6 Month Old Baby Boy

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Since I changed the format of the monthly updates I figured I’d post his likes/dislikes/milestones here along with a couple of 6 month shots.

I feel like Roey’s making a million advances all at once!


  • pulling himself up in the crib – we had to lower it two notches down so he wouldn’t throw himself overboard. I was proud and had a heart attack at the same time when I saw him up on the ledge of his crib.
  • turning to his name – he would turn to sounds before and turn to our voices but not specifically to his name (we’d call him all kinds of crazy names and he’d turn around to us….I was scared that he thought his name was Tyler the other day)
  • babbling has begun – he’s making lots more consonant sounds now and I can’t wait for a real dada and mama to come out
  • major maneuvering advances – he’s better able to go from sitting to crawling, back to front, front to back, and is very close to being able to go from laying down to sitting up on his own. He did it only once and he looked around like “how the hell did I get up here?” and he’s never done it since.
  • speed scooting – he’s really hauling butt now, however he is still doing it army crawl style or with a mix of scooting and rolling. He’s creative, but he gets to his target!
  • He finally realizes that it’s himself he’s looking at in the mirror. He’s also turning his head to the side to look at you. He started doing it in the mirror only at first.



  • playing, getting tickles and funny sounds
  • empty bottles
  • anything that’s a choking hazard
  • headbutting mommy
  • remote controls, not the one we bought him, not the one laying around, the one you’re using or about to use only.
  • wriggling free on the changing table
  • kicking
  • talking/yelling/screaming
  • this solar system song on youtube
  • pulling hair, pulling things close to him, pulling anything anywhere at anytime
  • looking at you like you’re crazy


  • going to sleep…ever.
  • peas – they made him cry :(
  • food from a jar – he spit bananas all over
  • his painful gums – ps: hylands teething tablets did nothing for him
  • sitting still for more than 2.2 seconds
  • bottles, now that he is better with his sippy cup.
  • getting changed at night
  • socks, and keeping them on his lil feet


Let The Teething Begin

cute baby

I was in denial, or maybe disbelief but, I seriously wasn’t expecting this. It looks like Sharkie is beginning to teethe. The past week he’s been super cranky. His play mat and other activities aren’t holding his attention as long as they used to and he fusses to be picked up and snuggled upright. The past 3 weeks he’s been a drool monster. Now he’s an extra drool monster, and is gnawing on everything. (my collarbone, his play mat, any appendage, the bed, anything that comes near his face really) His bibs are completely useless, they get soaked in 2.5 seconds and I have to change them so often.

baby drooling

I feel like it’s his life goal to get his entire hand in his mouth. I see him gnawing on his entire fist like it’s the most delicious treat ever. He’s started chomping on my nipples now! And it hurts! His lil gums aren’t exactly swollen yet, but you can feel a difference in the front lower gum area. No fever yet, and he’s not pulling at his ear.

I didn’t know this could happen so early! Then I read online at BabyCenter how many moms have babies who actually started to teeth at 2 months and cut their first teeth at 3 months! Yowza. I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with this for a couple more months. Then again, some babies are born with teeth so I guess starting to teethe at 3 months isn’t so weird.

The biting is really starting to get to me though. I break the suction and take him away from my breast and tell him “No Biting!” but I don’t think he gets it LOL. He just looks at me with a big gummy smile and shoves his fist in his mouth. He won’t take a pacifier (I’m secretly thrilled about this) but he will chew it if you hold it in his mouth for him….that lazy buggar!

I’m going to find some bpa free teethers so he can enjoy gnawing on even more things and some organic gum soother for when things seem to really get uncomfortable for him.

When did teething start for your little ones? Did you have to deal with nipple biting?