is, she looks satisfied. If we ask her where something is she’ll point to it or get it, but can’t say it yet. She also says doll.


This girl is in 18 mo and some 24 mo clothes. She’s long. 92nd percentile height. Her legs seem crazy long. I don’t know if they actually are but they seem it. She’s growing like a weed.

Kaya’s face seems like it changes every day. I personally think she looks like me now, but she started out looking just like John.



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one month

Month 2

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One Year Old

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kaya is one

kaya butterfly

When is it OK to punch a toddler in the face?


Well? When!?

Just curious.

Cuz I just might knock a lil wretch out.

My kid got bit.

At daycare.
By a lil douchey brat that I truly wanna mollywop up and down Southern blvd.
::deep breath::

So, Rohan’s in school…I told you (sidebar, did I tell you he went to the prom!? LMAO!)

I chose this school for it’s proximity to my day job, and the fact that I can stalk all day long via video camera.

I’ve seen this douchey lil bastard do some messed up stuff: tackle children, lay on a kids leg so he couldn’t get up…

And then do the usual toddler douche moves like grabbing toys, etc. (which my kid does as well, honestly) When I drop off and pick up, all I hear is the teachers calling his name, and telling him no, stop, come here etc.

But I’d never seen anything happening to Roey, except for taking toys, and sometimes Ro takes the high road and chooses a different toy, and sometimes Ro grabs the toy back.

Apparrently, douchbag kid didn’t like Roey taking a toy back one day, and he bit my kid on the hand to get the toy!
I am honestly 100% glad I didn’t see this go down, cuz I’dda been like, “hey boss, I will be right back.” Speed all the way to that school and knock that child the fuck out….

Then wait for his mom to come pick him up… and knock her the fuck out too…. Unless she was a big bruiser, then I’d politely tell her that her son’s a dbag and stay a safe distance away.

So ok, seriously… I was upset. I got an incident report, and whatever, but….what now? This kid is a terror and at what point do they get rid of him??! If a kid is a true problem child, shouldn’t the facility ask the parents to find another place?

So the really terrible part about Roey being exposed to this lil prick of a kid, and other pricks like him, is that he’s now behaving way more aggressively. (and regressing in other areas, bein’ a followfashion baby, but i digress)
So he’s being more defiant (expected from a 2.5 yr old) but also way more aggressive toward me, and even more devastatingly… toward Kaya!


It’s so painful. He has made a couple assassination attempts on his sister, and the poor baby is so small, she can’t defend herself, she just gets hurt and cries. Then I have to be mean disciplining mommy.

I don’t like this new aggression at all.

And I don’t know how to fix it!

I don’t want to have to punch my own toddler in the face too!

How did you ease the aggressiveness out of your toddler??




kaya in tub

I’m no longer a breastfeeding mommy. I weaned my baby girl and I don’t plan on having any more children naturally so…. *sniff* I’m done.

I can’t believe myself sometimes. I’m such a wuss. I was just struggling to find words to express how this feels and I started tearing up.

My gosh. Why can’t I just be a G?!


I’m grateful.

Seriously grateful that I was able to breastfeed my children. With Rohan I was not sure if I could make it past the first few weeks. Then my goal was 6 months, then pushed it to a year, and I ended up weaning him at 13.

Kaya I figured I’d go a year too. My supply was very different with her. Even if she was nursing consistently, I wasn’t producing the same amount and she’d still seem hungry so I supplemented with her a lot more than with Roey.

Then she decided she was over it.

I think because there were so many changes, and my supply was weird, plus she had so much more stimulation… she just …weaned herself!

I offered her many times and she would press her lips together and turn her head!

How dare she!!!

This went on for about 2 weeks on and off.

She would only accept an offer in the night, but since I was trying to get her to sleep through the night again, I stopped offering in the night.

So, with me working and not being able to offer to her all day, not able to pump more than once a day at work, and Kaya turning up her nose at my breast….

She’s weaned.


Then of course, she gets a cold, and starts rooting for my breast for comfort nursing and I have nothing for her and I feel like the worst scum on earth having to turn her down. :( #killsself

The week of engorgement was torturous.

It seemed like both babies knew how bad my breasts were hurting and decided to hit, smash, jump on, head butt, and otherwise hurt them more.

I know Kai got some good stuff even though it was only a 9 month stretch. I know she benefitted from a good amount of mother’s milk. And we both benefited from the snuggly close bonding we got to do.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. I mean, I LOVED being able to provide for her in that way, but I’m happy we’re through with that part too.

Not happy that my breasts have turned into sad brown droopy sacks. ::hunts for plastic surgeon::

But really happy that my body is my body again.

There’s a bit more independence now.

It’s actually really bittersweet. I see Kaya using her sippy cup, crawling, cruising, trying to stand on her own and before I still had the breastfeeding as kind of the link to her lil baby days (yes, I know she’s still a little baby but u know what I mean)

Now, she’s just a big independent bottle fed baby.

*wipes tear*

When and how did you wean your little ones?

Wordful Wednesday: The First Day Edition

first day at school

“Bye Mommy.”

He pulled away from me, and snuggling elmo under one arm, ran to the vehicles lined up along the far wall of the classroom. That was it. I stood there slack jawed with tears brewing. The teacher mouthed to me. “This is good. Just go.”

I started to cry.

I was a g about it tho…I just let sniffles out before I got to the car and ruined my makeup.

“Not sure if I can handle this. I’m quitting today.” I thought.

I get to work and immediately go online to watch his classroom. He’s playing. A boy took a truck from him. I wanted to beat that kid up. Rohan just looked at him and went and got a different truck. Is my kid really that peaceful? If I take a toy away, histrionics ensue.  Hmmm…

He played, sat down for story time, sat down for meals and snacks, circle time, etc. He was well behaved….

Until I saw him run duck dip and dodge his teachers when nap time came. They finally tamed the toddler beast and got him to sleep.

I watched his classroom feeds all day long. I got not one single thing done at work.

When I walked into his classroom to pick him up he ran to me, full sprint, with the hugest smile!

I manned up and refused to cry…. until I got to the car.

“Mommy, stop crying right now!” my lil dictator yelled from the back seat.

So I did.

The end.

chocolate wasted

Working Moms, When does this get easier?!

How to fly with multiple small children without killing yourself or others

air travel with two small kids

Flying with Small Children

Ok I’m a couple days off of a flight with a six month old and a 2 year old. Flying with small children is scary. I was really nervous about taking this flight but I had to do it alone. My mother or John couldn’t come down with me so I had to do it solo. It was a short notice flight so I didn’t have much time to prepare but here are the tips that I have for you to make travel with multiple small children easier… and avoid suicide… or homicide.

Give Fair Warning

Let your kids know exactly what to expect and when.

I didn’t have much advance notice about this trip, but once I knew, I started notifying Rohan.  I let him know we were going on a plane, where we were going, who we would see, and how the travel day would go. I kept it light and fun so he could get excited about going to “Frorduh.” A couple times a day we would talk about the upcoming trip so no surprises and no toddler meltdown.

baby on board

Time It Right

Don’t book a flight that conflicts with your children’s nap times or usual cranky times (tired/hungry/hyper) if you can help it.

I took a 6am flight. I knew there was a high chance Kaya would sleep most of the way (she didn’t) and Roey would be calm and relaxed (he wasn’t) Luckily Roey woke up on the right side of the toddler bed that morning and was sweet, even though full of energy. Kaya was a squirmy energizer bunny, but she’s still small enough to contain fairly easily.

Distractions Are Key

Have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, toys/activities/games, and backup tricks/toys/activities/games.

Redirecting Roey’s energy when he’s in a good (or decent) mood is fairly easy. I can just do a loud exaggerated gasp, and he’ll look at me expectantly….while I quick think up something to say to get his mind off of whatever loop it was on before. Sometimes my brain stalls out on me and I come up with like “GASP!!….where is your nose?” But hey, it works. When he’s in antsy mode, or weird energy mode like he was for a part of this flight, it’s a bit harder, I had to have a lot more than just a gasp on hand.

flying with babies

In my carry-on was:

  • tons of snacks
  • books (including his favorite)
  • elmo of course
  • many, many vehicles (given one at a time over the course of the journey)
  • 3 different earphones (because one of them had to be the “right” ones)
  • sunglasses (because he’s obsessed right now)
  • a blanket (for our tent city game)
  • kindle (for me)
  • 2 sippy cups (because “i dont want water, i want milk, i don’t want milk, I want water” happens too often)

When Ro got too fidgety, or seemed bored or annoyed we tried toys, but we ended up playing games more often. Word games, and “can you fix this?” were the most popular. Having a bag of tricks kept Roey out of crank-mode, and kept me feeling somewhat sane.

For Kaya I had a bottle with cereal mixed in, teething toys, her soft dolly, a blanket so she could come to tent city too, and a million bibs.

toddler on the plane

Pack Some Patience & A Good Attitude

Air travel is annoying for adults and children alike. A good attitude helps to make it go down easy.

I tried to have a woo sah experience. Focusing my energy on managing Roey’s happiness was a good way to keep my attitude in check. He took the most deliberate, slow, tiny steps, stopping at almost every row to look back at me for no reason, aaaallll the way down the aisle to our seat (far toward the back, sadly) while mama is behind him with a heavy carryon, and a baby strapped to her. It would’ve been nice to just pick him up and throw him to 23A, but I just had to take a deep breath and gently encourage him to hurry his ass up.

Kaya deciding to wait until I changed her mid-flight, to take the most massive poop ever taken, could have pissed me off…. Okay, it did piss me off, but what could I do but change her again (while Roey said “Kaya poopoop that’s gross ha ha” on a loop the entire time) and keep it movin.

Oh, and this happened intermittently throughout the entire flight. Gee, I wonder if he was tired…..

Don’t Forget About You

Eat and Drink something! Healthy Mommy = Happy Kids  Caffeinated Mommy = Unmurdered Kids

OK that’s dramatic, but I did notice a larger bandwidth for annoyance after I had that 3rd cup of coffee (#judgemeifyawanna) and finished my muffin. I also chugged two bottles of water, and although I had to pee like the dickens, I felt much more capable of making it through the flight alive. Also, I had my kindle on hand in the event the kids slept, so I could catch up on some reading (if I didn’t end up sleeping myself.)

Get Lucky

And pray. Pray they both don’t have a meltdown at the same time. 

Gotta say, I was internally beaming at the end of the flight when people were saying how “good” the kids were…. I know what they really meant was “quiet.”  Even though, at one point Rohan screamed “WE ARE NOT FINISHED FLYING YET!” (I cringed and was waiting for someone to jump bad so I could check them…) but a few people just chuckled.  I was lucky to have a nice group of people nearby. The dude near us said “He’s right. We’re not finished.” I was also lucky to not have a passenger in the seat in front of Ro, because opening, closing and “fixing” the tray table was big fun for a good 25 minutes.

After staying up the whole flight, we get into the truck and immediately……

toddler sleeping in car seat

Thank goodness I packed that good attitude ;)

What are your tips for a solo parent traveling with multiple small children?