Hello September

happy september

It’s the best month of the year!!! September’s here!!!

I’m not sure if I’m just conditioned from years of new school years starting in September, or if it’s because it’s my birthday month, but September has always been my 2nd “New Year.”

First off, August was pretty great. My month of recalibration.

  1. Left my day job to be a full time mommy and entrepreneur! bup bup bup! ::does bogle::
  2. Was featured in a few cool places: Forbes, Reuters, American Baby, PR Newswire !
  3. I got a surgery I was putting off, and I made it out alive 🙂
  4. Got a new coaching client without even advertising my services!
  5. Watched true love in action at a beautiful wedding in Michigan <3

September is going to be awesome and here’s why:

  1. It’s my birthday month!! Shout out to all my virgos!!
  2. First month at home down here with the children full time 🙂
  3. Doc should clear me to exercise soon (I miss it)
  4. I’m going to Blogalicious for the first time (my bday gift to myself)
  5. Operation Momshell will be growing

My goals for the month:

  1. Get into a groove with being home w/ the kids again
  2. Create my biz/blog plan for the duration of the year
  3. Pare down the house. Sell, donate, and clear out like crazy.

My word for the month:

FRESH (as in fresh start, stayin’ fresh,  and this old song that I love)

What is your month looking like? Any big goals?

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