#FitnessFriday Confession: I’m Not Happy With My Body Anymore

current body situation may 2015

I’m not happy with my body and I’m doing something about it.

I love my body and am grateful for all it can do. My frame is small, I’m generally slim, but I am frustrated by my personal trouble zone (read: Belly) and my overall lack of muscle tone. (That last pic above, I’m flexing with all my might, and you cant see an ab for miles.) And it’s all my doing.

It hit me hard a couple days ago after I booked our cruise but my feelings of discontent have been simmering on and off lately for a while now.

I booked the cruise and went to send a note to John saying “Only 25 days til we cruise!” Then I got punched in the stomach. 25 Days? 25? I can’t be beach-ready in 25 days!! OMG I have to diet, OMG I have to go run, OMG OMG OMG…..

Then I got my shit together and got real. There’s only so much that’s happening in 25 days, and I’m not the crash diet / overdo exercise type. (Plus that’s useless and causes yo yoing)

I had to take a look, a hard look, at what I have been doing lately.

I eat well, but I do eat a lot of sweets. I workout, (currently the 21 day fix workouts) but only a few times a week mixed with running.

I have the safety net excuse of “but I work out” to pardon myself for not eating as clean as I could be. But when I really look at it. Ummm I’m in my 30s and had two kids close together, 3 days a week of exercise (and not the most intense) just aint gunna cut it anymore, especially if I’m not eating super clean.

I then had to look at what I haven’t been doing lately.

  • I haven’t been pushing hard at my workouts
  • I haven’t been turning down the myriad sweets at the office
  • I haven’t been staying away from Rohan’s plate after he’s done eating
  • I haven’t been declining the ice cream John brings me at night
  • I simply haven’t been diligent

It’s not easy to face your failings, and yes, I’m fairly slim, but I don’t look (or feel) fit. It brought up a lot of feelings of fraudulence. Like “how can you be helping women create healthier lives when you’re messing up your damn self.”  Hello, Imposter Syndrome.

But no, I know what I do brings value, and helps my clients, when I feel down I can just look at the thank you emails I’ve saved LOL! (yeah, I read em when I need a boost, #judgemeifyouwanna!)

So what do you do when you’re slacking (by your own standards) and need to kick your fitness into high gear? For me, it always starts with setting a goal.


My goal: Abs

Yep. Abs. #that’sit

By year’s end, I will have a flat tummy with some visible ab definition without having to suck my belly in…. too much. HA!

I know it sounds simple, but having abs is the result of me doing what I need to do. It’s a visible representation that I am consistently eating clean and low(ish) carb, and consistently working out hard to reveal them. I wake up at 5:30, and most days I do a workout, but I’m going to go full out with my 21 Day Fix workouts each morning for 21 days (then switching to p90x3 after our return)


 And I’ll be continuing my slow carb diet. I LOVE the 21DayFix workouts, but wont be doing the meal plan (though I suggest everyone try it at least once. GREAT at teaching portion control.)

My starting point is pictured above… I can’t wait to be able to post my afters. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being the best I can be, healthfully and challenging myself.

So, goal is set, and plan is in place. I personally need accountability, which is why T25 was so beneficial for me. I was in a challenge group and had the accountability, constant motivation, support and inspiration from the others. 



Yes, You Do Have Time To Work Out


Last week I did an interview with an author for her book. She was looking for wellness professionals to talk about fitness as it relates to personal style etc.

One of the big things we hit on a few times during the interview was the common excuse of “I dont have time to work out”
This is an excuse we all (me included) use for things we just don’t feel like doing. Because when it comes to things we do want to do, we MAKE the time.
We’re all grown ups, we’re all busy.
We all get 24 hours a day.
And we ALL have time to work out.
We just have to prioritize it and craft our days in a way that allows for it.
Here are a couple ideas of how to fit workouts into a busy schedule:
1.  Choose pre-made short workouts.
You already know I’m a beachbody coach and beachbody junkie.  Focus T25 was amazing for me. I did this program with a newborn and a toddler, and I got great results. It was just 25 minutes a day.
There are other quick workout routines that are just 30 minutes like The 21 Day Fix (and new Fix extreme) and P90X3 and Insanity Max 30.  Still too long? How about 10 minutes?  10 Minute Trainer can get you good results in just 10 minutes. Don’t tell me you cant find 10 minutes in your day. I just won’t believe you.
2. Use TV Time
Watching Empire? Scandal? The Bachelorette? Whatever… hop on a stationary bike and ride as you watch! Or walk on your treadmill.  No equipment? No excuse, just march in place while you watch your shows. or get one of these! (seriously.)
(Bonus: you’ll likely avoid snacking this way too!)
Or my old fave….
Do the commercial break workout. This is a quick workout routine that is easy to fit in.
Jog in place during the first commercial break. Do as many squats as you can during the next. Then do as many crunches as you can for the next. Pushups for the next break, and repeat that cycle each commercial break…until you’re done watching TV or you pass out…whichever comes first. :)
OK, OK don’t go passing out. But definitely try to be active as you watch TV or skip TV for half an hour and do a pre-made workout. Either way, you’ll burn more calories and be on your way to a healthier body.
You do have time to work out.
Let’s create time for workouts this week.
Where are you going to carve out time for exercise?

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Potty Trained, Teething, and Easy Goals #MindRightMonday

Roey’s lookin at the camera like I’m lookin at this Monday Morning…. ::sigh::
(But seriously, how funny is this pic, poor kid…)
Happy Mind Right Monday….
How was your weekend girls? Hope it was relaxing and fun. Mine was gym, errands, family, errands, work.
My Rohan is almost potty trained!! He’s all good during the day. Waking up dry from naps, in underwear all day! Only one accident in the past week! At night he’s in pull ups.
My Kaya has been gaining her little courage bit by bit and this past week started walking, like legit walking, no hand holding for “safety” and she’s just on the move! (check the vid on instagram)
She’s also teething and is cranky with a low grade fever.
My poor lil Kayabear.
I’m taking it easy on myself this week.
  1. Love on my kids all I can
  2. Keep eating cleaner
  3. Put paint samples on the wall and make a decision
  4. Clean the house up (Starting my Flylady stuff again)
  5. Move each day (I’m doing 21 Day Fix workouts again)
  6. Straighten my hair
I’m super grateful for:
  • My wonderful family and friends.
  • Day jobs
  • The interwebz and making money from it.
  • Rohan being semi-potty trained
  • Kaya walking!
  • Roey’s new school he’ll be starting on Thursday (random start, I know)
  • Game of Thrones ::look::
  • Abraham Hicks
  • Coffee
  • Coaching and being coached
  • Flylady
  • Resolve carpet cleaner and washable crayongs
  • Freedom of choice
  • This laptop
Your turn!! Happy #MindRightMonday

I’m On The Run…from dogs?

catch me if you can

This post was set to go live on Friday for #FitnessFriday. I messed up somehow…

I’m on the run,

I told you what my soulmate workout was… and it’s definitely strapping on my sneaks and hitting the road.
Finally got back into my running groove! I have a quick easy route around the new house that is just perfect.  Feels good.
Got my new shoes, with the help of social media decision making. I posted three that I couldn’t choose between and ended up picking these beauties:
They’re so comfortable guys. Light. As. Air!
My mom got me some workout leggings a while ago and warned me before she pulled em out the bag…because they’re neon! But I”m grateful for my neon pink leggings. Nobody’s gunna hit me when I’m running in the road.
Since I now live in the sticks, I noticed other runners carrying sticks. (and one older gent carrying a golf club as he ran) I guess random loose dogs are a thing here…. lawd. I told John I need him to find me a good dog-fightin’ stick for my runs…
He suggested pepper spray.
(can you imaging pepper spraying a dog? …. can you imagine hitting a dog with a stick?)
I honestly don’t think I could. I legit would climb a tree, or hop a fence and call someone to come save me. (Imagine calling 911 for that? “911 what’s your emergency?”  “Um… there’s a dog.” ::click::)
But if that dog was comin’ after my lil ones, I’d have to just bash the hell outta the poor pooch’s head. #sorrynotsorry
I was chased by a dog once when I was at my great gramma’s house in Miami as a lil kid. Luckily my cousin came by and the dog decided that he was a better target. I’d never EVER seen my cousin run that fast….and he was in track & field! They disappeared around a corner and I hightailed it back to Ma’ Pearl’s house happy to be alive. Later that night, I’m watching wrestling with my great grandmother (sidebar, that old lady LOVED wrestling and would put us greatgrandkids in figure 4 leg locks!) and in comes my cousin, looking a hot disheveled mess, shirt torn, sweaty, etc…  I didn’t ask him, but in my head I remember thinking, WOW that dog chased him for a really long time!
[as mentioned above, this post was set for FRIDAY.  On Saturday, I got….BIT BY A DOG!!!!  Can you believe that shit?! It was not on a run though. I got out the car in my own damn driveway and the bitchass mutt from across the street ran over andgot me on the butt! (you can laugh.) I was (am) so upset. It could have very easily been Rohan or Kaya. I thank God, Allah, Yahweh, and Archangel Michael that I didn’t take them out the car yet…. I went to the hospital for a shot, and I reported that bitey lil summabitch. Animal control came yesterday and suggested I run with a stick!! (she also suggested an air horn, or pepper spray) And PS I carried a stick when I went for my run today after work.]
What was I talkin’ about again?
Oh yeah, running.
I found the Black Girls Run! group of South Florida, so I’m going to find me a running buddy soon. I want to do a race of some sort this summer!
Been running to some really…un-runny music. I need to get back to my playlist, or dancehall station on Pandora cuz…I love Hozier’s album and could listen to it on repeat, but it doesn’t really inspire me to sprint…

Have you been running lately?

Ever been bitten by a dog?

About Yesterday…

I guess I better explain myself huh. :)
First off, I hope I tricked ya *wink*
Truth is, I had been a bit lax in my workouts.
Tried starting Insanity Max: 30…. oh my goodness.
I maxed out at like 2 minutes the first time. (literally)
I wake up in the morning around 5:30 so I can get my workouts in.
I would honestly run a 5k each morning sooner than I would do Insanity Max: 30
(Right now at least)
Too much early morning jumping!
(real talk: the program itself is amazing and has had great fat loss results for my clients, and even my coach, but right now I need something different. I’ll go back to my first love Shaun eventually though. I won’t let Max 30 best me….I’m going to complete all 60 days … just not yet!! LOL)
Going to try P90X3 and mix it in with morning runs. If Tony forsakes me I’ll just go back to Autumn and the 21 Day Fix workouts. I LOVE them.
As for food…
Ugh… You know what it is with me. I will do really well with eating when I’m not working out as much. Then, when I start working out daily my eating suffers a little bit.
It’s not even on the “I deserve this because I’m working out” tip… It’s on the… “OMG I”m effin STARVING cuz I am working out so hard I”m going to eat everything in sight right this minute nom nom nom nom!” tip. John is starting this week with tightening up his diet…and I’m joining him.
We don’t do full meal planning every single week these days, but I do a weekly prep that makes life easier for me and saves time/headache. (read: frozen veggies, and baking off a rack of marinated chicken breasts) This way I don’t have to think about my dinner I only have to think about preparing for these two:

What is your workout plan for the next few months?