Tips For Healthy Hair As We Age


(throwback to my last big chop in 2009)

I Big Chopped again! I cut off all my permed ends and I am loving my fro. Those permed ends just weighed my fabulousness all the way down! I am enjoying the shorter length and the volume. It’s so full and the color gives it some dimension (check it on instagram) And none of my thinning is noticeable at all. I don’t know if it’s age or post-baby hormone changes, but my texture feels a little different. Slightly looser but still super coarse.
Did you experience any hair texture changes with age or after babies?

I’m starting to get more concerned with aging. I know I just turned 34 but I keep fastforwarding in my mind to 35 which seems so big and grown up to me. Also seems like I need to start thinking about eye creams and stuff. LOL. (Do you have one you’d recommend?)

rogaine in bathroom

I told you about how I’m trying out ROGAINE Foam for my thinning areas. So far so good. No results to share yet, but I’ve only just begun. I’ll be updating you about it in 12 weeks. In my last post I mentioned that 1 in 3 women will experience thinning/hereditary hair loss. Here’s another fun fact: Thinning and hair loss caused by hereditary hair loss can begin as early as one’s 20s and if left untreated it will continue to worsen as you age.

Don’t worry though. You’re ahead of the game if you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

I go to ask Women’s ROGAINE® Brand Ambassador, Jill Crosby a few questions about hair as we get older. Here’s a snippet of what she said:

Top tip for aging hair?

Use a Pro Colorist/Stylist when performing chemical treatments on hair to stave off damaging already delicate hair.

How does hair change with age?
As with the rest of our body , the structural integrity changes and it too looses elasticity and strength .
What can we do to prevent issues with the changes as we get older?
Not to worry , just follow a good healthy life style and take good care of your hair by not over working or processing it.
Here are my tips for healthy hair as we age:
  • Get a great cut and use volume to disguise any thinning
  • Moisturize like your life depends on it – hair gets drier as we age
  • Drink tons of water to hydrate from the inside
  • Use hair thickening and/or smoothing serums to counteract thinning and wiriness
  • Get a color, this counteracts the loss of color as we age and also temporarily thickens strands for added volume boost

One lucky lady will receive a one-year supply of Women’s ROGAINE® Foam (ARV $150.00) which is clinically proven to regrow hair in 81%* of women with new hairs growing in up to 48%** thicker than before. (only one entry per household please)

Enter by leaving a comment below with your best hair tip or advice. Winner will be chosen at random by Rohan! GOOD LUCK!!

If you’re not the lucky winner, go HERE to print a coupon and learn more.

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5 Keys To A Successful Transition to Natural Hair


[ This is a throwback post in honor of my most recent big chop last week after transitioning for over a year]

5 Attributes of a Successful Transitioner

Transitioning from relaxed hair to your natural hair texture can be a very rewarding and interesting journey. Alternatively, it could be a frustrating and depressing mission. When transitioning, you are dealing with two very different textures on each strand of hair. You are focusing on an end date of your transition, and you are dreaming about your natural texture. The further along you are in your transition, the more of a texture difference you experience. This is not an easy journey, but it is a very attainable one. In order to be a successful transitioner you must have the attributes that help you reach your goal.

Successful Transitioners Must:

• Be gentle
• Be patient
• Be open-minded
• Be flexible
• Be observant

Let’s explore the reasoning behind these transition-friendly attributes, shall we?

1. Be Gentle:
Raking a comb from root to tip is going to a) hurt like hell, b) compound tangles and c) break and snap your beautiful hair. During your transition you will have two very different textures on your head, with very different likes/dislikes. One thing both textures have in common is the need for a gentle touch. Gently comb hair from tip to root (bottom to top), and gently brush, manipulate and style your hair. This will avoid breakage and the turmoil involved with knotted tangled masses of hair.

2. Be Patient:
Your hair is not going to grow out overnight. Sorry. But it will grow. And it will grow at approximately ½ inch per month. While dealing with the two textures on your head may seem like an eternity, it’s only for a predetermined amount of time. (One that YOU chose, mind you) And during this time, your only job is to relax, and keep both textures healthy. If you find yourself in the mirror every day with a ruler to your new growth…I urge you to braid your hair up, or get a weave, or somehow put your hair “away” for a bit. Patience is a virtue….best learned while waiting!

3. Be Open-minded:
So many of us have been getting our hair relaxed so long that we have totally disconnected with our natural hair texture. We’re conditioned to get a touch-up as soon as the “nappy” roots begin to peek out. Many women transition with visions of loose hanging curls or tightly coiled afros in their minds eye, while their natural texture may not be able to accommodate those styles. It is important for transitioners to be open-minded about what their actual texture will be so as not to be disappointed if their texture is not the one of their dreams.

4. Be Observant:
Are you paying attention? Did you notice how your natural roots and your relaxed hair responded to your last deep conditioning treatment? Are you losing more hair than normal when you detangle? Is your hair drier? What are the differences in the feel of your natural versus relaxed hair? Transitioners must be extra observant in order to effectively manage both textures. Being observant helps you keep your hair healthy and have a successful transition because you will…..

5. Be Flexible:
Paying attention to both textures is key in flexibility. Being flexible is key in retaining two healthy textures on your head. If you’re flexible, you’ll quickly change up a product that doesn’t work well for one of your textures and avoid damage. You’ll also switch up styling options that no longer work for both textures. You’ll need to have a variety of styles that allow both textures to coexist happily. This means you’ll either make the relaxed ends curly or the natural roots straight.

If you’ve got these five attributes, you’ll have an easier, more rewarding transition and reach your goal with less stress. Good luck on your journey.

Have you transitioned to natural hair? 

I Will Not Be A Bald Momshell! #rogainetruevolume #gotitfree


 (throwback big hair pic)

I figured that subject line was a little more dramatic than: How I’m Treating My Hereditary Hair Loss with Women’s ROGAINE® Foam 

Am I right?

OK, so let me back up and give you the scoop.

I’ve noticed allover thinning in my hair for the past 10 months or so, and it seems to be picking up speed slightly. *gulp*

This is not related to the postpartum hair loss I dealt with last year after Kaya’s birth. I honestly thought it was stress related when I noticed it in January.  It started right around the move time, both kids in a new place, squatting at my gram’s house, new job, crazy house-hunting and everything was so hectic and John was still in NY.

After the stress died down I noticed I was still losing way more strands than usual. (NOTE: 50-100/day is considered “normal” and consistently shedding 150+/day is considered significant hair loss) I also noticed that the front middle bit of my hair was thinning out. #Nobueno

I tried a few things with my diet that I read about, and went to the doc for a checkup just in case my anemia was making my body craycray. But alas. I got a clean bill of health.

So now I’m trying out what is the only FDA-Approved treatment for regrowing hair in women – minoxidil 5%- in Women’s ROGAINE®.  One in three women are dealing with hereditary hair loss and thinning. (Soo….where the rest of you hiding?! Come out the closet with me.)

rogaine in bathroom

I’m going to report back with my results in 3 months to see if there is any difference. As of today I’ve been using it for 8 days and have no changes to share.

What I can share so far is how easy it is to use. It’s a foam that comes in an aerosol can, reminds me of mousse. You just massage a little bit on your scalp once a day and go on with your usual styling. I love that. I can put it on right after I cowash, or if I’m not washing my hair that day, I can put it on dry hair. It doesn’t leave a residue or flake up or do anything weird. It’s fine on natural hair, permed hair and for people with locs or braids it can still get to the scalp so that is not a deterrent from trying it either.

I’m tempted to pour the whole can over my head every time, but the directions clearly say (and I swear they wrote it just for me) that more will not work any better than the recommended amount. (It’s kinda like what I tell myself when I’m having a treat off plan. The whole brownie wont taste any better than the two bites you just had, Dani. …. it works sometimes. LOL)

with rogaine

Anyhow, I should start to regrow hair in 12 weeks if I use it consistently and see results in 24 weeks.  Women’s ROGAINE® is something that I’ll have to continue to use to maintain results. At first that made me nervous, but once I started using it and saw how easy and unobtrusive it was in my daily routine I realized that wouldn’t be a problem even for my lazy self.

So… I’m really hopeful, I don’t want this thinning to go any further. I’m grateful my hair is curly to mask the thinning action. I can’t wait to report back in a few months and show you the progress!

Are you dealing with any hair issues these days?

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Braidouts, Purple Hair, Big Chop and Clear

clear hair post


I have been wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail for the last 8 months. Since I started my job when I moved to Florida, I have been pulling my hair back from Monday to Friday. Then on the weekends I’d just wear a wash n go. Now that I’m home, I’m wearing a wash n go more often, but I finally stopped being lazy and did my first braidout in a long time. My last braidout was done before I chopped all my hair off to donate. That was 2013. So I put some coconut oil on my hair and braided it up after washing and conditioning with Clear Intense Hydration shampoo and conditioner. I rolled the ends on satin rollers since they would unravel if I didn’t. Then I let it air dry. It dried overnight. I used a satin scarf to protect it from getting messy in bed. Here are my results! Me likey!




I’m dying my hair purple. Yep. I said it. I’m doing it. Now that I’ve left corporate america (for the LAST time) I am free to look how I wanna. I’m getting a tattoo that’ll be visible when clothed, and I’m getting funky hair color. Not sure if I want to do my whole head, or just the front, leaving the back black… I guess I’ll see and decide after I BC.   As it stands My hair is about 75% natural with the rest scraggly  permed ends. I’m ready to chop the straight parts off. Not sure if I’ll go it alone or head to a stylist to cut and shape it for me. (Maybe both?) But, once I BC I’ll be heading to a stylist to get my purple on. I’ll have to take super good care of my hair once I go purple. I’ll first have to go even blonder, then put the purple on top. That’s a lot of damage.  

Have you had a funky hair color before?


Do you use those little samples of lotion or shampoo that come in the mail? I’ve been using CLEAR SCALP & HAIR™ Intense Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner (and have John using it too) since I got a random sample packet in the mail a few years ago.  I usually hold on to those samples for a while before trying them or tossing them out during one of my seasonal purges.   I’m glad this one made the cut. It’s all about keeping your hair and scalp healthy!   John has used this brand more than any other for the past few years. He has “normal” hair. Doesn’t dry out easily, but doesn’t get too greasy when dirty either. I envy him that. My hair gets dry just for GP. Add to that now my whole blonde coloring…. I would have some serious breakage and damage issues if I let my natural dryness + colored fragility go without taking steps to keep my scalp and hair healthy.  


For me, this means…keeping my scalp clean and lots and lots of conditioning and moisturizing. The Clear shampoo is great for me because it cleanses without making my hair feel stripped or “squeaky” clean. I use the conditioner to keep my curls popping and dryness at bay. The conditioner is great for me because even though it’s creamy, moisturizing and gives my hair slip, it isn’t a pain when it comes to the rinse. After rinsing it out my hair doesn’t feel coated at all, it’s just moisturized, feeling strong and my curls are nice and springy. 



    Have you tried CLEAR yet?

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Mommy Pampering & Blonde Hair

before blonding


So, you girls know me and my box-dye issues: Exhibit A


Well, I have wanted to lighten up a little bit and have a dynamic light browney blondey look that didn’t come off too…clunky when I wear my hair curly. Sometimes even if my curls are defined, they’ll appear really dense and “one note” unless there is a color variation.

Enter Chiala & Cutler Salon.

(Now, you already know how I feel about my boo Mike, and how I have trust issues with new stylists…but…*big exhale*… this worked out really well.)

I visited the CUTLER downtown salon and immediately felt like I’d be OK. Bye bye nerves.

I met Chiala the stylist and got prepped for the service. We decided to just do a tiny bit of blonding in the front to keep the gradient / faux-ombre thing I’ve got working…

during blonding


OK So I got a lil nervous again when I saw just how BLONDE the lighter parts of my hair were getting… but after she toned it, the color was awesome. (Full disclosure: They do not know what to do about styling a black woman’s half permed, half natural transitioning head of hair… but I forgive them…cuz the color is perfect. I styled it to be more ME when I got back to the hotel)

after blonding wet

CUTLER salon felt like I was walking into a salon from TV. Everyone was so trendy and beautiful, looking like they give a damn. It was nice to see. People kept offering me drinks, and asking if I was OK or needed anything. At first I thought it was because they knew I was a blogger, but after speaking with one of the stylists. They didn’t know I was there for a sponsored service. They just thought I was some random client.

after blonding dry 2


I gotta tell you. It felt wonderful to be pampered for those couple of hours. (the scalp massage was everything!)  I’ve been doing better with self-care and this was a reminder to keep up my efforts. As moms we just do do do, go go go and give give give. When does it end? When is our time? Me time?

SO a huge thanks to Chiala, to CUTLER salon, and to Conde Nast which is the reason I had this opportunity in the first place.
Thanks for the me time in the midst of a hectic weekend!

after blonding dry 1


Check out Redken’s Blonde Idol line if you’ve got any golden hues in your hair.

PS I love that my roots aren’t done and love that it still looks dark from the front….

still dark

Up next with my hair. Straightening for a length check, and also cutting away some more permed ends for a better shape when I wear it out curly. *GULP!*

What’s up with your hair lately?