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Getting and staying fit is a lifelong journey. Over the years I’ve been fit as a fiddle, and Now (aug 2012) I’m in my worst shape ever, post pregnancy.  My fitness interests run the gamut, and may be a bit ADD, but my constant is running and weight training. I always come back to it.


Aug 1: Cleared to work out! Thanks Doc! But…where’s my motivation?
Sept 9: I am currently doing INSANITY for 60 days to get my body back in shape post-baby.
Nov 1: I stunk at doing only INSANITY. I mixed in running and kettleball workouts in between. Maybe I’ll do the program all the way through without adding or mixing items in some time next year.
Dec 1: Renewed motivation to better my nutrition, started eating right again. Using Eat to Live, but not sticking to the lifestyle 100% (yet!) The holidays are going to kill me, but I’ll get back on track after.


Jan 1: I’m getting back into working out at home. Need to hit the gym soon for some runs and set goals to keep me motivated
Jan 15: Back in the gym for treadmill runs. Daydreaming of warm weather for some outdoor runs.


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