How to Start A Blog in 100 Easy Steps

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I love being a blogger! (You already know.) The number one question I get asked about blogging is by far “How do I start?” Everyone wants to know how to start a blog, make a successful blog, earn a living through blogging…etc. So here’s your answer.  Here is how to start a blog in 100 easy steps!

  1. Decide to start a blog
  2. Look at blogs online obsessively
  3. Brainstorm catchy blog names
  4. Plan your entire blog, in your head
  5. Read all you can on
  6. Read about the money bloggers make
  7. Ask your friends and family if they think you’d be a good blogger
  8. Google top bloggers income
  9. Think about the type of blog you want to make
  10. Read about targeted blog niches
  11. Read about hosting and SEO
  12. Get confused
  13. Begin to doubt your idea
  14. Wait a few months
  15. Visit a blog you really enjoy reading
  16. Decide to start a blog
  17. Read about the benefits of blogger vs wordpress
  18. Get discouraged
  19. Ask your best friend to start a blog with you
  20. Send your friend all the “research” you’ve done
  21. Go out to dinner with your friend to discuss your future blog
  22. Talk about lots of great ideas
  23. Write none of them down
  24. Get excited
  25. Create a joint Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration
  26. Pin cute outfits and food you’ll never make
  27. Get annoyed with what your friend is pinning
  28. Doubt your blogging partnership
  29. Forget about blogging for a few months
  30. Get a funny Huffpo blog post in your inbox
  31. See a blogger doing a segment on a morning TV show
  32. Think: “OMG, that could be me!”
  33. Decide to start a blog
  34. Decide to start a fashion blog
  35. No. Decide to start a beauty blog
  36. Wait a few months
  37. Decide to start a lifestyle blog
  38. Brainstorm catchy lifestyle blog names
  39. Read about lifestyle blogging
  40. Follow popular lifestyle bloggers on Pinterest
  41. Follow popular lifestyle bloggers on Instagram
  42. Read about social media strategy management
  43. Read about keyword generation and backlinking
  44. Get overwhelmed
  45. Read a personal development book on overwhelm and procrastination
  46. Make a plan to stop procrastinating
  47. Read a personal development book on motivation
  48. Decide to start a lifestyle blog
  49. Plan the topic categories… in your head
  50. Wonder if your life is interesting enough for a blog
  51. Get a Bloglovin account and follow all the lifestyle blogs you can find
  52. Admire the beautiful photos on the blogs
  53. Realize you need a better camera.
  54. Research DSLR cameras
  55. Remember you can’t afford a good DSLR right now
  56. Decide to use your smartphone “just for now”
  57. Worry that your photos won’t be good enough
  58. Doubt your blog will be successful
  59. Wait a few months
  60. Randomly come across your old joint Pinterest board with blog ideas
  61. Decide to start a lifestyle blog
  62. Read about the business of blogging
  63. Realize you need a business coach
  64. Research business coaches
  65. Remember coaching is out of your budget
  66. Decide to find your “coaching” free online
  67. Read business coach blogs
  68. Wonder if you should become a coach instead of a blogger
  69. Read What Color is Your Parachute
  70. Wait a few months
  71. Receive an email from your friend announcing her new fashion blog
  72. Visit her blog and pick it apart critically
  73. Concede and realize how awesome it actually is.
  74. Cry
  75. Hate your friend
  76. Decide to start a better fashion blog than your friend
  77. Look in your closet for outfits to post about
  78. Realize your wardrobe sucks
  79. Go shopping
  80. Worry about money
  81. Wonder if it’s really worth it
  82. Google pros and cons of being a blogger
  83. Focus on the cons
  84. Wait a few months
  85. Get bored with life
  86. Decide you need a creative outlet
  87. Read books on creative outlets
  88. Try painting
  89. Suck at painting
  90. Decide to start a blog
  91. Read books on blogging
  92. Learn that “content is king”
  93. Take a creative writing class
  94. Doubt yourself thoroughly
  95. Decide you need a break
  96. Go on vacation
  97. Wonder what you should do with your life
  98. Decide to start a blog
  99. Create Free Blog on Blogger or WordPress
  100. Start Writing.


I hope you find this list helpful.

Good luck with your blog!!

PS: If these 100 easy steps feel overwhelming, just start at #99.

My Life Is A Meme


So while lazily scrolling through my beloved Pinterest, I realized that my life is actually a meme. It’s sad. But true.



I don’t know why I even try. (and now I want oreos)



This is a sure fire way to get kicked in the teeth. If you don’t stay at home (even part time) you just can’t understand.



I don’t think Roey knows that John has answers too.



Seriously. A solo poop would mean everything to me.



Is this something in the ‘how-to-be-a-kid’ handbook?



Listen…8:00p.m. eastern is the best moment of each day! (Naptime is a close second)



Convinced Roey has partial deafness. Only certain tones are not picked up by his ears…. the tone of my voice, namely.



Why do they always want more? Every day it’s the same thing…



Truer words have never been spoken.


Is your life a meme too? Link the meme, let’s laugh!

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Short Hair Problems: 4 Reasons Why My Short Natural Haircut is Ruining My Life

picked out fro

Picked out Afro – Look, even the baby is worried about me! (Don’t ask what I’m doing with my face, I couldn’t tell you)

I shouldn’t have cut my hair.

Yeah. I said it.

I don’t exactly miss my longer hair in itself…but now I’ve got all these Short Hair Problems that I never knew would come my way. My haircut is ruining my life.

Short hair isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Yeah the fade was cute for a minute, and yeah the color was a nice little change… but this short natural haircut is ruining my life and here’s why:

1. I’m not an exotical sex symbol anymore!

It’s a dark time in my life. I walk down the street and I don’t get accosted with “yo mami” or “Trini! Trini!”… I get no lip lickin’, no grunts of appreciation. Nobody thinks I’m some mysterious “other” race. Now I’m just boring ol’ African American. Yawn. And what’s worse…I get “Excuse me miss.” “A moment of your time, sis.” And once when I was with my son I got a ma’am. If a man tips his hat to me and says “g’day” in lieu of sneaking a peek at my rear and biting his lip, I may just slit my wrists.

2. I have to actually maintain this damn cut!

I’m used to letting my hair just be. Wild and free. It grew out at whatever pace it wanted to. I didn’t bother it, it didn’t bother me. Now, I blink and my hairline is black while the rest of my hair is light brown. I blink again and a fade is now an afro. I cut this hair to make less work for myself, not more. Now I’ve gotta go….to a salon….and get….shape ups….every…month!? No no…this is not going to work for me. Too much maintenance! What does this haircut think I am?! Responsible?

3. I can’t feed my PJism!

I’m a proud PJ. (Product Junkie) But now, I’ve got two cabinets chock full of products, and no hair to use them on. It will take me a lifetime to finish these items up. With my hair short, I cannot justify purchasing all the new products I see advertised. I’ve been using the same conditioner since the day I got my hair cut, over a month ago now, and the bottle is practically still full! I can’t go on like this. My husband LOVES this one, mind you. He did a fist pump when I mentioned not being able to buy more hair products.  A FIST PUMP! wtf?

Speaking of my husband….

4. Storming away is boring and useless!

I can no longer end fights. How the hell am I supposed to make a dramatic exit from an argument if I’ve got no hair to whip around in his face as I turn to storm away? I can’t! There’s no flair! If I’m going to maintain my status as the drama queen in this marriage I’ll need to make deliciously diva-like exits. Especially at that point in the argument when I realize I’m actually wrong. I need that dramatic storm-away! What am I supposed to do with this short hair cut? Say things like “ok baby, let’s agree to disagree” and turn to calmly walk away?! No…that just won’t do at all.

So there you have it. My short natural hair cut is ruining my life. I’m now a respectable looking African American woman who’s responsible, frugal, and reasonable in arguments.

Thanks a lot, hair cut!

::sigh:: I need a weave.


**I’m just playin. I am loving this short cut!**

10 Ways Having a Toddler is Like Being in Prison


terrorizing us since 8 months old

I saw this list and it gave me a chuckle. I thought you may dig it too.

10 Ways Having a Toddler is Like Being in Prison

  1. You can’t do anything without constant supervision
  2. Every morning begins with someone screaming at you to wake up
  3. You’re always terrified something bad will happen when you’re in the shower
  4. You’re always terrified someone is going to crawl into your bed in the middle of the night
  5. Meal time is fraught with tension
  6. Someone’s always watching you go to the bathroom
  7. You never get to choose the movie and then it’s hard to hear it over all the hooting and hollering
  8. You’re always terrified someone is going to punch, bite, tackle, stab or attack you with some kind of makeshift weapon
  9. Contraband — like booze, chocolate and adult entertainment — must be smuggled in and consumed in secret
  10. Conjugal visits are hard to come by, require intense scheduling, and are often interrupted

BONUS: One Way Having a Toddler is NOT Like Being in Prison

  • Being placed in solitary confinement is a reward, not a punishment


I agree with them all except 7. We can’t watch a movie until our lil jailor is asleep. I could totally use some solitary confinement….not to mention some more conjugal visits! Plus, I always feel threatened while I’m eating, like that scene in that movie Life, where Martin Lawrence has to give up his cornbread to the big convict.

Don’t remember?

Here let me remind you.

I’m gunna need to re-watch that movie. It was pretty funny. Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence made a good pair, didn’t they?!

OK….totally off topic now….time to go!

Do you relate to the list?