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i love mondays

Happy Monday!!

A few things: 

1. Florida has been cold. WTF

2. My family has far too many December birthdays. Why’s everybody tryna steal Jesus’ shine?

3. I cannot find cute and inexpensive work clothes to save my life.


Hmmm…. maybe it’s not such a happy monday after all….

Need. Coffee.


Much better.

Hope you girls had a great week and weekend. My week was hectic and a definite learning experience (working mom life is a trip)….but on a good yet masochistic note, I got my Insanity Max: 30 this weekend (!) and…laaaaaawd. That’s all I gotta say until Friday, just….Lawd!

Let’s see, what else is goin’ on over here. House hunting is going okay, I’m looking forward to the holidays, and I’m actually getting some shopping done! Are you done with your shopping yet? I can’t wait until everyone’s all together on Christmas eve, partying it up!

OK OK Mind Right Monday time:

mind right monday linkup

My goals last week… I don’t even remember. So we’re not going there.

We’re starting fresh today.

Goals for the week are: 

  • Find a morning ritual for me and Roey to share
  • Finish all Christmas shopping
  • Max Out with Shaun T and Pump up with the Les Mills crew
  • Drink more water at work
  • Get my planner created for 2015
  • Find some bleepin’ work clothes
  • Run on Saturday
  • Do househunty stuff
  • Read to Roey every night

I’m really super grateful for: 

  • My entire family and all of my friends old and new
  • Earning money with beachbody and blogging
  • A renewed drive and sense of purpose with my business
  • Getting my car down here next week
  • A library being so close by (even tho I still use NYPL online :))
  • Tea
  • Nair ::avoids eye contact::
  • Choices
  • Growing
  • Free samples at publix and costco n stuff
  • Having all that I need and most of what I want
  • Being generally healthy and well
  • Modern medicine
  • Spending the day with my littles yesterday
  • Kaya kinda weaning herself…and boob jobs being inexpensive #realtalk
  • Sales! Everywhere, just sales all over! And coupons… and Kohlscash :) and Ebates!
  • Nike+ Finally using it and loving it as much as people said I would
  • My gram cooking for me all the time

Your turn!!

Mind Right Monday

Happy Monday Errybody!

I successfully reached my goal of 4 posts/week for November. Just thought I’d share that.

dust shoulder off beyonce

So let’s see…

I’m going completely crazy with everything going on and all the complications I’m hitting from every freaking angle. I think I’m going to find a doctor to give me the strongest xanax prescription available.

pop pills gif


Moving from New York to Florida is hard work. And with two lil ones, and trying to keep a business going smoothly, and clients engaged/happy, whooweee. I’m so grateful for my family. So many changes all at once. If I ever say I want to move again, just gently punch me in the face and snap me back to reality.

Things are coming together though. Househunting is no fun, but it’s coming along and will pay off soon. Got a wierd lil health concern, and a new j-o-b that are flipping me upside down tho.

I’m going to take it easy on myself this month as well so this weeks goals are:

  • Make it through the week alive
  • Keep my kids alive and happy
  • Don’t find a xanax peddler
  • Exercise every other day

I hope I can make it!

I’m really grateful for everything going on even though it’s stressful right now.

I’m uber grateful for:

  • My amazing extended family coming thru like the wu
  • Kaya semi-weaning herself
  • Christmastime!!!
  • Money  (lol,…but for real tho)
  • My phone (aka my lifeline, office, and assistant)
  • A new job
  • Having my car down here in a few weeks
  • Les Mills Pump & Insanity Max 30
  • MLS listings
  • Social media
  • Dr. Browns bottles
  • Holiday sales
  • Friends who get it (and those that dont too)
  • Clear nail polish
  • My computer being a trooper
  • Doctors
  • Tea
  • Having my special pillow to sleep on
  • Cozy socks

Your Turn!!

Make it a great week, ok?!

Mind Right Monday Linkup: Busy Bee Edition

happy monday

Hey girls!! Happy Monday.

I gotta say, I’m riding high this afternoon!

(If we’re friends on Instagram you already know this but…) I woke up early for no good reason, and got TONS done this morning before Rohan woke up. Kaya slept in longer than usual too.

Then, Today….I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Mocha MOB mommy Cheryl on her radio show. We chatted about the holiday season and how to THRIVE (and not just survive them.) She’s a pro you guys, check out her program on Mondays at noon eastern. You can listen to today’s show here:  http://www.dfwiradio.com

Speaking of programming, last night the #BeautyBChat girls had another fantastic event. This time, it wasn’t just a twitter chat. We were LIVE, on google hangout, twitter and youtube. We had great topics ranging from hair care to fashion to makeup to fitness (that was my bit *squee*) and some awesome giveaways too. I spoke about tips to avoid holiday weight gain. It was also just a lot of fun. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKv6G8vgUSY

  mind right monday linkup

So back to Mind Right Monday…Last Week I said I was going to take it easy on myself for the next 3 weeks.

The goals I set then are still in play for this week and next, so here’s my progress on them: 

  • pack up some, pare down some – yup yup, i’m on it
  • write for OKDani and other projects – yup yup, I didn’t get much work done on my other writing projects though
  • enjoy lots of family time with John and the kids – fitting it in between John’s classes and work schedule but it’s happening
  • workout with Shaun T each day – not every day, but still in it to win it
  • get doc appts scheduled for the kids and I – totally forgot. I popped it here but didn’t write it in my planner (duh!)
  • advertise my free 7 day clean eating group – I did a lil bit. I MUST get more comfortable with self promotion
  • take time each day to rest and renew – I AM. I’m FORCING myself to do this.

Adding a lil sumthin to the list:

  • get family holiday photos taken
  • continue househunting from afar

I’m really grateful for everything right now. There’s this simmering anxiety in me with all I have going on and all I have to do now and once I get to Florida, but… I’m SUPER DUPER grateful to have the “problems” I have.

I’m extra grateful for: 

  • My family and extended family
  • My friends old and new
  • Kaya cruising
  • Rohan talking soooo much
  • Getting 2 kids to nap at same time
  • My mobile office
  • HGTV
  • Family “selfies” attempted
  • Journals
  • Gratitude App
  • Beachbody
  • My ponynub
  • Verizon Fios
  • Ebay.com
  • Goodwill taking our old stuff
  • Jetblue.com
  • Free boxes
  • Not being pregnant during this move
  • Wine
  • Blogging
  • My Japanese exfoliating wash cloth
  • Postpartum shedding areas filling in again

Your Turn!!!

Mind Right Monday Linkup

mind right monday linkup

Hi girls!

How was your weekend? I’m back in NYC after another pretty good plane ride alone with the littles. It’s cold as hell and I miss wearing shorts and tank tops, but it’s only a few weeks and I’m back to the warmth… for good.

There are SO many huge changes coming in my life and because of this I’m taking it nice and easy on myself for these next 3 weeks.

My goals for the week:

  • pack up some, pare down some
  • write for OKDani and other projects
  • enjoy lots of family time with John and the kids
  • workout with Shaun T each day
  • get doc appts scheduled for the kids and I
  • advertise my free 7 day clean eating group
  • take time each day to rest and renew

That’s it.

I’m really grateful for everything going on in my life right now. I feel like I’m giving thanks every minute.

Especially grateful for:

  • my children being flexible adaptable lil bundles of awesomeness
  • rohan’s vocabulary and sense of humor
  • tea. blessed, hot tea.
  • new opportunities
  • good friends old and new
  • my incredible parents and their unwavering support of my harebrained schemes
  • John’s support of my harebrained schemes
  • getting to make a Christmas list :)
  • getting to shop for Xmas gifts soon
  • Dee, our realtor
  • water
  • my beloved brita
  • Kaya getting better control of her body
  • the kids sleeping well through the night now that they’re back in their own beds
  • savings
  • beachbody, blogging, writing, and making money doing it
  • Florida
  • extended family
  • my phone (aka my mobile office)
  • the internet
  • my journal
  • my new (old) car
  • the education I have, both traditional/institutional, and not.
  • Winn Dixie’s going out of business 50% off sale
  • BlogHer being in NYC next year
  • being a weirdo that enjoys budgeting and sticking to it
  • being able to run outdoors all winter
  • new friends that inspire me
  • John being excited about the Florida move
  • Thanksgiving coming soon
  • big plans and ideas
  • follow through
  • gratitude lists :) and my gratitude app on my mobile office
  • playing cars with Ro
  • the holiday season at large
  • 2015 around the corner

Your turn!

Join Dear Darrica, Mamademics and I for the best way to start your week!

What are you grateful for?

Mind Right Monday Linkup #mindrightmonday

bad monday

Happy Monday!!

I don’t know which part of my morning was the most awesome. My son waking up at 4:56 screaming and refusing to let me go back to bed ….. or…. him throwing himself down during a tantrum like a planker right into a puddle of bleach my gram had on the floor….which he then tried to LICK up like a cat!  Or maybe forgetting all about a very important appointment I had this morning.

Not sure but either way, this morning is going swimmingly.


Calgon…take me away.

Let me get to Mind Right Monday Linkup before I find a real gun. Remember you can link up with Darrica, of Dear Darrica, and Danielle of Mamademics or right here at OKDani.

mind right monday linkup

Last week…here’s how I did: 

  • House-hunt like crazy
  • Get licence and car stuff situated (ALMOST!)
  • Book return flight to NYC
  • Write for OKDani, clients, and external blogs
  • Return to my boo Shaun T (I already told you….I’m gettin back on it!)
  • Make a fitness journal youtube video (some extra accountability for my ass)
  • Do lots of playing and nature walks with Roey
  • Find a blog designer to do some simple stuff for me 


This week’s goals:

  • Continue to househunt like crazy and meet with mortgage dude
  • Get back to NYC and visit parents before heading home
  • Write like crazy
  • Workout daily, eat well, drink extra water
  • Youtube…nuff said
  • Make budget
  • Start working on new Facebook Group (come join us!)
  • Hack away at huge to do list

I’m grateful for:

  • BlogHer in NYC next July (good excuse to come home!)
  • Energy
  • Friends old and new
  • My mama and daddy
  • The beachbody national wakeup call
  • Bluehost actin’ right
  • The long walk Roey and I just took
  • Being flexible
  • Shaun T
  • Having a lil accountability buddy for T25
  • Adsense
  • The best Old Navy compression workout leggings ever (I keep tellin’ yall)
  • Amazon Prime
  • The holidays on the horizon
  • Househunting today
  • My free babysitters :)
  • Being able to squat at my gram’s house
  • The Walking Dead ::look::
  • Boob jobs being inexpensive in So. Fla. #judgemeifyawanna
  • Cool, fresh water
  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
  • My beloved!


If you’re not a blogger just lemme know in the comments what youre #1 goal and #1 grateful is right now!