I’m Back!!


Maaaaaaan Listen.

I’m back from a whirlwind few days in NYC. Speaking at BlogHer Enjoying Blogger Bash (And Sweet Suite!) Attending KidzVuz. Taking meetings.

Lot’s went down…but even more came up.

Namely my confidence as a speaker, my security in the path I’m traveling, new opportunities in social media/writing/blogging, and a million great ideas.

My talk went well. A few fumbles and punches to roll with, but it was all good overall. Afterward, I was moved (literally) to tears by the response. Women I respect and admire, as well as women I’ve never met before, were coming up to me thanking me for the pearls of wisdom I shared, asking a buncha follow up questions, and telling me how what I said helped them in the moment. I was shocked and amazed. But wholly grateful. Still so thankful.

The experience gave me a bit of reassurance and reaffirmation of the direction I’m traveling in, and I didn’t realize I even needed it. Still working through all my thoughts/emotions. More excited and driven than before to get my damn coaching site up.

This felt kinda…. turning point ish.

Keep in mind that I’m an artist… and I’m sensitive about my shit.


On a lighter note…

I got to meet so many girls I BS with on facebook, catch up with my bloggy besties that I only see once a year, and I finally got to meet my e-friend and Mommy Conference co-founder Tiffani. I laughed so much and had such fun with these ladies.


Made wonderful connections with bloggers I’ve never met, and also with brands I was eager to work with.

I met Carson Kressley and also KEM who is super sweet and we’re totally besties now…  OK so maybe not besties per se, but we follow each other on Twitter, AND he retweeted my foolishness….so we’re practically family.

Attempted to hypnotize Nick Cannon using the power of my mind… didn’t work. But we did make some serious eye contact. #i’lltakeit

Realized I’m an old lady. I left a party after like 20 minutes. My back actually hurt. Who’s back hurts? Old people… that’s who! So, that was a hard pill to swallow, and I realize I need to step up my exercise and selfcare game that much more.

Enjoyed having time solo to just be a woman and not a mom. That was lovely. I didn’t wipe nary an ass but my own. And changed exactly zero diapers. I didn’t utter “get down” “listening ears please” “ask daddy” “don’t do that” “take that out your mouth” not even once!

Got my hurr did. Went a lil blonder…but more on that tomorrow…


Then I got to see my parents, and though my back was (still) hurting, I enjoyed a relaxing last day. My cousins were in town so we had a nice meal before I had to head back. I got to play with my big girl camera a lil somethin….

The only thing not awesome about the last few days was missing my little cuties. John had his first 4 days solo with both kids and no help. He got a taste of stay at home parent-dom. Poor thing almost lost his mind a couple times, but he made it through!

Check out my sweet silly boy:

Get back from my trip to find out that I was featured in a post by my bloggy buddy Brandi, and it was posted to Buzzfeed!… Then featured on HuffingtonPost!

Mama I made it!


But still rather cool!

So, with a stack of business cards and unsorted swag, I sit here, ready to steady my head and work through what’s next.

I’m thinking I may even attend Blogalicious… I’m on that conference high yall…

How was your weekend?




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    Sounds like an amazing trip!!! Yes honey if Kem RT you then bestie it is! I’m glad you had fun and congrats on your clarity for your new life journey as well as other big opportunitis and blessings coming your way. I have never attended a blogging conference but I’m thi king it’s about time I did!

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