The Done List — #FitnessFriday


Fitness Friday is all about wellness, and today I’m talking about something beneficial to my mental health and wellness.

I mentioned on Monday that I have a problem with seeing all I’ve actually done. I tend to look at all that’s left to do…and as a mom, wife, full time employee, business owner… there is always TONS left to do.

So, I’ve implemented a new plan…

You already know I love organizing and list-making.

There’s nothing better than Xing out something on your to do list after completion…

Well now, I’ve started a “Done” list.

I like looking at this one more. It just feels better. Seeing a list of all I’ve accomplished hits me in the heart versus seeing the to do list looming (even with items crossed off) which hits me in the gut or the head.

Another benefit of creating a “done” list in lieu of (or in addition to) a to do list…is that I tend to list things that I completed, that I didn’t put on my to do list.

I read to Rohan, but that’s not a to do list item. I’ll add it to my done list simply because, well, it got done.

That makes the Done List that much longer, and that much more satisfying.

It’s only been a little over a week so far, but I love having my Done List.

What have you done today?

Make your list, read it at the end of the day when you’re prepping for tomorrow. I guarantee you’ll feel super productive!

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 Review and #Giveaway


fat sick and nearly dead 2 okdani blog

Last night I attended the premiere screening of Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2 in Union Square. Before seeing the film I enjoyed a cocktail reception with Joe Cross, the film’s star, (and Aussie hottie) at the Reboot offices. I was too busy chatting and chugging healthy juices to take photos, sadly.

The Fat Sick & Nearly Dead movie followed Joe Cross around the world as he rebooted his life, drinking veggie/fruit juices and smoothies. He lost 100 lbs, got rid of chronic diseases, and inspired millions of people along the way. We were introduced to several people in the film, some who rejected the idea of a veggie based diet, and juice reboots, and some who were open to try.

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2 followed up with Joe’s progress and focused on what to do after the reboot. Losing weight isn’t the hardest part, keeping it off long term is where the real effort comes in. We were introduced to new people from all over the world who are living a healthier lifestyle thanks to incorporating green drinks, and more vegetables and fruits into their diets.

(Aside…and this is totally unrelated to the topic of the movie… they showed a woman from Kenya who lost crazy weight, and was paying it forward helping her family, and others in her community lose weight with juicing too. I LOVED that finally, a mainstream movie showed a country in Africa with people just being normal, instead of the starving children, with distended bellies and flies pitched on them, that is usually how Africa at large is depicted in U.S. media. I was really glad to see it, and I hope more mainstream media follows suit.) 

We got caught up with the people we met in Fat Sick & Nearly Dead….I won’t give you any spoilers, but we revisited Phil the Truck Driver, who was my favorite story from the original film.

Peep the trailer:


Overall I loved and would recommend this movie. Just as in the first, it was charming and cute, informative without being boring, and exposed you to a healthier way of eating without being preachy. Gotta love that!!

You already know I love doing my shakes. A couple years ago when I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead I started juicing, but just adding it to my daily food, not replacing anything. It certainly gave me some pep in my step and made me feel healthier. I have slowed down with the green part….using mostly fruits with shakeology, but after last night, I’m re-inspired to whip out my Joe Cross books and start adding spinach and kale back into my blends like I used to.

reboot with joe juice diet okdani blog

Giveaway time!!

Enter below to win a DVD copy of the original film, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead and autographed copies of the two books above!

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Fit Fridays: Update


My Workouts have been on point guys!!

I’m glad to be doing T25 again, this time with John. He’s already looking to the future to do P90X3 after we get through this. I’m psyched! I feel like I was forcing myself to do Body Beast, even though I enjoyed the actual workouts, I wasn’t inspired to push play and get it done the way I am with FocusT25. I just dig it more. Glad I didn’t force myself to complete Beast just yet. I know I’ll go back to it eventually though.

This is me after T25:

after focus t25 okdani

Last week:

Sunday: Yoga and a jog

Monday through Saturday: T25 with John

Bonus: And I ran 2 additional times

This week:

Sunday: Yoga and a jog

Monday through Today: T25 (We skipped one day this week and didn’t do a 2-a-day to make it up. *shrug*)

Tomorrow: I plan to jog and do some workout.. not sure what.


Eating has been okay. Could be better.

I know I need to tighten up on the foods, and once Kaya is nursing less and eating purees (in about a month or so) I will be able to do that. I can’t truly diet while she is nursing all day long. I don’t want to lessen my supply or make less nutritional milk for her. (She turns 6 months on Sept 20 and will start getting veggie purees, so perfect timing for my fitness/weightloss challenge group to begin on Sept 22)

I told you about how I’m eating the high protein breakfasts… and I’m starting The 21 Day Fix soon.

Nervous and excited. I’ve never actually done a real nutrition program like this before. But I know I can commit to anything for just 21 days so… My fingers are crossed for good results. Did I say I’m nervous…naaaahhh I’m not nervous…


Looking ahead:

This weekend Kaya and I are leaving the boys home to have a “guys weekend” and we’re going to my mom n dad’s for a “girls weekend” (+dad) I love going for runs at my parents’ house so I’ll be sure to get one in each morning. I’m going to be really busy all weekend (I have SO much crap to do) but I’m going to be sure to sneak in a workout each day too. My mom has Chalean Extreme and I’m bringing over P90X3 for my dad to have, so we may try one of those workouts. I’ll be active.

Next week

John and I are going to continue our T25 together and I’m going to continue yoga at home. I hope to also squeeze in a run or two. I actually view my runs as “me time” now versus “ugh, I should probably take my mushy ass for a run time” It’s just me and Pandora (Tony Matterhorn station) and we crush it!

How is your fitness journey going?

Fit Fridays: Slacker Edition




Giiiiiiiiiiiirls….. I have been slacking big-time on my workouts.

My plan was to do Body Beast and mix in T25 and Piyo. What have I been doing?…. sporadic beast, sporadic runs and no piyo or T25 to speak of.


I have no excuse. I’m making the CHOICE not to wake up early everyday and knock out my workout early like I plan to. I’m ALLOWING myself to slip and get undisciplined. I know sporadic workouts = stunted results. ::sigh:: I’m going to get myself into a fellow coach’s challenge group to help regain motivation.

Right now, I am bloated due to a monthly visitor so I’m not going to mess my head up and weigh myself, but even without the water weight gain, I know the past few weeks are having a negative impact on my conditioning. :(  I plan to weigh and measure at the beginning of each month so in about a week we’ll see how I’m really doing, results-wise.

Only good thing is I have been eating well….if we don’t count last night’s pound cake and sweet tea binge. ::avoids eye contact::

And one of the wellness related Q’s from my ask me anything post:

How do you deal with food cravings? Or are you naturally not a big eater? I have my gym routine down but it’s the food that gets me!!

I’m naturally a grazer and I can eat. I deal with food cravings by having a substitute and not having my real triggers in the house (though, last night I did tell John to bring home pound cake…and cupcakes)  I talked a lilbit about food here.

I feel like I’m usually doing better with one or the other. If I’m eating really well my workouts are slacking a little… if I’m working out hardcore…a) I feel hungrier and b) I allow a little more wiggle room in my diet.

My suggestion would be to clear out your kitchen so you don’t have your major temptations easily available, and have some healthy substitutes on hand.

I crave sweets, so I have lots of fruit around…but a fruit will never be ice cream so if that’s what I’m REALLY craving (usually around “a certain” time of the month) I will have a little ice cream and call it a day.

How are you doing, fitness-wise?

Moms Fitness Challenge: Mind Over Matter

Today’s Fit Friday post is by my friend Erma, the genius behind the best pomades I’ve ever used.. and PS She has great hair! Check it out and leave your comments below!
I’m tired.
My body aches.
I’m out of breath.
We have probably uttered these and similar statements during or after workouts.  When we make statements like these, we are referencing how we physically feel.  However, research from the Centre for Clinical Interventions suggests that our thoughts and beliefs influence our emotions and actions.  This is often the case concerning fitness.  There are some of us who wake up pumped to exercise, while others of us need a few pushes.  Whatever the case, our thoughts affect the ease or difficulty of our endeavors.
It’s natural for new moms to have self-defeating thoughts.  You may not be feeling sexy after the baby, but you can recapture the confidence you need to start working out again.  Remember, you are the woman who carried a baby in your stomach for nine months.  You are the woman who raised other children while carrying that baby in your stomach for nine months.  You are the woman who structured a household while pregnant.  You can conquer a fitness routine.  You can do this!
What, do you ask, is the first step to mastering the fitness challenge?  Be aware of your thoughts.  “Being aware of your feelings and your thoughts is the first step towards feeling better”, according to the Centre for Clinical Interventions.  It makes sense, too. Reflect on how often you feel like you can conquer the world after you’ve fed yourself thoughts of disempowerment.  Probably never.  You can reverse those thoughts, though.  Just think about all the reasons you have to feel and be empowered.  Remember the people depending on Mommy.  You can’t be the best to and for them if you are struggling to stay afloat emotionally.
Take control of your thoughts the way you take control of your kids.  When Mommy says “no more”, that’s it. Let it be the same way with your thoughts.  Allow no room for negative feelings.  Greatness is on the other side of that wall of disheartenment.  Kick it down with your running shoes and keep going.
Erma Williams-Nurse is an avid writer whose topics of interest include hair, health, and fitness.  In addition to exercising her love of the written word, she is also the owner of The Pomade Shop.