How I’m Preparing for Blogalicious 15 #BYOE15



This is my first time attending the Blogalicious conference.

I’ve wanted to attend for years, but there was always something preventing me. This year I decided nothing would stop me, and even gave myself the VIP day as a birthday present.

CONFESSION: I didn’t prepare for BlogHer this year besides coming up with my talk. I was so busy with work, and the kids and house/life stuff that I let preparing for the conference slip right on by. In fact, I was so unprepared I had to rush order new business cards to an NYC based printer just so I could have something to hand out. (Then I had the nerve to give a talk on organization!)

For Blogalicious, I’m in a better space. I’ve left my job so I have more time to focus on my business. I have the cards left over from BlogHer so that’s one less thing to do.

I’m also doing preparations that I never did for BlogHer. Including:

1. Networking in advance

I’ve been talking to other bloggers who will be attending, and reached out to some of the speakers. Love feeling connected before attending. Happy knowing that some of my blogging boos will be there so we can meet in person.

2. Planning my conference agenda in advance

I like going into things with an “as the mood strikes” attitude, but I’ve done that for the past few conferences I attended, and this time am switching things up. The Blogalicious agenda is super easy to use online, and there’s also an app. I’ve read through the descriptions of each session and planned my agenda in a way that has me super excited and ready to soak up all the knowledge I can.

3. Planning my external agenda in advance

Outside of the Blogalicious events I intend to see a lil bit of Baltimore. I am meeting a friend for dinner and ::fingers crossed:: will spend one evening with some family in town. I heard there’s a casino nearby, so if you need me I’ll be the chick winning at the craps table. Plus Thursday is my bday so I’m drinking all the wine in Baltimore. If I look hungover on Friday morning…don’t judge me. Just be a dear and get me a coffee and a bottle of water.

4. Going in with a game plan

My first ever conference was BlogHer in 2012. I bought my ticket last minute and strapped my 8 week old on and just went. No plan. The following years my plan was to learn as much as I can and this year my only plan was to enjoy myself.

So, for Blogalicious, I’m making an actual game plan. My intent is to network and really make strong connections with other bloggers and entrepreneurs. I will use my downtime to immediately make to dos, take immediately actionable steps from what was learned, and expand on notes I wrote during sessions so I can work easier later. I will take alone time and not necessarily be social  if I’m not 100% feeling it.

I intend to leave Blogalicious more connected, aware, informed, and feeling even more ready to take over the world….or build my empire, whichever one.

5. Saving $ with a roomie

The bougie part of Dani has taken a back seat for the first time. I’m actually sharing a room with a friend of mine Roni, The Travel Guru. This saves me a grip, and I have someone to BS with and compare notes with for sessions that we don’t do together.

Now, I’ve gotta get back to packing while the kids are still napping….Follow my Blogalicious journey starting tomorrow on Instagram and Facebook!

Have you been to Blogalicious??


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    I’m interested to see how your experience is different from your previous conferences. I can’t wait for that post! Also thanks a ton for including her link! I might be a sahm (or wahm if I can find something legit) soon but am very hesitant because I love to travel. I’m hoping her website gives us tips on how to accomplish (or save for) that 🙂

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      Or just Google it.

      I hope you say hi if you see me. I hope you do attend. I went on the fly to blogger the first time cuz it was in my city.

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