Happy Easter 2016

Easter Pic 7

Happy Easter 2016

How was your Easter Sunday?

We usually all get together for a nice traditional dress-up holiday dinner. My family uses any holiday as an excuse to have a party tho… even if there is no holiday they find a reason. (Example: my mom came down to visit last week…my aunts threw her a going away party the night before she headed back home. …Why? Just cuz!)

Anyhow in our family (me, john, kai, ro) Easter will be about bunnies, egg hunts, cute outfits and baskets of toys/candy for extra spoilation.

This year we didn’t do the big traditional sit-down dinner. We had a party at my aunt’s place and it was pretty much focused on the kids (like every other holiday)… My aunts went overboard as usual… too much food, too many gift bags, too much candy and toys… but the kids had such a wonderful time. And they enjoyed their very first easter egg hunt!

Here are scenes from our Easter:

Easter Pic 13 Easter Pic 15 Easter Pic 8 Easter Pic 10

Easter Pic 32

Easter Pic 1

Easter Pic 24

Easter Pic 3

Easter Pic 25

Easter Pic 4

Easter Pic 14

Easter Pic 5

Easter Pic 34 Easter Pic 30 Easter Pic 35 Easter Pic 23 Easter Pic 18 Easter Pic 17 Easter Pic 16

I hope you had a great holiday weekend too. 
Happy Easter!

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