#PledgetoPlay with Green Toys (#Giveaway!)

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Last year I went up to New York to speak at BlogHer and attend Blogger Bash. One of the very best events at Blogger Bash is Sweet Suite. It’s basically a huge toy show! You get to see what’s new from great brands, play with your old faves, meet new brands and just have a great time. I had a ball meeting the various companies and seeing what I wanted to get for Ro and Kai in the future.

green toys at sweet suite

One brand really stood out to me because their booth made such a strong impression. The rep had big ol’ mason jars of translucent white chips and asked us to touch it and guess what it was.  After a few wrong guesses on my part she told me it was recycled milk jug pieces…..from which all the toys in her booth were made.

I was like:


And she was like:

yes gif

I was immediately impressed. Then she went further and led the introduction to the toy  product line with the best words any mom of two messy toddlers could hear:

“…our toys are dishwasher safe”


She may have said more after that…. she may have mentioned something about

  • no BPA
  • no phthalates
  • no PVC
  • recycled packaging
  • soy ink
  • made in USA

…. but honestly I tuned out after the dishwasher safe thing and was basically just like:

shutup take money

So, I’m happy to partner with Green Toys Inc for their #PledgetoPlay initiative. It’s an easy pledge to make. You just turn off your tech and gadgets for an hour a day and enjoy good old-fashioned playtime! As Green Toys calls it:

“100% play, no batteries necessary.”

You already know we are a playful family. We play most of the day, we learn through play, and although forced…I recently spent some gadget-free time with the kids lol. We have a lot of battery-free play time and I’m pumped to help other moms enjoy some quality play time with their kids, no matter what it looks like in their households!

The Pledge started on March 19th with Earth Hour and ends April 22nd, Earth Day! If you share pics on Facebook and/or Instagram of you playing with your kids, or your kids enjoying some 100% play, be sure to tag it with #PledgetoPlay to be eligible to win a Green Toys toy chest packed with $150 worth of goodies.

You can also win the Green Toys Rescue Boat & Helicopter (that Rohan has NOT put down since it arrived) by entering below.

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Remember, only OKDani.com subscribers are eligible to win (and I do check) so be sure to SUBSCRIBE HERE so you can win!


Green Toys Giveaway

Planning for the Holidays and 2016 + JC Penney Giveaway!


If you’re an OKDani.com subscriber you already got your advance notice of this but for everyone else… check it out!

Moms & Biz is holding it’s first LIVE Training!!!

THURSDAY Dec 17th @ 7pm EST
You already know I’m a life & wellness coach. My partner Daphne is a biz coach and we’re both busy moms who know #thestruggle. We joined forces to create the Moms & Biz Blab Show and a full training session was requested by our viewers.
So on Thursday, December 17th we are bringing you a full training covering: creating your vision for 2016, organizing, balancing, time management, planning for success and more. We will give you hands on help LIVE on choosing and using your planner and scheduling your life in a way that leads to success as YOU define it.
and you’ll receive your 35 page workbook full of questions and resources to help you plan an amazing 2016!

JC Penney provided the video content and is sponsoring the giveaway below.

If planning for 2016 is more than you can think about right now… I understand. It’s the crazy holiday season.  Expert Limor Suss has some tips just for OKDani readers on how to prepare and plan for holiday entertaining and gift giving!

And…. JC Penney is sponsoring a fantastic giveaway! Enter below to win a $75 Gift Card!!

JC Penney $75 Gift Card Giveaway

Revolt with Joey Lawrence and Memorex (+Tablet Giveaway!)

memorex giveaway

So I have this thing where every 6 months or so I get the urge to spend a random afternoon drinking tea and entering all the sweepstakes I can find. I go HAM until my fingers hurt and then months later randomly get treats in the mail that I forgot I entered to win. I really should start entering contests more often. It’s funny cuz while I’m doing my contest entry binge I’m telling myself “oh boy i’m gunna win, I gotta do this every week!” and then I don’t do it again for like half a year. Maybe I’ll just start entering bigger ones like for cars and cruises and stuff.

I know a few of my readers are into giveaways and sweepstakes. One of my blogger friends who reads this blog is winning something every day it seems like!


If you’re into acting….or…sharknado….or Joey Lawrence…(stay with me)… I have something for ya!

Fun Giveaway Alert!!

Memorex Invites Fans to Revolt with Actor Joey Lawrence! Make a scene with him and you can get your big break in hollywood!

Before the deets, here’s what you can win:

*****Grand Prize*****
Walk on role in a production produced by The Asylum

*  An invitation to audition for a speaking role in a production produced by
The Asylum

*  Schedule a script pitch meeting with producers at The Asylum

*  Memorex CrystalVision Ultra 55″ 4K UHDTV w/ sound bar and subwoofer
Second Place Prize

*  42″ Memorex CrystalVision HDTV w/ sound bar and subwoofer
Third Place Prize

*  32″ Memorex CrystalVision HDTV
Grand Prize Winner will be provided Transportation and accommodations for two people to Los Angeles, CA for two nights to receive their walk on role and pitch session. Airfare and rental car will be provided for those living in the 50 States and cannot be exchanged for its cash value.

 For complete contest rules and to learn more about the “Memorex Lives!” video contest, visit www.memorexlives.com

So, here’s the deal, you check out the Memorex Lives site and upload your own vids into scenes with Joey Lawrence. If yours is the most hilarious, or crazy, or spooky, you can win!  (If that made no sense to you, don’t worry, the site has examples up of exactly how to do it.) I personally have never entered a sweepstakes like this before… but John and I are going to. Any opportunity to ham it up….we take it.

Now…. for MY giveaway which is far less interesting…. (*COUGH* but with much greater odds of winning *COUGH*)

Enter below for your chance to win this kickass tablet from Memorex!!! (U.S. only!!)

memorex tablet giveaway okdani blog (GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Congrats to winner S. Paul)

GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes

“I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for GB. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”


Hi girls,

Quick lil post today to let you know about a sweepstakes for you to enter to win win win! You can win gift cards, or car seats! (Check it out here.)

John and I have four car seats. Two in my car and two in Johns. With my aunts having the kids so often, we’re about to go pick up two more so they can have a couple on hand! 6 car seats, and only 2 children.  You do the math. LOL

Well, I would say good luck and I hope you win….but … I’m telling my friend to enter so she can win for me, since I’m not eligible to so….

LOL, I’m just kidding 🙂

Look at what you could win!

o   Grand Prize: $500 Babies “R” Us Gift Card.

o   Second Prize: GB Asana35 AP Car Seat and GB Zuzu Stroller

o   Third Prize: GB Asana35 AP Car Seat

o   Sweepstakes Winners: Weekly: a $50 Babies “R” Us Gift Card. and  a $100 Babies “R” Us Gift Card. (multiple winners)

Go win yourself a kickass car seat at the GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes:

GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes


Lessons Learned While My Blog Was Down (+Giveaway!!)

back on track

Hey…I’m Dani. Remember me? Remember when I used to have a blog?

One that was actually up and running….and updated every other day or so….

Remember that?!


First off… Thanks for stayin’ with ya girl throughout my … let’s call it “down time.”
Things really blew up, and my son got super sick, Kaya was sick but not as much, house stuff looked like it was going to fall through, family stuff got all weird, I had fiftyeleven ghostwriting projects coming to a head at the same time, and a billion other things just kept piling on… it was just a stressful hot mess and I was like:
Blogging obviously took a seat on the back burner while my life fell apart, but I did learn a lil during that time.

3 Things I learned while my blog was down:

1. My blog matters VERY little in the grand scheme.
Yes, I enjoy blogging. Love talking to you all…and making money sharing on this platform. It’s AWESOME. Sometimes it feels like all I’m doing is blog-related stuff….But when my family life is cray, or my kiddies’ health is concerned… blogging takes a back burner, no matter how much of a business sin that is. ::shrug::
2. My readers are AMAZING
I really was spazzing the first day my blog was down. Then I was like F it, I’ve got too much other pressing stuff to deal with right now. I had no clue how many readers would email, reach out on social media, how many blogging buddies would text, offer to help etc… I was really kinda welling up at one point. I didn’t think anyone would notice it being down, or care enough to cuss me out about it 🙂
3. People don’t want to take my MONEY
I had quite a few people offer to help me with my blog. (it was a switching hosts issue) And I asked several of them for rates. Would you know… not one single person responded with rates. Not one. That’s not how you make money people!! I ended up going to Fiverr, spending $10 and getting it handled by a dude in Egypt or somewhere.
Now that I’ve shared what I learned… I want to give you a gift for bearing with my downtime…
Sign up for ShopKick HERE and enter below to win a THANK YOU gift:



(Remember, only subbies to my list are eligible to win giveaways, so subscribe first … and yes, I verify winners….::side eye to the cheaters!::)