Happy Easter 2016

Easter Pic 7

Happy Easter 2016

How was your Easter Sunday?

We usually all get together for a nice traditional dress-up holiday dinner. My family uses any holiday as an excuse to have a party tho… even if there is no holiday they find a reason. (Example: my mom came down to visit last week…my aunts threw her a going away party the night before she headed back home. …Why? Just cuz!)

Anyhow in our family (me, john, kai, ro) Easter will be about bunnies, egg hunts, cute outfits and baskets of toys/candy for extra spoilation.

This year we didn’t do the big traditional sit-down dinner. We had a party at my aunt’s place and it was pretty much focused on the kids (like every other holiday)… My aunts went overboard as usual… too much food, too many gift bags, too much candy and toys… but the kids had such a wonderful time. And they enjoyed their very first easter egg hunt!

Here are scenes from our Easter:

Easter Pic 13 Easter Pic 15 Easter Pic 8 Easter Pic 10

Easter Pic 32

Easter Pic 1

Easter Pic 24

Easter Pic 3

Easter Pic 25

Easter Pic 4

Easter Pic 14

Easter Pic 5

Easter Pic 34 Easter Pic 30 Easter Pic 35 Easter Pic 23 Easter Pic 18 Easter Pic 17 Easter Pic 16

I hope you had a great holiday weekend too. 
Happy Easter!

Kaya is 2!! Happy Birthday KaiKai



Happy birthday baby girl. You had your party yesterday, but your real birthday is today. You’re two! It’s amazing how fast this past year has gone. You’ve made such big strides and it’s awesome to watch you grow. You are speaking so much and so clearly now. It’s amazing to me what a vocabulary you have.

Your little personality is developing like crazy. You seem to be kinda shy. I don’t know where you get it from, but it’s interesting to see. Despite your shyness, you’re adventurous and fiery though. So I’m sure the shyness around others will be balanced out well. You love being outside and being active running around, jumping on the trampoline, swinging. You ask to go out and dig in the dirt every hour on the hour it seems like. You’re into exercising and yoga which secretly makes mommy very happy. You love to sing songs all day and love music and dancing. Always have.


Your favorite toys right now are your stuffed bunny (bunnybunny) and talking doc Mcstuffins (doca miss muffin). You play with the blocks and read a lot too. You can be so gentle one minute, delicately picking flowers as you pass them in the yard… and then be a complete savage the next, stomping on and hammering whatever is closest. ::shrug::  Minnie mouse and Hello Kitty (kittykitty) are your favorite characters in your books.

You’re a good eater, and a great sleeper. Thank goodness for that. You go down at 8 and wake up between 8:30-10am You eat almost anything, even though whenever I ask you what you want to eat you tell me “noodle soup” no matter what time of day it is. You love bananas and other fruits, soups, shakes/smoothies, and any pasta.


You take a lot of drive by abuse from your brother, but have recently started fighting back. This both makes me proud and terrifies me. I don’t want you two fighting, but I don’t want you to be a mark either. Daddy and I break it up and want you and Ro to get along well together. You’re a good little sister, playing with your brother you share so very well.

You’re a snugglebunny for sure, which makes mommy so happy. You like to force yourself into snuggle positions and love to be held and cuddled and carried. I love it. So does daddy. He loves telling the stories of how you squeeze your way into his lap when he’s fixing things so you can “help.”


You’re in 3T clothing now and like to pick your own items out. You’re getting better at getting clothes on by yourself but mommy helps. You’re also getting better at telling me you have to potty before you actually do it! I think you’ll be potty trained fairly soon. You’re such a big girl!

We just love you so much Kaya. It’s such a treat spending the days with you, watching you progress. You surprise me every. single. day. Your daddy and I are so proud of you. Happy birthday baby girl!!

Hugs and kisses for my misses!




Beech Nut Organics – Big Girl Nourishment

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Kaya on the screen door

Kaya is 14 months tomorrow. Can you believe that?  My big girl is walking, and trying to run!!! She’s climbing on everything and loves to rip stuff up and throw things around. She says hello and byebye now. I need her to start saying Mama though.

Her 1 year appointment had her at 98% for height, and 86% for weight. Her doctor said she’s the size of an average 20 month old. My lil amazonian girl!

big girl kaya

So Kaya’s eating table food and still getting bottles. (full disclosure: the nipples are like straws at this point, the hole is so huge) She won’t eat veggies from me other than sweet potatoes. I was pureeing green veggies to mix in her cereal and putting it in a bottle, a concoction we have nicknamed “nourishment” in our family.

nourishment fixins

Nourishment consists of: almond milk, oatmeal, a banana, and veggies, blended up and popped in a bottle for Kai. Now that I don’t have the same time as I did with ro, I slowed down on pureeing the veggies and freezing them in lil ice cube trays. Now I mostly buy jarred veggie purees to tide me over. I use Beech-Nut Organics and honestly, I first picked it up because of how it looked. (does that make me superficial? LMAO)

kayas shelf beech nut organics

It looked real! You know when you puree veggies, how it’s not exactly 100% smooth, it’s got a lil texture and you can tell there’s a large water content… Well, that’s how the Beech Nut Organics looks. It looks like I just pureed it. And the taste is on point.  I like that the jar says “Just peas, green beans and zucchini” (also I love the cute shape of the jars but that’s separate)

beech nut organics kaya

There are really interesting flavors, and hopefully some of them come to our grocery store, but honestly, I usually buy the Zucchini/Green Beans combo.  That’s the one Kaya likes best in her purees. She still refuses to eat veggies, but when popped in her “nourishment” bottle, she chugs it down.

She enjoys the fruit purees a  lot though. Apple Kiwi is her fave sweet puree. It’s a nice change of pace from her usual apple sauce snack. So of course I have to buy double the fruit flavors because if Kaya has something, Rohan has to have it too. #toddlersareannoying

Have you tried Beech Nut Organics before?

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Kaya’s One! Happy Birthday Kai!!


My special little nugget of a baby girl turned one Friday. I cannot believe how fast this year flew by. She’s growing so fast, and just getting cuter and smarter and more fun each day. As tiring and stressful as mommyhood is…it’s really a privilege to be able to raise these lil munchkins ya know?!

Well, here’s how Kaya’s doing:


Oh man, Kai sleeps like a champ (for me) I put her down in her crib for naps and for bedtime and she’s like “maaa, no! ZZZZZ” and knocks out almost immediately. She uses the glow worm Roey used to use to snuggle and self soothe. She takes one to two naps a day. (One when she’s with my aunts who let her run the show, and two when she’s home with me.) I put her down for the night around 8 and wake her around 7:15 to get her ready to go.


She’s an adventurous eater, that’s for sure. She tries anything I give her, but she still hasn’t found a sippy cup that she seems to be 100% comfortable with for drinking. I’m working on her pincer grasp still, she eats her lil finger foods like diced tofu, soft noodles, banana and other fruit pieces… but she really likes to share…with the floor. Mostly she gets mashes and thicker purees. Trying to get her away from bottle meals.


Kaya is scared to walk on her own. She completely can. She will walk totally fine with a finger in her hand. We dont give her any kind of support, she is fully walking by herself…just with our finger in one hand…. But…if we take that finger away or even start to take it away… she immediately squats to the ground and starts to whine. (It’s a slow descent squat too, so it shows even more stability and capability.) When she’s ready to stop punkin out, she’ll be running with the quickness. I think eventually she’s realize it’s more efficient to walk/run after her brother than to crawl. But I gotta tell ya. that girl is a speedy crawler. We call her Onna… for On A Mission.

(Update: She’s taken a few steps solo!! I’m so glad I got to witness, Gar just picked her up, walked with her and let her go. She took about 8 steps toward John and I. It was great to see!)


I’m trying to teach her sign language. I’m admittedly no where near as consistent as I should be, and I’m starting crazy late…but might as well try. She’s saying car… (Ro’s first word too) and sometimes mama / dadda. I think she’s also saying “dat” for “what’s that?” and when we tell her what it is, she looks satisfied. If we ask her where something is she’ll point to it or get it, but can’t say it yet. She also says doll.


This girl is in 18 mo and some 24 mo clothes. She’s long. 92nd percentile height. Her legs seem crazy long. I don’t know if they actually are but they seem it. She’s growing like a weed.

Kaya’s face seems like it changes every day. I personally think she looks like me now, but she started out looking just like John.



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