Baby #2 Bucket List Beginnings

I know I told you I want a baby right now, but in reality we’re holding off on trying until the end of the year. John and I both have so much going on, and we have a huge life change coming up (that I’ll tell you about later) so waiting is definitely the smart move…. (That said, if I had an “ooopsie” and found out I was pregnant tomorrow, I’d still be overjoyed…just less accomplished)

On that note, here are some of the things I hope to complete before baby H part deux comes into the world.  I’ll grow it as I think of things, and will pin it to my menu bar above so you can keep up with it.

BabyH2.0 Bucket List

* Save $X in the BabyH2.0 fund and have $X in regular savings

* Find a way to take one cheapie babymoon to the caribbean or a cruise without Rohan

*Finish my long delayed graduate degree I’m starting back soon!

* Move somewhere with more space and a yard

* Convince John that I need a push present 🙂

* Earn $X from my biz and blog so I wont need to return to corporate America after BabyH2.0

* Have Rohan at least partially potty trained (even if only during the days)

What items were on your baby bucket list?

They think we’re trying!

So, I told you guys before (in this post) about how my mom is telling me to wait wait wait wait to have kids….

Well, on the other side of town, John’s mom and sister…they think we’re already trying!!

John said he didn’t tell them that we were and that they’re just “baby crazy” (i don’t know anyone like that..::looking down::)

OK so let me tell you the story:

At St. Patrick’s Day dinner we enjoy a nice meal (corned beef, cabbage, potato, cole slaw, rye bread, yummmmy) and then everyone heads to the living room to be lazy. 
When MIL and SIL and I were alone in the kitchen clearing up, they circled and swooped in on me!

It was actually really cute because SIL is SUPER dramatic and animated, but she doesn’t realize she is.  It’s great!  She waved me over emphatically (I was literally 3 steps away lol) and started asking about my period regularity/frequency….I tried my best to hide my shock….I don’t know how well I did. 

She had some difficulties conceiving so I’m sure this is where her concern is coming from.  She said, in the most serious tone ever, with the most gripping eye contact: “You’re turning 30 this year right?  Are you charting? Don’t wait! The books all say you should try for a year and then see the doctor.  Don’t!  See him after 6 months of trying OK? Because you’re 30 this year! OK?!” 

All the while MIL had her cute little self perched nearby just nodding along with such a concerned face.

I had to just say “OK.” and nod furiously at both of them.

After that serious note, MIL pops up from her seat and says (loudly), “Two young healthy kids like you…., you two will be pregnant before you say boo!” and walks away.

Pure comedy.

Little do they know, we’re not trying for a little while.  But I will totally take SIL’s advice and see a doc if 6 months of trying garners no positive pregnancy tests.

Pregnant? There’s an App for That

No, seriously.  There is.

I’m currently using My Days, but tried out WomanLog first…

Those are two free apps I’m using on my phone for tracking my…stuff…

You can track periods, sex, fertile days, body temps, ovulation dates, the pill…etc.

It’s really helpful for women who are actively trying to get pregnant, or just get more in touch with their cycles.

Then there are apps for women who are already pregnant

Some other apps for pregnant mamas are:

  • ipregnancy
  • pregnancy caledar
  • pregnancy tracker
  • contraction master (that name cracked me up)

If you have a smartphone browse around in your app store and see what you find!

This is definitely not going to be the only way I track significant events during my pregnancy, but for now, when we’re not even trying yet, it’s a great way to see my patterns and when my body does what. 

Works well with the book I mentioned a while back.

Did / do you use apps for tracking fertility or pregnancy? Which do you use? What are your thoughts on these apps?