Tendril Tuesday: Transitioning Hair Update


Tendril Tuesday: Transitioning Hair Update


I’m 10 months into my transition now. (Last touchup was May 9, 2014) I don’t know how long I’ll end up transitioning, but I’m going at least a year for sure. I’m used to dealing with two textures, especially since I did a 22 month transition before. I do dislike having the straight ends and top layer, with my springy curls hidden underneath, but it is what it is. It’s growing and eventually will be back to all-natural curls.

Length Check:

March 1st. This is my starting point.  My hair is currently just above collarbone length. I’m going to straighten and take starting photos so I can track my growth again. Feels like forever since I have done a length check, doesn’t it?! I’m over the post-partum hair loss (and stress hair loss), and that’s starting to get filled back in too.

collarbone length natural hair


I’ve been slacking.

I admit. A deep conditioner hasn’t been slapped on my head in a while.

My plan is to start doing them again on Sundays.

Right now my regimen is:

Shampoo once a week. Co-wash 2-3 times a week. Rinse with water otherwise.

I wet my hair daily, but I don’t necessarily wash it daily. (I do use my fingertips to rub my scalp and detangle daily though.)

Moisturize daily and use coconut oil (or another oil) daily, then style and go.


I either wear it pulled back in a bun, or a bun with a front twist/front braid, or out loose with a headband.

It’s too short and evenly cut to wear out without a headband. If I do I get that triangle shape that I personally don’t like.

I admit I have not been experimenting at all with styles. I have zero desire to spend time on my hair with everything else pulling at my time.


I finally unpacked all my hair products and tools. I have SO much still. So I’m on operation use-up. It’s going to take a while. I’ve put myself on a hair product shopping ban. (even though I just got a great deal on some Pantene and Herbal Essences) I doubt I’ll have to buy anything (other than deep conditioner) this year!

As for tools:

This Fabulous Comb is all I’m really using.

And of course my scarf and satin pillowcase


I officially decided to start growing my hair out again to donate.

I’m steadfast in my decision not to cut until mid-July, when I’m back in NYC for BlogHer and can go to my fave stylist. Last trim was 9/10/14 so I’m long overdue. I’m not sure if I’ll end up cutting away all the relaxed hair and BC (I’m not donating any permed hair)….. or if I’ll just trim, shape it with layers, and color it. But either way, no scissors are coming near my head until then. I’m firm in that decision and not wavering.

What’s up with your hair lately?

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#TendrilTuesday: I Want To Cut It All Off


I want to cut my hair

I’m the worst.
I know it.
My hair is really annoying me these days.
I keep telling myself to leave it alone at least until the summer…but…
Not sure if I can make it.
Need to give myself some incentive to not BC.
Any ideas?

Cuz honestly…I want to cut it…right. NOW.


Maybe I will straighten it out and see how it looks. That may buy me a few weeks of satisfaction and not have me lookin to cut.

Honestly, the only think keeping me from cutting is not having a stylist down here.

I’ll be back to NYC in July for BlogHer so maybe I’ll just wait until then…. If I can.

How do you convince yourself not to cut your hair?

What are you up to with your hair these days?

2015 Hair Goals and Color Treated Transition Update

pinned up twa updo short natural hair

I had to do a touch up….. well… I’ve had to do a touch up for weeks now… but I finally got around to it a couple weeks ago.

I searched a bunch of stores but couldn’t find the dye I used last time. So, I did what my inner cheapskate told me to… I bought the least expensive blonde dye I could find…. Colorsilk! lol

This color its no where near as strong as the dark and lovely I tried last time but it got rid of the stark black roots which was the goal.
I only applied it to my new growth and a little bit of my length. Left the bottom half of my hair alone. It’s fried enough and too blonde.

color treated transitioning natural hair

I love the ombre action

Which brings me to the gross negligence I’m guilty of as far as this hair is concerned. I’m not using heat and I’m not shampooing often…but I’m not deep conditioning or moisturizing daily like I know I need to to keep my hair in good shape.

I’d love to just cut it off, but I’m here in Florida and don’t yet have a stylist that I trust. Gunna get some recommendations. I am at the point where I think I’d rather have all natural, non-ponytail-able hair versus this weird, two textured transitioner hybrid…

I was really hoping to be able to hold out until May 11th to make it to a full year of transitioning….

Maybe I will just trim away some of the yucky ends…I haven’t cut it since September 10th.

My day to day hair is a side parted slicked back pony tail. I sometimes just wear it loosely pinned up like the picture up top. (except usually sliiiightly neater lol)

2014 was a different hair year.

I relaxed bone straight for the first time ever.

I kept my hair short for the first time ever. (but since sept 10 was my last cut I’m growing it back as of then)

I colored like crazy (well… that is not so different)

My hair plans for 2015 are: 

  • maintain color while keeping hair as healthy as possible
  • don’t BC hair until May 11 or later
  • grow hair to shoulder length (if no BC) OR collarbone length (if I do BC)
  • get back to deep conditioning regularly and trying new products again
  • experiment with more styles while short/transitioning

Check out what my #1 hair goal for last year was: Here.

LMAO That was a huge fail huh?! hahaaa

What are your hair goals for 2015? 


#TendrilTuesday (Thursday): My Current Natural Hair Regimen

loose cornbraided curls

Hey girls, It’s Tendril Tuesday… Thursday! (# TendrilTuesday) Link up your hair related posts with me.

I don’t have anything exciting to report with my hair. I planned on doing some color correcting, and extra blondification (yes, that’s a word) yesterday….but I forgot to buy the dye.  All the better. The more time between coloring processes the better.

My Regimen is now…and moving forward:

  • Cowash every few days – I use THIS COWASH (usually)
  • Deep condition weekly – I use THIS right now, when it’s done I’ll be using THIS.
  • I’m only going to shampoo with a real shampoo 2x monthly (more often only if needed)
  • Moisturize daily – THIS is what I’ve been using lately
  • Oil every other day or so – Using THIS lately (I told you about that already) in lieu of my trusty love of my life

I wear my hair curly (well, wavy since the perm is still in it up top) and loose with a headband almost all the time. Otherwise I brush it back into a ponynub.

I sleep in a scarf and on a satin pillowcase for backup in the event the scarf comes loose.

I do not comb my hair unless I’m cowashing.

As of right now…

I’m SICK SICK SICK of my permed bits of hair. I’m seriously considering chopping it all off… BUT

I’m being seduced by the fact that it’s finally long enough for me to pin back into a tidy lil style….

  20140918_193341 (older pic but u get the point)

or pull back in a legit ponynubbin :)

  short natural hair ponytail

My aunt braided my hair up this weekend and I forgot to take pics of it in…. this is the only one I have, and it was right before unbraiding it, so quite old.

pinned up cornrows


And the only one I have of it when I unbraided is at the top of this post…


OK Enough yappin’ from me.  What say you?

tendril tuesday

Dove Silky Hair Dare (Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Review)

dove pure care dry oil

Wow I feel like I have not done a product review in 100 years. I was given the opportunity to try the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range and I like it so far. To be 100% honest I only used the three pieces together ( the shampoo conditioner and oil) on my hair twice but I used the products separately many times. Mainly, I used the conditioner for co washing a whole lot…. it’s almost done.

The first thing that I noticed about this was that it had macadamia nut oil and I got scared. I am super allergic to most tree nuts including macadamias and I was like uh uh, I’m not going to have to whip out my EpiPen to do a product review no way no how! I went to Dr. Google M.D.’s website and read about it and saw that if you can touch nuts without an allergic reaction then touching the nut oils would not be a problem.

So I braved myself up and tried it and I like it! It’s not the best shampoo or the worst shampoo I’ve ever tried, but it smells great and works well. My hair didn’t feel over-cleaned, but it did suds up a lot (which I know some people love, but I don’t) and my hair/scalp felt nice and clean. It wouldn’t be my go-to shampoo, but I will use it up versus tossing it or giving it away.

The conditioner is thick, goes in easily, smooths on quickly and gives a lot of slip (which I love) and the smell is almost intoxicating man. I love it and it’s hard to describe but its like sweet without being cloying and somehow… natural. It smells like it should be a baby’s body wash from a high end all-natural brand. lol Oh, and my fave part is the smell lasts a long time.

I used the conditioner regularly (post-shampooing), as a co-wash (in lieu of shampooing) and as a deep conditioner (left on clean dry hair for hours w/ and w/o heat) and with all 3 types of uses I got quick slip, and easy rinsing. My hair was left feeling soft, moisturized and smelling really good.

The oil which is the third step in the range is my favorite part.  I think I have used it every day or almost every day since I received the product. It goes on easily and smoothly and then once it’s in, your hair feels soft not weighed down and greasy. It’s not tacky like castor oil can be. It’s hard to describe but the way they say dry oil…. when I was looking at that name I was like what the hell are they talking about… but now I kind of understand. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue it’s kind of an almost light/dry feeling (if that makes sense).

I would recommend the shampoo for people with oily hair and oily scalps, or people that love sudsy shampoos. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who’s used to all-natural, non sudsing shampoos. The conditioner I would recommend to anyone of all hair types. I would also recommend the oil to anyone with dry hair, or who currently uses coconut oil.

I’ve mentioned my deep love for coconut oil here many, many times. But since trying this oil, I’ve been using it exclusively (over my moisturizer after a wash, and on dry hair ends at night) and no complaints whatsoever. It has coconut oil in it too, so maybe that’s why I’m loving it so much.

The oil is also great for slicking hair back without needing to use a gel. I finally have a ponytail (ponynub) again, and was able to smooth my hair down easily with the oil and very little effort!

short natural hair ponytail

Have you tried a new line that you’re loving (or not loving) lately?

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