Fit Pregnancy: Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom DVD Review + Giveaway!


Well, Operation Fit Pregnancy is in full swing! I’m laying here sore as I type this. I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to review this DVD set. I think you will love it.


So the Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom program is a 3 DVD set. It has a prenatal video (that I’ll discuss further) and two postnatal videos, one for use right after you’ve been “okayed” to work out, and the other for when you’re ready to step things up a notch.

The prenatal program is divided into three segments, one for each trimester. I am almost 17 weeks so I did the second trimester workout and I really enjoyed it. There’s a series of workouts for your whole body, and you go through the series twice. There are some unique moves I’d never seen before, like using your leg’s dead weight instead of a dumbbell during bicep curls. Interesting, right?! And let me tell you…I never knew my leg was so heavy.

For me, the workout is just enough, on days that I’m not in a specifically “I wanna workout” mood. It’s short enough that I’ll do it on low motivation days and feel a good burn and be satisfied. However, on days that I am just rip roarin’ and ready to ‘get it in’ (full disclosure: these days are rare lol) I need something more than the video. I add weights and additional moves after. So, if you’re used to working out super duper hard each day, you’ll want to supplement.

healthy fit happy mom video 1

I’m very sensitive to the ‘vibe’ of a video, and a great workout can be ruined for me if the instructor rubs me the wrong way or has an annoying voice or is too peppy or something small like that lol. I’m very happy that this video is led by two women, one pregnant, Dr. Zelana Montminy, and one who recently gave birth. Both women have a great rapport with each other, and the vibe of the video was friendly, professional and supportive without being patronizing to you just because you’re pregnant.

Actually, it was quite inspiring because you see this woman who’s 6 weeks away from giving birth, doing these moves with perfect form, and with such a positive attitude. It really makes you want to stick with it.

I’m a fan.

I’ll report back to you on how the post-natal videos are after I pop this little bunny out!

The best part? Each DVD is only $6.95! Or you can get all 3 DVDs for $14.95! You can buy them on Amazon or check out the Healthy Fit Happy Mom site for more info and to buy.

One lucky reader is going to WIN THE COMPLETE SET!!

Just enter below and a winner will be chosen next Monday!

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  1. Yolanda says

    I love Zelana, I have been doing popsugar fitness workouts for some time now but I’m trying to get pregnant so these sound perfect for that time! My favourite exercise is running.

  2. Lynette Ballard says

    Can you tell me how long the workouts are in this series? I am thinking of buying them, but I want to make sure they are long enough to be worth the money. 🙂 thanks!


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