What’s In My Bag? (Embarrassment, That’s What!)


This post can alternatively be named:

  • Lighten Up! Clean out your damn purse!
  • How Emptying Out Your Purse Can Both Mortify and Motivate You
  • How To Manifest Two Blazers

Anyway, It’s been a while since I have done a What’s In My Bag post.

Now, before you are assaulted with the load of crap that I have been hauling around for a couple months since I last changed bags… I must warn you.

I’m a mom.

And I’m a scatterbrain.

Let me tell you how my bag is set up. There’s a small pocket on the outside. That’s where I put my lip gloss, credit card, ID. Everything else gets thrown into the abyss called “the inside of the bag.”

The bag generally goes from passenger seat of the car, to desk drawer at work. It barely ever comes inside the house. And if I go to a store, I usually just grab the stuff from the small outside pocket and run in the store. I tend to just add stuff in to the bag depending on where I’m going or coming from.  I don’t usually take things out. LOL. Once in a blue I will go in for something… hunt for years… then just go to Target and buy whatever it was I was looking for but couldn’t find in that messy satchel.

Now that you have my backstory….

Here’s the bag.

::covers face in shame::



If you’re not sure what you’re looking at…. it’s called a hot mess.

So lemme kinda organize it for you:


We’ve got your standard categories:

Essentials, Junk, Personal Care, Prettifiers, Receipts, Vehicles, Sun Protection and Diapers. LOL

And sticky notes galore, coupons, earrings I’ve been looking for, used tissues (ew!!), a warm bottle of water… which I proceeded to drink, my kindle I’ve been missing, baby sunscreen and pads/tampons galore.

Seriously, I was surprised at what I found in here!

  • A paint sample sheet (we bought the paint months ago)
  • Butt paste for Kaya (I bought more cuz I thought it was lost)
  • A dry cleaners ticket for 2 blazers I totally forgot about!
  • Mouthwash/Floss/Toothpaste…. but no toothbrush in sight.
  • A plastic bag with like 10 wipes in it… (in addition to the full pack of wipes lol)

I tend to carry one bag for a long time, until one day I’m inspired to switch them up either by actually wanting my bag to match my outfit for a an event, or just getting overzealous with my organizing and cleaning one day. So it’s easy for things to pile up.

This post inspired me to actually clean out my bag, though, so that’s nice. It now weighs a lot less, and bonus, Rohan got some cars back that felt like “new” to him! In a few, I’m heading out to pickup my dry cleaning and return something that’s been sitting on my couch now that I’ve found the receipt!

This is what I kept.

Key things that I’ll need over the next couple of months until I go through the bag again:


I consolidated all the loose makeup in the little bag, I put some of the Tampax Pocket Pearls in the closet and just kept a few and a couple pads. Good thing with those is that I can just pop them in my pocket or palm them to run to the bathroom at work instead of having to bring my whole bag. I have to keep my EpiPen for sure so I can stay alive, the umbrella and sunglasses are essential in crazy Florida weather, dental stuff and pens stay and I put all the cards, spare change, coupons and dollar bills into the wallet.

I vow that next time I go to Target (read: my second home) I will throw away my receipt after purchase and not let it clutter up my bag. And now that I know where my kindle is (I was convinced I lost it!) I’ll be reading before bed again! Yay!!

This blog post was a damn good idea! I’m extra grateful for CleverGirls and Tampax today 🙂

How often do you clear out your purse? 

What’s in YOUR bag?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Look Cute While Working out #LiquidoActive #Giveaway


I have a very important question for you:

How cute are my leggings?

I said before that cute workout clothes make workouts more fun. It’s really true!

These have got to be the cutest (and most wearable) workout and yoga clothes I’ve seen in a while.

Liquido Active (Clothes with a conscience) is my new fave legging/yoga pants spot.

liquido tanks

I tried their pants and bra, let me tell you, don’t go for a jog in this bra in the pic above. Just use it for yoga and pilates…maybe biking or ab work or something with no bouncing around… trust me.

The pants are so perfect in fit, and style. I like that they just feel like soft, smooth…nothing. They’re not tight to you like compression leggings (which I also love) but they’re not loose like how some of the cheap quality yoga pants are after wearing them for a few hours. I want some that go down over the ankle though.

They have tons of adorable patterns:

liquido leggings

I’m obsessed.

Makes me want to return to yoga! yet again (and not the P90X3 yoga that’s on sched for today)

I wore them for almost a full day on the cruise and didn’t have to pull them up down (or out) to readjust them at all. And I got quite a few compliments on the pattern (called soul sister) #egoboost. 

The collection in the line that these pants came from was designed by Tiffany Cruikshank, an amazing yogini and natural health guru.


Here are a few wellness tips from Tiffany for OK Dani readers:

Three health/wellness tips on pursuing a balanced lifestyle:

  1. Never forget how important something simple like water is to your health. Check out the book, You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!
  2. Be conscious of everything you feed your mind. Our perspective is shaped by everything we do & see & experience. Try ending your day by reflecting on 3 great things that happened every day for week and notice how your perspective changes.
  3. Notice the things you don’t do and how that affects your health & wellness. We spend so much time focusing on our goals & to do lists but it’s also really important to take time to rest and relax. As you get clearer in your purpose it becomes easier to say no to the things that aren’t as important to prioritize your time. In Chinese Medicine this is an essential component of our health & longevity, even though it’s difficult to put a value on the time we spend not doing things. Start noticing the value of the time you take for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. Do less in order to give your body and mind a break to restore and repair yourself—whether that’s a relaxing bath, time to meditate or spending time with someone you love without an agenda.

Do less? You got it!!! I’m down for that. ::takes nap::


Now, one lucky winner has the opportunity to win her own piece from the Liquido Active line!!

Enter Below to WIN WIN WIN!!

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New Mom Fashion Tips

unnamed (1)

Hey girls, before we get to today’s guest post on new mom fashion, let me remind you to go ENTER THE SIMPLE SKINCARE GIVEAWAY! Good luck to ya!

You’ve shopped for the most beautiful engagement rings, got married and had a child in the past few years, but being a new mom has its own set of challenges. Your body doesn’t just snap back into place after birth. In fact, new moms usually have an enlarged belly of a 4- or 5-month pregnancy at first. Although your torso will resume its normal shape in a few weeks or months, you need to try out some current fashions to strategically shape your body into your pre-pregnancy state.

1. Start With Comfort

Although you may be tired of maternity clothes, they are the best fashions to start with immediately after birth. Select the clothes from your mid-pregnancy, giving you a slimmer look compared to third trimester selections. For bulkier tops, try wrapping a stylish belt around your waist, bringing its shape into more of an hourglass look. You’ll want comfort, especially in the early newborn months. With sleep deprivation and delivery recovery top priorities, you want clothes that slide on easily without too much tightness.

2. Leggings And Tunics

One of the most stylish outfits for all women today is matching leggings with tunics. Long blouses dive below your waistline to create the tunic look. They are supposed to be slightly large, allowing you to conceal your recovering body. If your belly is still enlarged, continue to wear maternity leggings until you can wear normal selections. The tunic covers the maternity section, giving you a chance to shape up over the next few months. It took your body 9 months to stretch out, so give it some time to return to normal.

3. Material Concerns

Avoid fancy materials as a new mom. You’ll be carrying and cradling your newborn for most of the day. Comfortable materials, such as cotton, are critical to daily coziness. You don’t want to feel bound in tight clothes as you handle a cranky child. Newborns are also known for their messy habits, from burping to spit-up accidents. Fancy materials usually need to be dry cleaned or specially treated for stains, making them impractical for new mom use. Reserve silks, for example, for those nights out with your spouse.

4. Night Out On The Town

Allowing the grandparents to babysit for one night is a great way to relax from new motherhood. Have a night out on the town while you wear a strategic wrap-around dress. This dress style allows you to adjust the outfit’s girth to fit your belly perfectly. As a result, you have an hourglass figure that is complementary to your glowing legs and arms. Try a black dress to create that slim figure. Light colors tend to make you look larger than you truly are.

5. Accessorize For Distraction

If you’ve had a particularly difficult time losing the pregnancy weight, try dressing up your everyday clothes with accessories. Draw the eyes up to your face with new earrings that delicately dangle. Even a new necklace will work as well. New moms may want to try a new hairdo as well to awaken their features and distract eyes from the core. Conversations will start about your accessories rather than your outfit. And don’t forget your engagement ring; many moms have to take their ring off during pregnancy due to swelling, but soon after delivery, the ring is sure to fit again!

New moms can take advantage of current women’s wear trends with specific garment selections. By using distraction and strategic cover-ups, you’ll mask your body until it’s back in shape.

On Trend With VSP Direct #VSPStyle #ad

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VSP Direct.

vsp direct bebe outfit

If you follow my fashion boards on Pinterest you already know…I’m kinda plain. I have the same outfit like 200 times just in different colors or patterns LOL. I’m not the fashionista, but I like to look pulled together…..usually…. 🙂 You’ll never find me wearing a million trends at once, but you’ll find me in a classic outfit, and one trendy piece.

Glasses are all over the place right now and VSP Direct helps keep you on trend with their fashion frames from bebe and other great brands. I had VSP Direct vision insurance at my last job and though I wear contacts almost all the time (I’m legally blind without vision correction…seriously) I was seduced by the glasses cuteness and bought a set of frames and lenses.


VSP Direct (check out VSPStyle.com) is the largest not-for-profit vision care company. They offer super low cost vision insurance (and low co-pay from what I remember) with the largest network of doctors. They have over 30k providers. My doctor and retail store for glasses was just diagonal across the street from my office at the time.

I’ve gotta be honest, I am ready for the large thick framed glasses “nerd” trend to end, but I do love the thick framed glasses look in general. I don’t think that’s ever gone out of style. I mean, Clark Kent made it sexy, Drew Carey made it quirky, and now you see it on everybody. (I have a pair too)

bebe frames

Since your eyewear is the only bit of fashion that you can actually get insurance for, VSP Direct is sponsoring the Insure Your Look sweepstakes! You can win a bebe shopping spree and a year of insurance from VSP Direct!!! Go here to enter: http://on.fb.me/1fErtBe.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Are you down with the nerd glasses trend or are you ready for it to go bye bye?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VSP Direct.

DressFirst.com and My “Fake Shopping” Habit

Dress First Logo

Am I the only one who “shops” online without buying anything? It’s one of my favorite ways to procrastinate. I’ll browse and even put things into my shopping cart as if I’m going to check out. And sometimes I even have the nerve to get upset when things aren’t available in my size.

My thing used to be magazines. Flipping through the fashion mags earmarking things I couldn’t afford and would never buy… but mags are too much clutter now.

I like making up ideas of where I’ll wear whatever piece I’m looking at. I found out about Dress First online recently and immediately “needed” to shop for a dress for my next cruise (even though it’s planned for January 2015) and John and my vow renewal (even tho it’s October 2015).

Are you side-eyeing me? I don’t care. I have a dream house all decorated as well, even though we’re renting an apartment, and don’t get me started on my hidden pinterest pages.

I had to find two dresses for the cruise, since there would be two formal nights, and one vow renewal dress that’s appropriate for a casual little ceremony. DressFirst.com has everything from prom dresses to quincinera dresses to mother of the bride dresses. Look at these cute lil numbers for my events:

dress7 dress6 dress5 dress4 dress3 dress1

Dress First has wedding (and wedding party) dresses, and special occasion dresses, but also has little black dresses and very cute cocktail dresses. The prices are super reasonable, and for the wedding dresses the prices are insanely inexpensive. It’s also a one-stop-shop for your outfit because they sell shoes and accessories as well.

Right now they’re having a free shipping promotion on all wedding and prom dresses. I can’t yet speak to the quality of the dresses or the customer service, but when my cruise gets closer I’ll definitely be checking these guys out for an inexpensive yet gorgeous dress. Looks like my “fake shopping” habit is gunna turn real, very soon!

Have you shopped at Dress First in the past? How was your experience?

Do you “pretend shop” online too? Or am I the only weirdo…?

dress first sponsor