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life update september 2015

This blog post is alternatively titled “Oh yeah, I have a blog, don’t I?”

Hi Girls!!!! How has your September been so far? I hope well, considering it’s the best month of the year!

Life Update time!

I’ve got to preface this post with. LIFE IS SOOOO GOOD!!! I am just filled with joy these days. I hope you all are having a joy-filled time these days too.


I’ve been working hard yall. Blogalicious changed a few things for me (recap coming this week). I announced my coaching on the low and got a surprising response so that’s good. Working on my new site for that so that OKDani can remain as is.  Started a few new projects, and got in to one mastermind, and am starting another.

Have you ever done a mastermind group?


Girls I have been cleared for exercise after my surgery! No core work for 2 more weeks though. So glad. I’ve been walking and doing light workouts at home, but I officially restarted “real” workouts yesterday. (I’m sitting here sore as hell, and loving it) Debating putting up a challenge in the Momshell101 group…. Join us there BTW. I’ll be going to the gym a few days a week and using my boo Shaun T’s Insanity Max: 30 a few days a week.  My disrespectful jeans didn’t want to close the other day so I know I need to re-evaluate my eating again too.

What workout are you currently doing? 


I’m so excited to finally be 21!!! ::avoids eye contact::

For the first time I was away from loved ones for my bday. I enjoyed myself though. I’ll have to do my annual birthday post this week… better late than never right?….::crickets::….RIGHT!?!?!  smgdh. (2014 bday post is here if you wanna take a looksee)


Since leaving my job in August I’ve been home with my littles and working on establishing our new normal. I absolutely love it! Ro goes to preschool 3 days a week so he can enjoy other kids, and Kaya and I get errands and work done. Then the other days it’s all of us home together and it’s pure madness 🙂 I have to keep Ro engaged and entertained every second of the day it seems. Makes me more creative… but also more tired, and I know that on those days zero work gets done. WAHMMIN aint easy but it sho is fun. So grateful for John’s support with this. Kaya’s got so many more words, and is starting to say her favorite one a lot: “No!”

How are your littles doing?


I’m headed to Atlanta next month! Won a ticket to Type A Parent Conference…. and it’s on my 5 year wedding anniversary. John and I were thinking of making it a couples trip, but he’s going to stay home with the kids and I will get another motherhood-free weekend 🙂 Going to room with Lyne of Anointed Heels this time….so I’ll celebrate my anniversary with her! 🙂

Also headed to Ft. Lauderdale for TBEX. I’ve never attended before and want to learn more about travel writing.

Where are you headed in the near future?


I wish Periscope wasn’t a thing. I’m halfway addicted already. Are you on it?

I’m dejunking my house yet again and using Thredup to do it this time. (You make money giving them your old clothes)

Shout out to all the women who cook full dinners every. single. bleepin. day. It’s so annoying, but I’m getting better at it. (the crockpot helps)

What’s up with YOU lately?!


  1. says

    I love reading about what’s going on in your life lately, and you are too funny…I’m crackin up over here about your disrespectful jeans (I have a few pairs of those in my life) and turning 21 ^_^ I am so excited for all of the amazing things happening in your life, from your transition to being a full time WAHM to your return to workouts!

    I should really join a mastermind group because I keep hearing that they are so helpful. It’s fun to hear about your littles 🙂 Mine has been going to school 5 days a week, but once we move, I will be at home with him again except for his 2 day/week school! I am really excited yet nervous about that LOL

    Guess I’ll have to check out Periscope, too, but I don’t need another addiction! Hope you have a great day, Dani!

  2. says

    Glad to hear that life is treating you good!! I am currently between work-outs as I just needed a break. You do realize though, how fortunate you are to be able to work out when you physically can’t. I just can’t get with periscope right now. I’m usually a bit slow to the punch on social media though (and other things!!).

    • Dani says

      OMG I value my muscle soreness that much more now that I’m back in workout mode. I’m super grateful. Try periscope, you just may like it! 🙂 I think it’s gunna grow pretty huge.

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