March Came Too Soon!!!


March, you came too soon!!! WTF bruh!?

I wasn’t ready for you. I need you to relax, year. I had a wonky month in February:

I did ok on my February Plans tho:

Dusting off my camera again – TOTALLY didn’t do it. But returned to video like I wanted!

Fun biz projects – Ongoing! I love, love, love my work. I’m excited and nervous, and tired and happy, and inspired all in one. And I hit my $$ target. Whoop whoop.

Date nights and gym dates w/ JohnYesss!!!

Seeing progress from my ramped up nutrition and exercise – A lil somethin!! I’m excited.

Starting to plan Kai’s 2nd birthday party – We’re having a big ol’ bbq here for her 🙂 I can’t wait to jump in the bounce house!

More adventures out as a family – Well, just to the park/playgrounds so far… but that still counts! 🙂 (oh we did this with Ro tho.)

The return of our cleaning serviceYou already know!

Spanish with the kids – I talk to them only in spanish sometimes. They are responding really well, so we started watching little pim, and playing spanish stuff on youtube. Rohan digs it. Kai doesn’t know what to make of it.

Doing our taxes (Ienjoy it.) – Gotta wait for an accountant to get back to us on some stuff first… but then, it’s on!


Click HERE to see my month in pictures…

March, you wanna try to rush all up on me, but it’s all good.

Here are my plans for you:

  • get better at taking pictures/video throughout my days
  • create more video content, and start to learn how to edit a lilbit
  • have a kickass bday celebration for Kaikai
  • keep Fitnoire growing and gaining steam
  • re-start Hammer & Chisel (and complete it this time!)
  • carve out dedicated reading time each week
  • fix up yard a bit and start some small planting
  • keep spanish flowing through our home
  • redo the budget


Focus for March is definitely content creation and fitness!

Overall, 2016 needs to slow its damn roll. I’m not enjoying this speed!

What’s your focus for March?

How are you doing with your Goals for the Year?

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  1. says

    March is all about baby for me! I’m due 5th/7th. His nursery is done (minus hubby hanging his DIY name art), laundry washed and all furniture setup. Now I’m just waiting on baby!

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