Ok I’m Ready to Go RVing!!! #GoRVing


My dear husband John has been trying to talk me into going RVing for years. In case you’ve forgotten or are new to my blog, we met when I was 19, and I’m turning 35 shortly. That is 16 years of “it’ll be fun, trust me” and “you’ll love it.” Sixteen years of stories about his youth, camping and cabins in Maine, stories about the family drives with the dog in the vehicle as well…

Which also means it was 16 years of me saying “Jamaicans don’t go RVing.” “No thanks, let’s do a hotel.” “it’s too small.” “it’s too bare-bones.” etc…

A few weekends ago in LA, the folks from GoRVing.com completely turned me around at BlogHer’s annual conference. I still haven’t outright told John that I’m 100% down to go RVing… but… I secretly am!

I got to tour two styles of RVs while onsite. You can check out the Facebook Live videos below:

How cute are those RVs?! I later found out that you can totally customize your own RV and they come in tons of sizes and configurations to accommodate families of any number. You can also make it as luxe as you want! I didn’t realize how customizable they are. If you know yourself 100% and wont be doing any cooking at all, you don’t have to fill space with a kitchen area. You can put seating, or expand a bathroom, or whatever! You can make it your own! I love that it doesn’t have to feel “rustic” if you don’t want it to.

What was super surprising to me was how affordable RVs were. In my mind they were as much as a house…but you can get one as low as $6k. That’s not bad at all! I also found out you can rent one and try it out (which is likely what we’ll do at first).

Two of my neighbors on the block have huge RVs parked in their yard and one has one in a second garage he built for it so I’m going to ask them about it too. I’m actually kind of excited about this. The family togetherness aspect has me. I mean, for John it’ll be nostalgic and familiar, for me…well I just love trying new things and travel in general, and for the kids, they just love everything!

Not having to look for hotels or AirBnBs is another aspect that has me sold. We can be spontaneous and go wherever we want on any given weekend. Since we’re still fairly new to Florida, we still have sooo many cities to explore that are within 2-6 hrs drive. We can do a lot of impromptu weekends away if we have an RV. And it’ll cut the cost on hotels as well as the stress of it all. I could just keep some necessities stocked in the RV so I don’t have to pack the things we’ll certainly need.

Everything will feel like an adventure for me with an RV. I’m surprised at myself, but really have lost my objections now that I know I wont be sleeping with bugs and forced to eat burned hot dogs or something. John’s going to be so excited! I can’t wait to make new RVing memories with him so he can tell our grandkids about our family travels one day.

Have you ever gone RVing?


  1. says

    I’ve never been RV’ING but it sounds like so much fun!!! I love the idea of traveling around and seeing all kinds of new things. My biggest fear is driving the darn thing. I could never drive it. My husband would have to do it all the time and I don’t know if that would be fair!! I can definitely see us renting one to give it a try for a road trip up the cal coast or something.

  2. shelly peterson says

    I have never been RV’ing but always wanted to. I think it would be a lot of fun. I am not big on outdoor camping but this I can do. I like that you can customize an RV to exactly how you want it.


  3. Chris says

    Absolutely Do It! We researched, went to a local exposition 3 years ago and bought a fifth-wheel Keystone Raptor model off the exposition floor-dealers want to get rid of their stock to make room for incoming stock (of course you don’t drive it off the floor). Plus, they lower their prices.

    So far we’ve been cross-country-two years ago did a loop from NJ- to southern states-up through Texas, NM, AZ, Cal, NV, WY, SD, Io, Ill, Indiana, OH, Pa, back to NJ. This year, Del., Vir., NC, SC and Ga., in a few weeks, it’s Lake George, then the RV hibernates until next year.

    Please feel free to contact me, via E. Lots more to tell : )

  4. Kimberly M. says

    I have never been Rving but I sure would love to. I know so many of my friends that have and they all love it. It will be so exciting for you. Have fun. #entry

  5. says

    We RV full time. We love it. We used to go camping all the time, but I would never get any sleep. When the opportunity came up to get the RV and live this crazy life, we jumped on it. My family thinks we’re crazy, there aren’t too many Puerto Ricans that RV…at least I’ve never met any. Lol. I think you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Linda Baird says

    I think you’ll enjoy RVing! My husband and I retired last December and have been full-timing since April 2016. Sold our home and stored the things we wanted to keep. We now travel the USA in a 34′ 2016 Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite by Forest River. We are having a wonderful time and haven’t missed owning a house. I have a blog where I journal our adventures: 2bairds.blogspot.com

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