Happy Birthday To Me!!

happy birthday to me

This post is 19 days late. I’m judging my damn self. LOL

Happy birthday to me anyway dammit. It’s still my birthday month at least.  I celebrated my birthday at Blogalicious this year. It was weird spending my special day away from loved ones but it was worth it, especially since that was my gift to myself.

33 was a big year! I moved from NYC to South Florida and bought a house, got a license and a car and a totally different lifestyle. Automatically winning.

But… my love of lists brings me to this…..

So here’s what I wanted to do before 34. (Remember?)

  1. Move to Florida
  2. Get Driver’s License and fix up my dad’s old car to take to FL
  3. Get into the best shape of my life – see what had happened was…
  4. Get laser hair removal and invisalign treatmenti let my groupon expire accidentally
  5. Have a thriving legit business: blogging/vlogging, coaching and writing (+ speaking?! gulp!)
  6. Save $XXXXX (to savings for Roey and Kaya, and travel fund)
  7. Buy my first home
  8. Be a published author (e-book counts! hehehe)
  9. Have a stronger, more loving and more connected marriage
  10. Have completed my first speaking engagement at a conference (or somewhere else)
  11. Travel to BB Summit, and a blogging conference, and an anniversary trip paying in cash from BB earnings
  12. Be featured somehow (writer, interviewed, profiled, quoted) in online and print publications
  13. Renew my vows with John during our 5th anniversary vacation – we won’t even be in the same state
  14. Publish an ebook – next year!
  15. Do a race / physical competition -obstacle course race perhaps?- of some sort – didn’t even attempt
  16. Start growing my hair out to donate again (get to shoulder length by bday)
  17. Get credentials to move my fitness business forward – nope, maybe next year
  18. Get a new tattoo (or 2) – nope, but I decided what I’m getting and where

Not bad! I crossed off some pretty good stuff! The biggies were crossed off. That means a lot.

I’m going to be 35 next year. That’s a big number. Thir tee five. Lawd. I already told John he’s taking me away for this milestone birthday. What did you do for your last milestone birthday? I’m thinking Costa Rica… but we’ll see. I’ve got a daggone year to decide 🙂

By 35 some of the miracles I will create are: 

  1. Have the house and land improved/renovated
  2. Be in the best shape of my life (have we heard this one before?)
  3. Have a thriving business and earn $xxxxxx by my bday
  4. Be paid to travel internationally
  5. Have an ebook for sale on Amazon
  6. Have an even stronger, loving and connected marriage
  7. Be comfortably homeschooling the kids
  8. Have a more simplified life/lifestyle
  9. Have a new tattoo (or 2)
  10. Be closer to fluent in Spanish
  11. Grow my biz and brand
  12. Have taken a vacay solo (#momcation), one w/ both kids, and another with just John
  13. Have Kaya fully potty trained 🙂
  14. Save $xxxxx to Roey & Kaya’s accounts
  15. Print publication, radio and tv appearances

Do you set birthday goals?

What’s your #1 Goal to achieve by your next birthday?


  1. Faith says

    You did great the last year and crossed off so much on your list. You go girl! Happy Belated Birthday! I know you’re going to do even more this year. I don’t set birthday goals but this makes me want to start doing so!

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