Look Cute While Working out #LiquidoActive #Giveaway


I have a very important question for you:

How cute are my leggings?

I said before that cute workout clothes make workouts more fun. It’s really true!

These have got to be the cutest (and most wearable) workout and yoga clothes I’ve seen in a while.

Liquido Active (Clothes with a conscience) is my new fave legging/yoga pants spot.

liquido tanks

I tried their pants and bra, let me tell you, don’t go for a jog in this bra in the pic above. Just use it for yoga and pilates…maybe biking or ab work or something with no bouncing around… trust me.

The pants are so perfect in fit, and style. I like that they just feel like soft, smooth…nothing. They’re not tight to you like compression leggings (which I also love) but they’re not loose like how some of the cheap quality yoga pants are after wearing them for a few hours. I want some that go down over the ankle though.

They have tons of adorable patterns:

liquido leggings

I’m obsessed.

Makes me want to return to yoga! yet again (and not the P90X3 yoga that’s on sched for today)

I wore them for almost a full day on the cruise and didn’t have to pull them up down (or out) to readjust them at all. And I got quite a few compliments on the pattern (called soul sister) #egoboost. 

The collection in the line that these pants came from was designed by Tiffany Cruikshank, an amazing yogini and natural health guru.


Here are a few wellness tips from Tiffany for OK Dani readers:

Three health/wellness tips on pursuing a balanced lifestyle:

  1. Never forget how important something simple like water is to your health. Check out the book, You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!
  2. Be conscious of everything you feed your mind. Our perspective is shaped by everything we do & see & experience. Try ending your day by reflecting on 3 great things that happened every day for week and notice how your perspective changes.
  3. Notice the things you don’t do and how that affects your health & wellness. We spend so much time focusing on our goals & to do lists but it’s also really important to take time to rest and relax. As you get clearer in your purpose it becomes easier to say no to the things that aren’t as important to prioritize your time. In Chinese Medicine this is an essential component of our health & longevity, even though it’s difficult to put a value on the time we spend not doing things. Start noticing the value of the time you take for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. Do less in order to give your body and mind a break to restore and repair yourself—whether that’s a relaxing bath, time to meditate or spending time with someone you love without an agenda.

Do less? You got it!!! I’m down for that. ::takes nap::


Now, one lucky winner has the opportunity to win her own piece from the Liquido Active line!!

Enter Below to WIN WIN WIN!!

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Beachbody Flash Sale and Week 4 Accountability Vlog #FitnessFriday

summer sale from beachbody


OK, back to business….

I’m a day late….but I still have to get you my results for the week!

So, remember that P90X3 I was supposed to start this past week???

Yeah….. didn’t happen.

I only worked out 3 times this week, and one of those was just a lil short jammiejam.

So, I start P90X3 on Monday June 1

Here’s the schedule:


I realize I’m a lil scared of P90X3. I know it’ll be a challenge so I”m pumped….
But it’s 90 whole days.
I know myself.
I”m going to want to mix other stuff in.
But I’m going to try my hardest to only mix in some runs, and really see what results P90X3 gives me all by itself.

I’m eating low carb, and staying that way. With one high carb spike day a week (Saturdays).
I’ve gotten a few emails asking about what exactly I’m eating. I’m going to continue to share it here, but I’m also going to start taking photos, so if you’re my friend on instagram you’ll see that coming. … And I guess maybe I’ll include pics of my meals in the weekly updates

I’m a lil bummed that my results were not so great this week. I went UP ½ an inch in all areas!!! UP!

::kills self::

I had two lunches with more carbs than I should have, and I had a sweetener in my coffee a couple days but other than that I ate fairly well. (Not 100% on the cruise, but mostly made the low carb choices)

So, I know that the lack of workouts did me in.

This week I’m going to be very diligent about my eating again, and since I’m starting P90X3 I’ll have my workouts in check.

I look forward to making a video for you next week detailing how I went down 1/2 an inch or more!

How was your workout/nutrition this week?


Week 3 Accountability Vlog

Week 3 done.

This post is late because of poor planning, but my update is in!
I swear one day I’ll make an update video in my house instead of in a car!
We have a special guest star making an appearance in this week’s accountability video though.

So, 21 Day Fix is over.

P90X3 starts Monday.

I’m psyched.

Ready to start seeing inches lost results again!

Tho…these are my results as of Saturday May 23 :)



Week 2 Accountability Vlog #FitnessFriday

Did you check out my Week 1 Video Update?

This ratchet ol’ video LMAO


Well, there it is, uncut and uncensored hehe.


My results this week were good!


I’m drinking shakeo when I wake-o, I have eggs and bacon for breakfast almost every day, lunch is something from the salad bar at work, or veggies and meat if it’s offered. I snack on hummus (ok and maybe a couple of pretzels dipped in it) and I have one sugar item on most days.  I also snack on plain almonds or peanut butter, or random stuff that I grab from the kitchen. Dinner is meat and veggies, or a crustless veggie quiche, or tacos in lettuce shells, or something else low carb and delicious.

My sugar item:

Around 2 or 3, I used to have a hot chocolate with whip. (I know, I know, shutup.)  So since going back to my low carb lifestyle I have changed to a mocha, I put ½ black coffee and ½ hot chocolate, No whip. And that’s my sweet treat for the day.

I’m not going to deprive myself stuff I really want, I’m just not.

And I don’t believe you should have to feel deprivation to lose weight or get fit, there’s always a substitute, there’s always a way to get your satisfaction in a healthier way, if you’re flexible and ready (read: willing) to make changes.

Eating has been on point. I’m not following the 21 Day Fix eating plan, but I’m getting results!


I am doing my Fix videos, and am actually looking forward to getting back from the cruise and starting P90X3. I am ready to switch to something more intense and crazy. The 21 Day Fix workouts are awesome, just straight forward, multi-body-part moves that get your heart rate up no matter if you’re doing upper or lower body. They’re great, but after almost 3 weeks of it, I’m ready for a change. (May buy 21 Day Fix Extreme, my coach is doing it and she loves it.)
I didn’t run as much as I wanted to, Aunt Flo was here, and running is just not pleasurable to me during that time. 


Well I already told you in the video, but here are the pics:


belly out okdani


belly unsucked okdani

Suckin’ in with all my might:

sucking in abs okdani

(can’t wait til my abs are like this without suckin’ in!)

 (Next time I won’t take pics in undies – or so far away from the camera – so I can have bigger pics to share)

I’m down ½ inch at the smallest part of my waist, no change at my bellybutton and about an inch at the biggest part of my waist.

When I suck in with all the force in the world, I see some definition!!

Oh, and I weighed myself the day before Flo came, the day she arrived, and then today. Just to see how much water weight I gained…. 9lbs!!  And down to normal again today.

This is why we need to IGNORE the scale and go by:

  1. fit of clothes
  2. inches lost
  3. photos

The scale will F your whole head up if you let it. Just leave it alone.

So that’s my update for Week 2! See you next week for the last 21 Day Fix Update right before the cruise!


How was your week of workouts/nutrition?

Summer’s Coming Challenge Group

download (1)

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Well, one of the groups motto on the show is Winter’s Coming… but nah son, Summer’s Coming and people are crawling out the woodwork… and into the gym lol.

I can’t believe I haven’t done a challenge group in so long. My next one starts this month, to bring in Summer with a healthier body.

Here are the details if you want to join us!

Firstly, what there will be none of: 

  • NO Gimmicks
  • NO Crash Dieting
  • NO Excuses
  • NO Quitting

What there will be tons of:

  • Results
  • New Habits
  • Excitement
  • Simple Nutrition

Summer’s Coming!!

Start date: Memorial Day, 2015

Duration: 30 Days (+Another 30)

Workouts: 30 Minutes a day

(Your Choice of workout program!)

Nutrition: Shakeology (Your Choice! Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)

Additional Nutrition:

  • Meal Plans, Recipes and shopping lists already created for you
  • 21 Day Fix program comes with an entire meal plan and portion control system

How the group works:

We are in a private group on Facebook, so nobody can see what we post. Once everyone is added, I make the group secret! Nobody can see who’s in the group or any of our photos or info about it. Total privacy.

I post a few starter posts, and we all share our goals, current stats, our program, and a lil about ourselves to get more comfortable. Then on Monday, May 25 we start our programs!

(I”m going to do P90X3)

Each Day I post a morning post with either a tip, a question or something to start conversation.

Each afternoon we all post an update on how we ate, how the workout went, and how we made our shakeology. (I will post tons of Shakeo Recipes as well)

And we have surprise contests for fun prizes!! You earn points by sharing, commenting on people’s posts, and participating in the daily mini-challenges.

I encourage as much sharing, and support among my challengers as possible. We’re doing it TOGETHER for a reason!

I love doing these challenge groups! The challengers get such great results. One of my very first challengers is now a fitness blogger herself!

If it weren’t for a challenge group, I wouldn’t have been able to finish T25 and lose that weight after Kaya was born. The support and accountability really made a difference.

You ready to shape up for summer? Lose those last 10lbs, or just live a little healthier?!

All that’s required from you is commitment! Commit to doing your exercise program, drinking shakeology, and eating healthfully. Boom. Done.

Join us! Email me at coachdanifaust@gmail.com OR just comment below. 

may 2015 challenge group