Happy Loving Day



Happy Loving Day!!

It’s the anniversary of the Loving v Virginia decision.

A few years ago I was introduced to the Lovings. They’re part of the reason John and I can be legally wed today. They were a Black woman and white man who fell in love and got married, and fought to make it legal. Learned about their story via facebook (where I get all my news lol) and thought about what I would’ve done in the woman’s place.

valley of fire wedding

If I were alive back in those days and I met John…would I marry him? Doubt it! I’dda been like listen kid, get your white ass away from me before my dad comes and shoots us both dead.


Are you kidding me?! I would not be the one. I wouldn’t have even given him a chance. With all the overt racial bullshit back then (much different than the “racism? what racism?” bullshit we have now) I would’ve just walked on by and avoided eye contact if he tried to old-school holla at me.

valley of fire wedding

Imagine not being able to marry someone just because they’ve got less or more melanin than you? I can hardly believe it was so recent. It’s so crazy…and sad….and scary…ugh!

I’m grateful for them.

I’m glad they were brave. I’m glad they were that much in love.

(Have a great weekend girls, FitnessFriday returns next week)


  1. AprilD says

    WOW! I’ve heard of this before but I didn’t realize it was so recent either?! My parents were alive when this happened. It is so weird to think of things in those terms of who in your family was alive.

    I would have been the type to fight for my hubby because he’s great but I’m sure everything would have stayed hush hush. We would have probably hightailed it out of the country.

    Their last name was perfect for what they had to go through in order to make it legal. I definitely (and my hubby also) appreciate their love and fight for what was right. Thanks for sharing!

    Love that pic of your fam 🙂

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