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monday be awesome

Happy Mind Right Monday!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

(I didn’t have the day off, did you?! But my job had a nice little service for Dr. King and it was surprisingly well attended. I worked at a non-profit that was for “social justice” and they never did anything of the sort #justsayin)

Anyway…How was your week, girls? Did you cross all your goals off the list?

I did OK this past week. Even though I feel like I’m digging my way out of a hole full of “gotta do” items and just when I start clearing space, more “gotta dos” pile right back on top.

I think it’ll ease a bit soon though.

This week my goals are simple:

1. make it through the workweek

2. close on our house

3. get moved in

The webserver is not big enough to handle my gratitude rightabout now, but I’ll say this:

I’m grateful for:

  • Family
  • Warm weather
  • iBotta
  • My laptop
  • Baby advil and no touch thermometers
  • Almost being a homeowner
  • Grace
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • Options
  • Patience
  • The Interwebz
  • My children making me a better human
  • Soon being able to have some alone time
  • Blogging
  • GPS
  • My day job
  • Sales
  • Tea

#MindRightMonday – Working Mom Whine Edition

kaya in stroller

Do you seee that cuteness?

That is the only photo I took of my dear sweet girl all week!

roeys big boy sneakers

This is the only pic I took of my handsome little man.

I’m depressed.

OK, I’m not depressed, but I’m down.

This working mom thing is hard on my soul. I know it’s a necessary evil for a while but damn. I miss my babies. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pics of them this week. I gave them as much snuggles and squishing and hugs and kissies and attention as I could though. That’s way more important than photographic records.

On this Mind Right Monday, I’m setting my goals but I feel so disconnected. What I want to write is something like:

  • Take Roey to the library
  • Help Kaya learn to clap
  • Bake cookies with Ro
  • Get a full night’s sleep :)

Then I snap back to reality and realize I won’t really get any quality time with Rohan until this weekend, which will be crazy busy with running errands. Ugh.

Someone remind me why I wanted to buy a house please?

OK. bitchfest over.

My goals for the week are: 

  • Go to bed at 11pm the latest each night
  • Increase water intake at work
  • Work out 3 times
  • Preblog and write for other projects
  • Find a way to get writing done at work *side eye to self*
  • Get this house stuff done w/o extension
  • Reconfigure editorial calendar
  • Snuggle and read to the kids at every spare moment
  • Create vision board
  • Try not go go crazy with house stress

I’m grateful for:

  • having a job to whine about having to go to :)
  • having resilient, healthy, beautiful, smart, funny kids
  • my aunts, uncles, gram, cousins
  • meditative moments
  • my journal and nice pens
  • Tiffani
  • reliable transportation
  • cute clothes
  • rice and peas *look*
  • cool breezes…. and not being in brick ol new york
  • the interweb and all the way it benefits me and my family
  • amazon.com comin’ thru like the wu
  • Kayas lil walker toy
  • options
  • being good with money/budgeting/saving
  • rural Florida at large
  • Facebook #judgemeifyawanna
  • gardens
  • my beloved kindle and all its contents
  • infomercials and HGTV
  • Rohan not being a TV kid #noshade
  • sales and clearance deals
  • the health and well being of myself, family and friends
  • realself.com
  • apps that are saving me / making me money (i’ll tell u more later)
  • noticing my hair growing
  • Kaya sleeping better
  • weekends
  • opportunity
  • knowing I’ll be WAHMing again soon
  • 2015
  • almost being a home owner
  • Shakeology
  • having ‘new sneakers’ on my in-budget ‘must buy’ list
  • having handy people in my family
  • an exciting new project
  • people interested in my life coaching services again
  • cocoa tea



Mind Right Monday: 2015 Goals & Resolutions Edition

mind right monday

Happy Mind Right Monday, girls! Hope you had a great weekend.

Happy New Year (again)

I had a pretty good year. It was up and down, with a few more downs than usual, but my ups were WAY more significant than ever.

  1. The birth of my daughter
  2. My son turned two
  3. Celebrated 4 years of marriage
  4. Relocated from NYC to Florida
  5. Started a new life as a working-mom/entrepreneur *GULP!*
  6. Started the home-buying process
  7. Finally got my license and started driving

I think that’s a pretty big year.

My 2 resolutions for 2014….totally didn’t make em.

I was supposed to use my big girl camera and get my sexy back…. Remember? (HERE!)

My poor camera barely saw the light of day this year… and as for getting my sexy back…. well….


But for my goals (really, just To Dos) for 2014, I did em:


  1. Give birth to a healthy baby girl – Done!
  2. Laugh and smile a lot each day – Done!
  3. Get spiritually centered – For the most part!
  4. Nurture my marriage – Tryin!
  5. Be an intentional mom to Rowboat and Newbaby – Done and continuing to.
  6. Downsize/pare down life/belongings – Done!
  7. Cultivate relationships – Done!
  8. Grow my business – See…what had happened was…
  9. Improve financial standing – Well, I did…until this move and home purchase
  10. Improve health habits – Done and continuing to.

I did good!!!

dance of joy

Whatchu know ’bout that dance of joy? #perfectstrangers #80s #imold


Now on to 2015!

My resolutions: 

I resolve to be outdoors in nature a lot, like…every day.  Even if it’s just a walk around my own yard picking a few weeds.

And… (quick side eye to my self)

I resolve to *cough* get my sexy back…. LOL I’m done with birthing children. I will NOT get pregnant this year. So now’s the time. Momshell status, here I come!

As for my 2015 Top Goals (to dos)

  1. Buy a home and fix it up bit by bit
  2. Improve my financial standing
  3. Deepen my spiritual practices
  4. Nurture my marriage
  5. Be a kickass mom to Kaya and Roey
  6. Relaunch my life/wellness coaching business
  7. Have visible ab definition (first I gotta get hernia surgery, fml)
  8. Develop my Florida social circle

And since this is Mind Right Monday, I’m going to list my gratefuls too:

I’m super duper grateful that

  • We are close to owning a home and some land
  • My marriage is growing stronger
  • My children are healthy and well
  • My extended family is gracious and generous letting us squat
  • I have more independence
  • Kaya has weaned
  • This blog exists and you lovely people actually read it (love you!)
  • The Blog Action Planner was made, I’m loving it.
  • Scandal and Walking Dead come back soon #judgemeifyawanna
  • Roey loves reading/books/learning
  • My curls weren’t damaged from all this damn coloring I’m doing
  • My dad gave me a car
  • 2015 is going to be so brand new and adventure-filled
  • Tho things are tumultuous right now, they’re getting better and better
  • Everything hard is only temporary :)

What are your resolutions for 2015?

What are your goals?

Mind Right Monday

mind right monday linkup

Happy Monday Errybody. Ok….so it’s almost Tuesday. Sue me.

It’s almost Christmas…. #justsaying

Still need to do some shopping.

I’m organizing for the new year and getting my planners in order. I’m going to do a full post on this, but….until then…I want to share a giveaway with you.

Enter below to win a kickass Blog Action Planner by my boo over at The Native New Yawker!!
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The winner will be chosen on December 31st. Fingers Crossed for ya. Good Luck! If you’re not the lucky winner, or don’t want to wait and wanna order right now, use this code to save 10%: BLOGACTION15

OK… Mind Right Monday Time.

My goal for this week:

ENJOY and TRY NOT TO STRESS That’s it. I’m gunna really try hard at that second part.

I’m grateful for:

  • My husband, mom, dad, and broby being down from NY
  • Christmas eve and Christmas celebrations
  • Amazon prime 2 day shipping #lastminuteshopper

I know it’s 9:45pm…. but I think I need to go to bed. Is that pathetic? I don’t care. Judge me if ya wanna. I need to sleep. G’night my dear girls!!  

Mind Right Monday Linkup

i love mondays

Happy Monday!!

A few things: 

1. Florida has been cold. WTF

2. My family has far too many December birthdays. Why’s everybody tryna steal Jesus’ shine?

3. I cannot find cute and inexpensive work clothes to save my life.


Hmmm…. maybe it’s not such a happy monday after all….

Need. Coffee.


Much better.

Hope you girls had a great week and weekend. My week was hectic and a definite learning experience (working mom life is a trip)….but on a good yet masochistic note, I got my Insanity Max: 30 this weekend (!) and…laaaaaawd. That’s all I gotta say until Friday, just….Lawd!

Let’s see, what else is goin’ on over here. House hunting is going okay, I’m looking forward to the holidays, and I’m actually getting some shopping done! Are you done with your shopping yet? I can’t wait until everyone’s all together on Christmas eve, partying it up!

OK OK Mind Right Monday time:

mind right monday linkup

My goals last week… I don’t even remember. So we’re not going there.

We’re starting fresh today.

Goals for the week are: 

  • Find a morning ritual for me and Roey to share
  • Finish all Christmas shopping
  • Max Out with Shaun T and Pump up with the Les Mills crew
  • Drink more water at work
  • Get my planner created for 2015
  • Find some bleepin’ work clothes
  • Run on Saturday
  • Do househunty stuff
  • Read to Roey every night

I’m really super grateful for: 

  • My entire family and all of my friends old and new
  • Earning money with beachbody and blogging
  • A renewed drive and sense of purpose with my business
  • Getting my car down here next week
  • A library being so close by (even tho I still use NYPL online :))
  • Tea
  • Nair ::avoids eye contact::
  • Choices
  • Growing
  • Free samples at publix and costco n stuff
  • Having all that I need and most of what I want
  • Being generally healthy and well
  • Modern medicine
  • Spending the day with my littles yesterday
  • Kaya kinda weaning herself…and boob jobs being inexpensive #realtalk
  • Sales! Everywhere, just sales all over! And coupons… and Kohlscash :) and Ebates!
  • Nike+ Finally using it and loving it as much as people said I would
  • My gram cooking for me all the time

Your turn!!