Healthy Relationship Habits To Start Today #naturemade #ic #ad

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date night

Over Communicate

We’ve always heard that communication is crucial in relationships. It’s healthy to have open, honest communication. Taking the extra second to send a text to check in, or remind your spouse where you’ll be that night can make a major difference in both of your lives. Staying connected throughout your day increases your bond. If communication in your relationship is spotty, try a weekly meeting, or daily download chat sessions. You can also just try opening up a random conversation about something light to get both of your jaws flapping easily.


I’ve shared how John and I are in competition. This is part of our play. Remembering to play is a way of keeping your relationship fun, upbeat and fresh. It’s hard to get bored or complacent if you’re always in a light-hearted challenge, or game. Play doesn’t have to be something official like doing a race or obstacle course together. You can randomly tickle your partner, or just make a silly face to keep the mood light. Not your style? Reminding your partner of something funny you two did or saw together is one way to get laughing and open the gates to play.

Get Healthy Together

Taking care of your health is a big part of keeping your relationship healthy. We want to feel great and also look great for our partner. Start eating healthier, drinking more water and taking daily vitamins. You can begin an easy exercise routine and ramp it up as you get stronger and fitter. Gyms often offer discounts for couples joining together.

Here are some healthy habits I’ve made in 2016 to get you started:

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Remember the Kids!

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Parenting together makes for a healthy unit overall. It’s important to share the duties of parenting so that no feelings of resentment or overwhelm evolve. Including your kids in activities you would normally do solo or as a couple helps the family bond get stronger. Something as simple as going to Walmart as a family or taking a walk together after dinner has an impact, and (bonus) is a healthy habit you can all do together.

What healthy relationship habits do you have? 


5 Healthy Habits for Work At Home Moms

healthy habits

Being a work at home mom is no joke. I won’t get into the debate of who works harder, moms working outside the home, or stay at home moms, or work at home moms…. If you’re a mother…you’re automatically a working mom. The end. Kids are a full time job, period. And they are the hardest work I’ve done. I enjoy being a work at home mom (WAHM) and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Being at home throughout the day with children is a privilege that offers many benefits to us as a family, but health-wise can have a lot of drawbacks.

When I was working a 9-5 job in NY during my lunch hour I would go right downstairs to the gym. Super convenient. My lunches were healthy because it was just as easy to grab a pre-made salad as it was a burger. At home, with children, and working on building my business, I have new challenges in my healthy lifestyle journey. As work at home moms we are constantly trying to balance (even though balance is a deceiving term) getting work done and growing our business, with keeping house, taking good care of the kids, giving spouse attention and oh yeah…maybe a little self care too. We’re running from store to event, to playground, we’re cooking meal after meal, balancing the budget, cleaning up, doing laundry, planning, fixing, tweaking… and maybe actually working to earn our income. Between all of these obligations, it’s easy to grab unhealthy snacks, munch on the kids’ stuff, skip workouts, procrastinate or get so bogged down that we don’t take the proper care of ourselves.

I have found a few tricks that help me keep my healthy habits a big part of my life without letting other areas suffer. Maybe they’ll work for you too:

Put Junk/Kids Foods Out of Sight

Out of sight out of mind. Right? Wrong. (you know exactly where you hid the damn cookies. stop it.) But out of sight, less likely to binge on! I recently did a dump of all the processed foods, white sugar, white flour leftover, etc. I took it out of the cabinets and gave some way, tossed some out. It just had to go. Now, we do have some “junk” food left, and those are on the top shelf and only come out randomly for the kids. (I literally have to get a chair to climb up and get down their mac n cheese boxes) The fridge only has healthy foods (except for my mom’s jams for the kids pb&j sandwiches) If you don’t toss your favorite junk foods, I suggest you have your spouse hide the items and make sure he or she is strong enough not to bend and give them to you when you’re feeling hangry.  (This tip works for moms that work outside the home too!)

Make Play and Exercise Synonymous  

Using playtime for exercise is the easiest way to sneak it in while working from home. Try to start thinking of them as the same thing instead of viewing exercise as drudgery you have to “make it through.”

healthy habits playground workout

At the playground I get it in. When we’re out in the backyard I do walking lunges, and jump squats all around the yard. The kids and I play tag (better known as “i’m gunna getcha” in our house) and pretend we’re animals zooming through the forest. I make our daily walks more of a workout for me by adding in sprints. “Ok Ro, let’s hop like a bunny to that tree down there.” walk to recover “Now let’s go fast like a race car to that mailbox” etc. etc. (bonus: this wears their little butts out, and makes going down for naptime less of a hassle. #momwins)

Be Competitive

My 5k training would likely be more sporadic if John didn’t lose his mind and challenge me to a monthly mileage competition on the Nike+ Running app. This fool’s about to get smoked, but whatever… The point is that a little healthy competition is a great motivator for the work at home mom. Use Dietbet or other apps to compete with others digitally, or challenge your spouse or even your kids to little competitions around the house. (Planking contests, etc) You can get some friends together that have similar goals and encourage each other (while silently vowing to beat them at whatever it is.) Signing up for a 5k may be the motivation you need to start moving. Download a couch to 5k app on your phone and follow along with a friend or whoever you’re competing with.

Change your workout mindset

This is something I am still working on. I’m conditioned from organized sports in HS and college to go hard and long. Short bursts don’t feel like they’re “working” but I know intellectually that it all makes a difference. So I encourage you to work on your exercise mindset as well. What old mindset do you have to break?

Old: Workouts take long and are boring // New: Short workouts are effective and fun

Old: I hate cardio/running/treadmills etc. // New: Dancing is fun cardio that I can do at home

Old: I dont like/dont have weights/gym. // New: I can get a full workout using just my body weight at home

Old: I have no space at home to work out // New: I don’t need a lot of space to work out


Schedule in Fit Breaks

Every work at home mama knows that sometimes you can get into the zone and just work work work without breaks.  You’re grinding away at the computer, all hunched over and tensed up and don’t even realize it until you’re so daggone tired and your eyes are killing you and you’ve got a crick in your neck. Please try not to make that a habit. (I’m talking to myself here too.) Every now and then stand up, stretch, walk around your house, or around the block, take deep breaths, drink some water, and then return to work. You can set your alarm for these.

On days that I don’t have both children, I’m able to get work done during the day. At the top of each hour I will get up, do some ab workouts or jog around the house and sip on water. I reward myself for this by making my “fit break time” also my “check facebook guiltlessly for a couple minutes time.”  Hey, whatever works for you!

The Takeaway:

We have 5011 things to take care of as WAHMs and our fitness and well being has to be a priority. If mommy’s not healthy, the household suffers. So, try these techniques above, or come up with your own healthy habits and share them below!

What are your healthy habits?

Look Cute While Working out #LiquidoActive #Giveaway


I have a very important question for you:

How cute are my leggings?

I said before that cute workout clothes make workouts more fun. It’s really true!

These have got to be the cutest (and most wearable) workout and yoga clothes I’ve seen in a while.

Liquido Active (Clothes with a conscience) is my new fave legging/yoga pants spot.

liquido tanks

I tried their pants and bra, let me tell you, don’t go for a jog in this bra in the pic above. Just use it for yoga and pilates…maybe biking or ab work or something with no bouncing around… trust me.

The pants are so perfect in fit, and style. I like that they just feel like soft, smooth…nothing. They’re not tight to you like compression leggings (which I also love) but they’re not loose like how some of the cheap quality yoga pants are after wearing them for a few hours. I want some that go down over the ankle though.

They have tons of adorable patterns:

liquido leggings

I’m obsessed.

Makes me want to return to yoga! yet again (and not the P90X3 yoga that’s on sched for today)

I wore them for almost a full day on the cruise and didn’t have to pull them up down (or out) to readjust them at all. And I got quite a few compliments on the pattern (called soul sister) #egoboost. 

The collection in the line that these pants came from was designed by Tiffany Cruikshank, an amazing yogini and natural health guru.


Here are a few wellness tips from Tiffany for OK Dani readers:

Three health/wellness tips on pursuing a balanced lifestyle:

  1. Never forget how important something simple like water is to your health. Check out the book, You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!
  2. Be conscious of everything you feed your mind. Our perspective is shaped by everything we do & see & experience. Try ending your day by reflecting on 3 great things that happened every day for week and notice how your perspective changes.
  3. Notice the things you don’t do and how that affects your health & wellness. We spend so much time focusing on our goals & to do lists but it’s also really important to take time to rest and relax. As you get clearer in your purpose it becomes easier to say no to the things that aren’t as important to prioritize your time. In Chinese Medicine this is an essential component of our health & longevity, even though it’s difficult to put a value on the time we spend not doing things. Start noticing the value of the time you take for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. Do less in order to give your body and mind a break to restore and repair yourself—whether that’s a relaxing bath, time to meditate or spending time with someone you love without an agenda.

Do less? You got it!!! I’m down for that. ::takes nap::


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Beachbody Flash Sale and Week 4 Accountability Vlog #FitnessFriday

summer sale from beachbody


OK, back to business….

I’m a day late….but I still have to get you my results for the week!

So, remember that P90X3 I was supposed to start this past week???

Yeah….. didn’t happen.

I only worked out 3 times this week, and one of those was just a lil short jammiejam.

So, I start P90X3 on Monday June 1

Here’s the schedule:


I realize I’m a lil scared of P90X3. I know it’ll be a challenge so I”m pumped….
But it’s 90 whole days.
I know myself.
I”m going to want to mix other stuff in.
But I’m going to try my hardest to only mix in some runs, and really see what results P90X3 gives me all by itself.

I’m eating low carb, and staying that way. With one high carb spike day a week (Saturdays).
I’ve gotten a few emails asking about what exactly I’m eating. I’m going to continue to share it here, but I’m also going to start taking photos, so if you’re my friend on instagram you’ll see that coming. … And I guess maybe I’ll include pics of my meals in the weekly updates

I’m a lil bummed that my results were not so great this week. I went UP ½ an inch in all areas!!! UP!

::kills self::

I had two lunches with more carbs than I should have, and I had a sweetener in my coffee a couple days but other than that I ate fairly well. (Not 100% on the cruise, but mostly made the low carb choices)

So, I know that the lack of workouts did me in.

This week I’m going to be very diligent about my eating again, and since I’m starting P90X3 I’ll have my workouts in check.

I look forward to making a video for you next week detailing how I went down 1/2 an inch or more!

How was your workout/nutrition this week?


Week 3 Accountability Vlog

Week 3 done.

This post is late because of poor planning, but my update is in!
I swear one day I’ll make an update video in my house instead of in a car!
We have a special guest star making an appearance in this week’s accountability video though.

So, 21 Day Fix is over.

P90X3 starts Monday.

I’m psyched.

Ready to start seeing inches lost results again!

Tho…these are my results as of Saturday May 23 🙂