Hello April!

hello april

OK So… hold up….Did March even happen? Cuz Like….
I mean…

So, It took all, and I mean ALL of my strength to post a serious blog post today… You know how I roll:

Last Year’s April Fools Day post was pretty good!

I’m just going to keep it real for today. And NOT joke around…for once in my life.

You don’t believe me do you?


March was a good month even tho it flew by. Here is how I fared goalswise:

  • get better at taking pictures/video throughout my days – kinda….but you know what happened…
  • create more video content, and start to learn how to edit a lilbit – kinda, sorta!!
  • have a kickass bday celebration for Kaikai – totally! (recap coming next week)
  • keep Fitnoire growing and gaining steam – totally! We’re over 3000 FB fans!
  • re-start Hammer & Chisel (and complete it this time!) – see…what had happened was….
  • carve out dedicated reading time each week – totally
  • fix up yard a bit and start some small planting – did it!!
  • keep spanish flowing through our home – I fell off a bit, but it’s all good…
  • redo the budget – so…about that…*COUGH*…

OK March was decent…could’ve been better….but I made unplanned strides in other areas. Exceeded my income goal (quick praise break) got my beautiful new phone, and John and I are like on some newlywed ish right now. Loving it.

April my plans are: 

  • Health: Beat John in our April mileage running competition and start a new BB program
  • Biz: Pitch like crazy and get used to video (trying FB live video!) and picture taking
  • Momming: Do more Spanish stuff, start swim classes and don’t miss any of the library story/craft times
  • Home: Do one thing to beautify inside, Paint the front door red, replant herb garden that Rohan destroyed
  • Travel: Book new cruise dates, Don’t get craigslist murdered in the AirB&B apartment, and enjoy Miami
  • Hair: Remember to write up or record reviews, do a length check photo, dye red again
  • Momshell: Do chemical peel facial and start researching boob job doctors.. (yup! full post soon)

One other thing I’m doing in the month of April, is a challenge being led by my fabulous blogging coach in her facebook group. It’s called #ExposeYourself. And we’re doing one action each day to get your business to be seen.

Today’s task was to post a selfie… something that was a personal goal of mine in itself. (I want to post at least one selfie a week because all I ever show are my kids, and “stuff”) Along with the selfie we had to introduce ourselves/our business and tell something we are good at.  Here’s mine: 

okdani selfie

thedanifaust Hi!!! I’m Dani! I’m a mom of two amazing children (Ro and Kai) and married to my best friend, @jishkabibble. I’m a born and raised New Yorker that was a wild child for many years, but now have settled down and live in sunny south Florida with my family. I think I may be solar-powered. My hobbies include reading, working out, disecting TV, connecting with others and planning my next vacation. I love to laugh and joke around, and spend most of my day being silly, but also get down to business when need be.
I am an entrepreneur, and it’s really important to me that my kids see me creating a sustainable business and working for myself. I am a certified life coach and work as a wellness coach for busy women and I do beachbody coaching on the side. It’s a lot of fun and really rewarding to see my clients transform inside and out. I’m really good at cheerleading, motivating and helping people realize how amazing they are.
I also run the fitness site FitNoire.com (@fitnoire) and I am the blogger behind OKDani.com. OKDani is my baby. It’s a lifestyle blog skewed toward family, wellness, travel and haircare… and I’m proud to say it turned from a hobby many years ago into a real, profitable business!

It’s hard work trying to be the best mom I can, the best businesswoman I can, and the best wife. Some days I feel like I’m killin’ it in all areas like a bawse, and some days I’m like…somebody please kill me, end this cruel joke.
I’m big into energy, and spreading good juju to others even if it’s laced in sarcasm or bluntness …I just can’t help it.#toughlove #iwasraisedbyjamaicans

I’m certainly an extrovert, and definitely not shy…but I realize now that growing my business is a true goal of mine, that… I do not “put myself out there” in a meaningful way. I intend to remedy that. I want to be known for having fun and joking around, but also have it be very clear that when it comes to fitness/wellness and living a healthy lifestyle in an easy and fun way….I know my shit. Ya feel me?

I’m in a wonderful group on facebook called #couragetoearn and we are doing an #exposeyourself challenge. This selfie introduction was #day1.
So, there’s a little about me.

What are your plans for April?


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