February Goals and Check-in

hello february

February already?

It’s a fresh month and a fresh start 🙂

January was great overall.

  • I spoke at Type A Vegas, attended CES and Affiliate Summit and enjoyed my momcation.
  • Started a personal book challenge and completed a book that has changed my life on the low
  • Cleaned up my diet a bit more, and introduced the kids to new foods
  • Daphne and I took Moms & Biz to a weekly show and are expanding it
  • I launched FitNoire.com and am starting to find my footing with it
  • I got a great blog consultation from a 6-figure blogger (which I 100% suggest you do too if you’re a blogger)
  • Started weekly gym dates with my swolemate Johnny
  • My aunts took the kids a bunch so I had time to handle house stuff and do work without interruption (all praise be to allah)
  • Started a new beachbody workout program that I love and am debating running a challenge in February for it 🙂
  • Found ways to improve my schedule and lower my stress levels

Stumbles in January were:

  • Not reaching the income goal I set for myself and not returning to Periscope as I intended
  • Losing my mojo for writing a lilbit

Here’s my month in pictures.

What I’m looking forward to February:

  • Dusting off my camera again
  • Fun biz projects
  • Date nights and gym dates w/ John
  • Seeing some progress from my ramped up nutrition and exercise
  • Starting to plan Kai’s 2nd birthday party
  • More adventures out as a family
  • The return of our cleaning service
  • Spanish with the kids
  • Doing our taxes (Ienjoy it.)

February Goals:

  • Fix up the kids rooms (I gave in and am doing a boy room and girl room….for now.)
  • Do a serious kitchen clean out (John’s back on a SERIOUS low carb kick…no more carb days…just 1 carb meal a week)
  • Return to jogging in the mornings (gulp!)
  • Create a crapload of content/finish dangling writing projects
  • Hit XXXX income goal

My focus personally is nutrition and work-wise is creating/writing and returning to video/periscope.

What’s your focus for February?

Are you on track with your goals/resolutions?



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