Inspiring Entrepremom: Garcelle Beauvais


I’ve been a fan of Garcelle Beauvais since her days as Fancy on the Jamie Foxx show and have followed her career as an actress. Now she’s adding author to her list of accomplishments!  It was a huge honor to be able to get an advance copy of her new children’s book I AM MIXED, part of the I AM series of books.

Clearly, you know Roey’s mixed and I’m always grateful when I find books that honor his biracial goodness. She’s mom to two gorgeous mixed sons so I know this was a special project for her to do.

It was an even huge-er honor to be able to sneak in a quick Q&A with her about her project and being a kickass entrepremom. *squeal!*

Here are some snippets from Garcelle:

(I can call her by her first name cuz we’re cool like that… *COUGH*oknotreally*COUGH*)


How do your boys feel about the book?

They love the book and took it to school so their classmates and teacher could read it. Made me proud.

Do you have other books on the horizon? In the “I Am” series or otherwise?

Yes, our next book is I Am living in 2 homes, which is focuses on kids  from a divorced family, and having 2 homes, of course from a kid’s perspective.

I’m raising a biracial son, and many of my readers are raising biracial children as well. What have been some of the highs and lows of dealing with the multicultural realities of this for you?

For me it’s been all highs from my perspective but sometimes people see me and my kids and they’ll ask if they’re both mine. Someone once mistook me for my boys’ nanny!


What tips do you have for new moms like me who are raising bi/multi-racial children?

The best tip is to make them feel special and to be proud of all the things that make them special.

My blog discusses raising a family while building a business. How do you balance being an awesome mom with being an awesome career-woman?

It’s a struggle and a juggling act most of the time. I am currently working on a film and the boys had their last Tball game so I begged the director to  switch lunch time so I could make their game or at least go for a couple of innings. My most important role is being a mom.

My readers would kill me for not asking this as we are (slightly) hair obsessed: What do you do to keep your hair looking so gorgeous all the time? And…are you natural?

Yes I am natural! No relaxer,  which I haven’t had in 3 or 4 years now.
Of course when I’m working people take care of my hair but when I’m not working especially in the summer I have extensions in so I can jump in the pool with my kids and not worry about it!

Thank you so much for your time, Garcelle!

If you’re interested in checking out her book “I AM MIXED” simply click on the image below to pre-order from Amazon!


Interview with WE TV Star April Daniels!


Hello my lovely bloggie friends! I am excited to bring you an interview I recently had with April Daniels, who stars on the hit show Tamar & Vince on WE!

Did you catch her on the Tamar & Vince marathon that was going down this past weekend? Well, if not, here’s the scoop:

A: She’s Fab…head to toe.
B: She’s a celeb hair stylist and knows her stuff.
C: She’s married to music guru Lashawn Daniels
D: She’s one to watch!

I had a million questions running through my head that I wanted to ask her, but here are the ones that actually came out:What is a typical “day in the life” of your hair?

Typical day in the life of my hair differs, depending on my style. For the most part I style my hair according to what I feel like that day. I use very little heat in between shampoos to avoid damage due to my color with excessive heat. When I want volume I pincurl it the night before so it’s set, but if I’m going for a smoother look I just go to sleep on it. Believe it or not my style is so low maintenance!

What is your hair care regimen?

My hair care regimen is one of simplicity. I use Loreal Professional hair products for shampooing  & conditioning, along with the Simplicity Hair Oil mixture. Once I blow it dry I lightly spray all over,  Last Look Holding Spray by Kiyah Wright then curl or flatiron and style.

Being that I have color treated hair after I shampoo I like to use Loreal Intense Repair conditioner mixed with Simplicity Hair Oil (nickel size amount). Massage thoroughly from my roots to the ends, allowing it to sit 10-15 minutes. Once I rinse I feel the difference immediately but it gives off incredible shine and body like a just stepped out of the salon.If you could totally revamp your hair style what would you choose?I would totally love to go platinum! However that would mean I would want to be bald at some point too because it would definitely fall out! 🙂

What are your go-to products that never fail you?

My 2 go to products that are a must no matter what style I’m wearing my hair is Jane Carter wrap & roll for my sides and Simplicity Hair Oil, which by the way offers multiple ways to be used.



What can the average girl do to get her hair looking like she just left the salon?

Make sure she is using great products for great results! Do the research, your worth it! Invest in products that offer everything your hair needs, don’t settle for affordability.


What are your thoughts on natural hair? Do you feel that this is a “movement” or just a “trend”?

Aside from my color I am natural, so I totally support the women who embrace it. As for the rest of the population that enjoy extensions, perms or braids I say go for it, I’ve been there too. I’m not sure it’s a trend or movement I would like to believe its just the choice of the individual.


If you could trade hair with any other celeb who would it be?

If I could trade hair with any other celeb it would be Kimora Lee. Love her tresses!


What hair trend will we NEVER see on you?

A mullet!!! Lol!


What’s the best hair advice you’ve ever received OR what’s the best hair advice you can offer the readers?

Healthy hair is not only about the products you use on it, but also what you eat. Be sure to have a healthy & balanced diet to maintain the healthiness of your hair. Your hair can react like your skin when your diet is poor.


You also seem to keep your skin looking perfect. What are your go to beauty products and regimen?

I use Solaroma bio-organic skin care products out of the South of France. I love the beauty milk to cleanse, ice cube, toner, & Aromulsine Eye Creme (at night). For moisture the Choco Cafe Firming Cream is great! Every day & night this is my regimen, however I use a scrub every week and facial once a month. You can purchase through


We all love you on Tamar & Vince, what’s next for you?

Thank you! We have a few great things in store! I’m currently working on a women’s shoe line looking to launch Fall 2013 as well as a relationship book the top of next year with my husband, Lashawn Daniels.

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