Dani and Rohan’s Day Off #Nablopomo

miami beach

Today’s Nablopomo Prompt is:

Describe your ideal day off. What would you do with your time?

My real answer has something to do with….everyone shutting the hell up, wine, naps, peanut butter jelly and dorito sandwiches, long baths, a massage, binge-watching TV, an orgasm and some peace and quiet.


On Wednesday, I had a “day off” of sorts. (which is partly why Wednesday’s post was as late as it was…but I digress.)

It made me realize a few things.

1. I actually don’t mind driving if it’s on the turnpike at 80-90 mph during non rush hour times. Otherwise it’s just annoying.

2. We really have to spend some time exploring Florida more. There’s so much nearby, and within a 2-hour drive from us. Gunna work this into the 2016 family calendar for weekend trips.

3. Rohan is a great travel buddy (unless it’s nap time) and I have to take him out solo much more often. I smell a lot of mommy&me trips in our future.

4. I’m a great mom. (and humble) But really, I was so prepared for every mood shift, energy change, and situation we came across. I felt like supermom…ok not supermom…but I felt very…capable and ready for anything. I hope Rohan appreciated it.

OK so on to the Day Off:

Rohan and I had some bidnis to handle in Miami so we woke up and ate breakfast quickly. Got Kaya together and dropped her at my aunts house and hit the road.

backseat reader

(Fun Fact: I kept letting Ro know that he had to go to Miami on Wednesday, I prepared him for about a week for his trip, what to expect along the way, etc. So I asked him at random if he remembered what we were doing on Wednesday. He said “Yes, we’re going to your ammy and going to have so much fun.” I was like “No.. its called Miami, Ro.”  “Yes mommy.. Your Ami.” Ha!! I almost didn’t have the heart to correct him.)

On the drive down (1.5 hours) Rohan alternated between napping and chatting. We talked about everything from elmo being friendly, to Rohan’s feelings about getting time outs, and random ideas about what people were doing in their cars. We saw lots of funny looking clouds that looked like “poop” as well. (I’ll let you guess who made that comparison – when does the poop talk stop?)

Too cool

We went to our appointments and got out earlier than expected so we hopped over to Miami Beach figuring we’d grab a quick lunch before driving up to West Palm Beach. We parked and took a walk down Collins Ave. Then Rohan picked the restaurant for lunch:

Deco sandwiches and burger

He also picked the table, choosing to dine al fresco. However, we were forced to switch tables after Nick Nolte joined us.

Nick Nolte is down on his luck these days I guess, just hanging out shirtless in Miami Beach looking for pals. This mama bear was not interested in making pals with down-on-his-luck-Nick so we moved tables from where he chose to loiter and cuss…

rohan and shirtless nick nolte lookalike

(Like how I snuck this pic? Had I known he’d be right on top of us shortlythereafter I wouldn’t have taken the shot lol)

Anyway, Rohan also picked his meal: Fries and a milk shake. (of which he ate like 4…and I was forced to help him out…cuz like..starving children somewhere…right? ::avoids eye contact::)

rohan in miami beach

We had more good conversation during our lunch date, and were entertained by “pretty birdies” otherwise known as pidgeons who decided to hang out randomly nearby our table, Nick Nolte style. We fed some pretty birdies and walked around a bit more before heading back to the car for the ride home.

Rohan was “very very NOT TIRED!” and assured me he was not going to take a nap. But fell out almost immediately after being strapped into his car seat.

We had an uneventful ride home and just played in the play room for the evening.

It was a simple day off. But one that Ro and I really needed and both enjoyed.

How’d you spend your last day off?
What does your ideal day off look like?



  1. Rana Durham says

    thanks dani for sharing your day with rohan. he is a cutie looks like he always has lot of fun with you. Would loe to see more of you two.

  2. says

    I can’t think of the last time I had an entire day off.
    I definitely need a moms day of just coffee w/ a magazine instead of my laptop, a spa appointment, then lunch, exploring an Atlanta space I’ve never been too, then dinner from a restaurant with a view.

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